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This story far exceeded my expectations! It's crazy to see a couple of paragraphs wrote be transmuted into this! I knew this story was great when i got that feeling that keeps me from finishing media halfway through reading it. The one where if you don't finish something it will technically never end but this doesn't have to be the end for Grace, Rain and the gang. Now I especially want to see Crimson Cross get his ass beat and he wasn't specifically even in my outline.

Is there going to be a sequel next perhaps?

Agreed. Because rain took an oath which all medics/medical personnel are supposed to take as far as I know and he was technically doing his job and following orders just not his commanding officer orders.

God and sweet Luna I hope they dress him down in front of his troops

Epic read. Sweet story would love more

This is a really good story! would definitely read any follow-up or sequels 👍

Griffon pony story!?

And they aren’t anthro, human, or something else!?
Their just normal ponies and griffons!?

Nice job, hope there might be a sequel

Read it. Freaking loved it!!

Want more!!!!!

I do like how the story starts out in conflict, and slowly builds to two beings of different species finding love. A sequel would be wonderful, with the trials and tribulations of an inter-species relationship.

I love the interactions between Grace and Rain, and his reasonings for helping her. I think if Celestia or Luna would ever learn what his superiors had done... they'd be the ones demoted and docked pay. I would love to hear a sequel where Rain and Grace meet them somehow, others trying to get them in trouble for being together, but the princesses would not only accept their union, but also punish those that were against them.

When the Commanding Officer had called up Rain, I thought they would have congratulated him, I know he went against a superior, but I think it was for a good cause.


I'd love to read a sequel to this please!

It's in the works. Like, I'm writing for it as we speak in the works :)

very nice EaW-setting story.

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