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Spice is nice, but sugar is better.

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Haha, this was awesome. I'm not usually one for cheating, but I think that ending more than made up for it. Well done sir, have a Spike: :moustache:

DrySpell #2 · July 15th · · 3 ·

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Finally a cheating story with some justice

Not that bad honestly, cheatings not my cup of tea but this is one of the few exceptions

11301755 I couldn't write one without it :). Thanks for reading.

Thanks for always sticking around and showing your support. I appreciate you.

No problem, love your stories so I'll be down to read them when Im not writing.

Wasn’t there a story with that same title, but it’s a horror, and not a porn? Or am I just making this up???

You got it, boss.

I wouldn't know, but that does sound interesting.

I believe that you're thinking of the vampire story Let the Right One In.

Excellent. Hot and steamy and yes, the ending really made it perfect.

No I think it involves fluttershy acting like a psycho and killing somepony… . And I think it’s voiced by the lost narrator too

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