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Heh, this was great!

Thanks, I appreciate the read

Sorry man, you're about 16 packs too late to stop me now

This was really good

Thanks, man

I don't know Pinkie. To really test if you're a girl, maybe we should knock you up...

iji #8 · Apr 20th, 2021 · · 9 ·

This whole thing comes across really sleazy and gross, in a way most porn doesn't.

Maybe you should have spent a little less time on how this guy wants to trick someone with a childish mind into doing sexual favours for him because I'm not going to say this story is rape but that is rapist behaviour.

Mhm, mhm, I see your point...
But, on the other hand, you have to consider;
Go fuck yourself.

*Puts on nerd glasses* Acthshually, the Equestria Girls tag and Human tag shut each other out. You're only supposed to use one, as human means humanized ponies which is separate from EqG.

That said *unzips* I'ma read now.

That did cross my mind while writing, but I was like eh. I've written worse.

No need to be disrespectful, man was just voicing his opinion.

I put both just to be safe. I think I've been Um, Ackshually-d for the reverse as well in the past [EG with no Human Tag]. I don't mind though, and thanks for the comment regardless.

Loki #12 · Apr 20th, 2021 · · 8 ·

This feels uncomfortably rapey...

Loki #13 · Apr 20th, 2021 · · 8 ·

10778899 Pretty sure it's rape..

Isseus #14 · Apr 20th, 2021 · · 2 ·

Difficult topic, really. It was consensual, but that's different from the international definition of rape.

Man now I wanna write a human "Pinkie is Gullible" story at a school too, but I'll never get around to it

Anyways, this was a perfect story for my needs, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Props to you, my good man!

That was a wonderful story

Great fic, short but nice and sexy

P.S: I think it's kinda implied that Pinkie is playing along...she's literally holding Anon in place by the end

iji #18 · Apr 20th, 2021 · · 4 ·


If Pinkie was actually a kid, or had a mental disability, that would definitely be rape.

But Pinkie is just...kinda like that? So I hesitate to say it absolutely is, but it's at least close enough to it to make me uncomfortable.

TGPT #19 · Apr 20th, 2021 · · 1 ·

Its either this or pity from what ive seen

That's one way to get a girlfriend.

Most excellent.


Yeah, that's definitely my bad on that one, and I'm sorry if it turned you away because I wrote her like that. My intention was never to write a rape story, but you know, intentions and reality are two different things, so I'm not outright saying that it's not rape because I said so. I just don't think it is, and I didn't want it to be.

The way I like to write Pinkie is a person who doesn't really think before they act, is very playful and creative, and isn't very mature at most times, but can be serious and intelligent if the story calls for it. It's clear that I didn't get that kind of character across with this story, so again, that's my bad.

Still, I'm thankful to you for reading, and I hope you'll continue to read my stuff in the future.


Thank you all for reading and enjoying. It's people like you that let me hit the feature box :)

I think the main problem is this: If you know the character Pinkie Pie then this makes sense. But if you were to read this without having seen the show, read other stories, you'd draw different conclusions.

This was definitely worth reading. Leaves me wanting more.

Pinkie, Pinkie...(sigh) you can't be this dumb...

iji #26 · Apr 21st, 2021 · · 4 ·


Which is it? Do you feel bad about writing this, or do you not give a shit because you've written worse? Pick one.

I don't feel bad for writing it. I enjoyed writing it. I feel bad that you didn't enjoy it.

Huh, I didn't know deviously gullible Pinkie was my thing until now. Thanks for making my break at work less boring :twilightblush:

Also, since the Pinkie from this fic is a human from the EQG universe, I think these pictures from derpi represent the content of the story better than the current cover art: 2537461, 2537460 :pinkiehappy:

I don't want to change the cover art because someone already asked me to provide it for a reading they plan to do, but I will never turn down more Pinkie Pie art. Thanks a million!

Um... I'm not this stupid... I think...

. . .

This was it's own kind of naively-adorable.

Thank you, I appreciate your comment

"Hey Pinkie. So like, the homies say your a boy n' shit. And I thought that shit was cap bro, but like, what if their right? I was thinkin', maybe, you'd let me cope a feel of your chest."

If he'd smoked a blunt before that the story would've made more sense tbh

She is one damn good actor~. And the writing was damn good too~!

Yeah- I know! I'm a girl too! Just tricking ya’ , Pinkie...

Part of me doesn't want to get involved with the discussion going on here, as I'm sure it could lead to a headache I don't care about, but honestly the people who are saying this is kinda 'Rapey'

I'm sorry guys, but I just don't see it.

Now if the MC was acting a bit differently, and Pinkie was responding a bit differently. I could see it. Like if the MC was like:

"Hey people say you're a boy. It's true isn't it?"

Pinkie: "What? No of course I'm a girl-"

MC: "Yeah I don't believe that at all. You're obviously padding. Prove that you're a girl. Let me see those tits"

PInkie: "W-what? B-but I am a girl!" *covers her chest, obviously uncomfortable at what's being asked.*

MC: "Then take your bra and top off. What's the matter? Don't you want to prove you aren't a guy?"

Pinkie: "W-well I guess so..."

Yeah. THAT would be very much not okay. That would make me uncomfortable as all hell.

But that's simply not what happens. The MC tries to back out of this several times, and Pinkie herself is the one that keeps pushing the sexual things to happen.

I'm sorry but the simple fact is, a bit airheaded or not. Pinkie wanted the MC to feel her up and have sex with her. Yes the MC suggests feeling her up, but he ASKS to do it, and she says no problem. He tries to make her understand he was just messing around, but she's like "But no, sexy times"

She asks him to make her HIS girl, and then wants to have more sex after the initial testing is over, and I heavily agree that she understands more then we know, but even if she is that airheaded. The simple fact is she saw the MC and decided that sexy times would be fun. I'm also pretty sure she likes the MC enough that she wouldn't mind dating him given her dialogue.

I saw it as a silly little porn flick with a still young (but hopefully 18 given the websites rules) boy not being able to help himself and give in a bit to the really pretty sexy girl who's pretty clearly egging him on.

Also, I mean. The description of the story pretty much says what is going to happen. I'm not really sure what you were expecting.

I don't mean you can't find this unfavorable. I've certainly read a few stories I didn't think were going to go the direction they did, and while I didn't care for that direction. It's not the story or the author's fault for that. I certainly didn't downvote any of those stories just because I personally didn't care for them.

So yeah, if you don't care for the story, I think it's personally fine to give your 2 cents on the matter, and share what you didn't like, but I'm on the side of that you should be respectful when you do so. Don't just downvote and call people names, also for those of us who enjoyed the story, I don't think we should insult people who didn't. It just happens, and I wanted to give my own 2 cents on this. I of course enjoyed it and see Pinkie as most certainly playing along, if only because she likes MC. Maybe she still does believe that there was a rumor about her being a boy and this was a good way to dispel that rumor. Doesn't change the fact this was something she clearly wanted, as she took lead several times.

I know I'll still get a downvote or two for this comment, but well that's life. You're perfectly free to dislike my post.

You got into a grove, suckling and pounding at Pinkie as you pleased. Judging by the shaking of her body, she was quite pleased as well.


other than that, fucking hot man

I always see people post numbers to use on derpibooru to find pictures but when I copy the number and paste it in the search bar nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

Sorry for the late reply.

What you wanna do is go onto Derpibooru, then use a forward slash character (This one: /). Then you put the numbers. That should get you your image.

If that doesn't work, pick any random picture, then go to the search bar and replace the numbers there with the numbers you want to see. Should work like a charm.

For example, it should look like this

Hope this helped.

You know, I have yet to even fucking read this damn thing, and I'm already seeing problems with you asshats in the comments
Specifically this one -

Guys, it's a fucking clop-fic with Pinkie in it, of course she's gonna have a childish mind, and yeah, that may feel weird, but it's obviously not rape.

You see, this is something I find weird, because when something is meant to be rape (You know, with that red "Non-Con" tag?"), most people reading the story in question don't have a problem with it, but then you bring something like that over to this goddamn story, which was obviously not mean't to be rape, but more of a weird comedic excuse to have a plot than having it be pointless clop.

Then again, I haven't even read the story yet, so I'm just gonna go ahead and read it, and say what I think of the matter afterwards.



Yeah, you're right, I DO have less of a problem with rape when it's in a story marked rape. Funny how the appropriate use of tags works. Funny how you can say something so stupidly obvious as if it makes you very clever for being the only person who could possibly figure it out.


You know, as I realize I said something stupid, you didn't have to be an asshole about it.


You're the one who complained about "asshats in the comments first" so don't come swinging at me and then cry when I don't act better than you.

If you want good manners, you can give them first.

The real rumor was that Pinkie Pie was extremely gullible. Almost dangerously so.

... I wonder if that's also part of the "make others happy" thing. It could be. I mean, it's possible she doesn't care how that makes her look, you know.

Now... let's read this.

Didn’t you want to check inside?

Who's the gullible one, again? ;]

Congrats on having the 1,500,000th chapter on Fimfiction.

I'm dedfinetly gonna read this! But whos artwork is on the cover?

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