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Friendship Productions

Journeys like never before


Twilight Sparkle discovers that the Friendship Map is more than just a map. Through the power of crossing dimensions, Twilight Sparkle and her friends; Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Spike will journey to Propwash Junction where they meet Dusty Crophopper, a crop-dusting airplane with the dream of becoming a racer. Two problems however, he’s not exactly built for speed and…he’s afraid of heights!? Will the Main 6 and Spike be able to help him complete his dreams? Find out in this high-altitude adventure.

(This series is inspired by extremeenigma02’s “Cinematic Adventures” series)

Chapters (4)
Comments ( 91 )

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Cause if I recall, he too did the same thing. Inspired by someone else who was doing it before he ever did.

i'd be more concerned about dinodisneylover1

Comment posted by JusticeWind deleted November 2nd

Unless it's copy pasted, it doesn't really matter.

Looks interesting. I can't wait for the next chapter, for when they arrive in the new world.

Comment posted by JusticeWind deleted November 2nd

Allspark Pictures
A Hasbro Company


World Of Cars
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Cine-Magic: Planes

A Wonderful Start To This Movie.

Comment posted by Vincebechtel1991 deleted November 2nd

I have a question main 6 and spike are going to be Plane or car In that world ?:rainbowderp::rainbowhuh:

No, planes is from Walt Disney studios.
This is basically Disney's version of PIXAR Cars

Planes would be a better idea since...

(The name and adventure across the world)

Huh plane Is I guess Good Idea i go with the plane then :twilightblush::twilightblush:

But then

how will they......

(C mon man! I really wanted them as planes)

Comment posted by FriendshipIsStillMagic deleted November 2nd
Comment posted by FriendshipIsStillMagic deleted November 2nd

It's so not awesome when you're DoIng that I want to plane pony And Plane dragon :twilightangry2:

It world plane and car you can't pout pony and dragon in world of plane and car That weird butt pony plane or pony car and dragon plane or dragon car Would be better in that world:rainbowderp::pinkiehappy:

And how are they 'ALL' suppose to travel around the world to help Dusty?
I seriously doubt that they can just be given a transport without questions or goverment contact.
They are basically aliens.

And them being planes gives many possibilities and potential for this.

Comment posted by FriendshipIsStillMagic deleted November 3rd
Comment posted by Vincebechtel1991 deleted November 3rd
Comment posted by FriendshipIsStillMagic deleted November 3rd

And we're off. Looking forward to more of this good shenanigans


Man the characters don't even act realistic in the context of the story. Twilight and her friends just went into the portal that mysteriously summoned them into another world with no prep, no supplies, no food and water, not even snacks. I mean they are at Prop Junction after all so they can eat corn? But what about liquids? What are they going to drink? Motor Oil? Usually in other Crossovers like with Fairly Oddparents and Jimmy Neutron they all have this shocked faces about all these revelations of Twilight and her friends being from another world and even considering them as aliens! Mater from Cars would! But we don't see that here.

The MLP Characters are just shoehorned into this movie plot that goes along and the Planes characters don't ask anything else.. This is out of characters for well.. Crossover characters! All because Twilight withholds all of these information from them and Celestia doesn't just let Twilight have her fun and learn things on her own pace. No prep, no delegation, no fun whatsoever. Just go into the portal and do stuff. And about the night time scene.. Shouldn't the ponies already feel hungry at this time around? Thirsty? Ask for water? Nothing.

If I become friends with someone and bond with them, How can I get to know them and trust them if they're not even being honest with me in the first place?

Ponies and Dragon: We're thirsty! You've got something to drink?

Planes: Sure thing! You want fuel or Motor Oil?

Fluttershy: Twilight? Why didn't we bring anything here from back home?

Twilight: Because Fluttershy, Celestia sternly told me we are only here to solve a Friendship Mission, not share information, make friends and have fun along the way! That's why I don't have my notebook! I didn't even bring a canteen of water! Not even food!

Spike Facepalms. "Oh boy Twilight... Now I'm worried!"

Dude. It's a flipping story. COOL YOUR FRICKING JETS (no pun intended)

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