• Published 13th May 2022
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Nightmare Scootaloo - Void Streak

When ponies find out that Scootaloo has been stealing from them, she gets shunned and outcasted. Depressed, angry and all alone she becomes the perfect victim for a certain nightmare.

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Nightmare Scoootaloo

Scootaloo was travelling to Sweet Apple Acres via her scooter. The week had gone by without much incident despite the taunting's from Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon being ten times worser and the fact that Rainbow Dash seemed to be avoiding her. It turns out there was some ponies who still believed In Scootaloo or at least did not hate her. Fluttershy still tried to support her when Mr and Mrs Cake tried to kick her out of Sugar Cube Corner. Twilight also asked why she did it however Scootaloo never told her, in fear of getting sent to the orphanage. During the week, the nightmare continued to feed Scootaloo negative thoughts. Slowly making her wish for revenge.

Finally arriving at the farm she was about to enter the barn when Applejack blocked her "Who in the hay, invited you" growled AJ.

Pinkie Pie came bouncing over "I invited her silly"

"Ah don't want her here"

"Stop being such a party pooper, go and have fun Scootaloo" Pinkie said practically shoving Applejack out of her way.

"Oh I will be having fun" replied Scootaloo with an evil grin. Walking over to the far corner she noticed her former friends. Sweetie belle had a furious expression and was about to go stomping towards her if it hadn't been for Applebloom sticking her hoof out in front of her, shaking her head at Sweetie Belle as almost as if she was saying "not worth it".

Looking around she also noticed Rainbow Dash, she hovered towards Scootaloo before she could say anything, Scootaloo snapped harshly "What do you want?"

"Look I know I've been avoiding you, bu-" however she was cut of by Scootaloo saying.

"No kidding Sherlock. So you finally notice me then"

"I had a lot of things on my mind" Dash explained.

"So did I, while I was getting accused of stealing. You was out thinking about how to get into the wonderbolts" Scootaloo replied angrily.

"No I wa-"

"I don't want to hear it, you are nothing but a selfish jerk, NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!" Scootaloo shouted drawing a couple of curious glances her way.

"Fine, thief!" with that, Dash walked of leaving Scootaloo alone, who was trying to stop herself from crying.

When more ponies arrived they were forced to move the party outside due to the barn reaching maximum capacity. It was time for the candles to be blown out. Ponies started singing.

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, dear Applebloom

Happy birthday to you

Hip hip hooray.

"It's time!" the nightmare stated. As soon as she said this, Scootaloo started walking towards a bench while everypony else was helping themselves too cake.

Climbing onto the bench table she shouted "Hey everypony, so you all think I'm a thief ey." her voice shifted into the nightmare's "I am much worse"

"What in Equestria, do you think you are doing, get down from there this instance, Scootaloo" Applejack shouted stariing daggers at the filly that was ruining her sisters party.

"That's not my name, My name is Nightmare Scootaloo, mwhahaha" she laughed. Her appearance started to change, she started too grow a long, spiral horn with a sharp end, her purple mane started to become longer and began to float like Princess Celestia's. Her light purple eyes became darker and slit like a sake's eye, her teeth became fangs and she started to grow taller some how gaining dark purple armour in the process.

The mane 6 gasped. They realised that they was looking at a Nightmare Moon version of Scootaloo.

"No!" Rainbow Dash shouted she then added "This isn't you, you have to snap out of it!"

"No, why would I want to snap out of it. I am finally powerful" Nightmare Scootaloo shouted, she then shout her magic at the now, night sky creating a large purple storm. This caused ponies to panic and flee in terror "Oh no you don't" she said before creating a large, purple force field that enveloped the entire town.

"How is this possible, we defeated you" Twilight shouted glaring at the evil alicorn.

"No you thought you defeated me but in reality I can never be defeated"

"Spike send a letter to Celestia" Twilight commanded glaring at the nightmare.

"What do you think I'm doing!" Spike shouted, already writing a letter however before he was able to send it he was hit by a bolt of purple magic.

"NO!" shouted the mane 6 rushing to the small dragon. He was unconscious but thankfully breathing.

"NOT MY SPIKEY WIKEY!" screamed Rarity who looked ready to kill. She sent her own bolt of magic at Nightmare Scootaloo however she managed to put up a shield before it could hit.

"Pitiful" the nightmare said bluntly, she then electrocuted her by summoning lightning bolts.

"NOOO" Sweetie belle screamed. She then looked straight at the powerful alicorn. "I'm gonna kill you" she then ran up to her and started pounding on the alicorn's legs.

Rolling her eyes, she picked the young, unicorn filly up with her magic and levitated her in front of her face "I thought you was going to kill me" she said sarcastically. Before she could continue you stopped as if is she had heard something.

"Huh why can I not control my body? Why am I holding Sweetie Belle?" asked Scootaloo

"It appears your finally awake, Good. To answer your first question, we kind of switched places, Instead of me being in your mind, you're now In my mind an I now have full control over your body" explained the nightmare. The mane 6, who couldn't hear Scootaloo, just stared at the nightmare in confusion.

"WHAT!" shouted Scootaloo "But we had a deal. I trusted you!"

"We did and I lived up to my end of the bargain. I have given you power I never said you would keep control of your body" the nightmare responded maliciously "Now why don't you be quiet like a good little filly, while I deal with unfinished business" she added looking at the now empty spot "great, they're gone"

While the nightmare was having her little internal argument, the mane 6 had managed to rescue Sweetie Belle and had managed to teleport away.

Princess Luna was sat on the throne. She was technically asleep but in reality was watching over the dream realm keeping an eye out for any nightmares however all seemed well. then she felt a disturbance back in the real world. Waking up she wasn't expecting to see the mane 6 along with their sisters, to be standing in front of her. She then noticed the unconscious Spike and immediately knew that something was wrong.

She walked over to Spike and gave him a spell which seemed to bring him back to consciousness. She then asked with a worried expression "What happened?"

"The nightmare has returned!" Twilight shouted as soon as she said this Luna's eyes went wide as she gasped.

Before the mane 6 could explain any further, Luna said with a tremble "I must wake my sister" with that she walked of leaving the mane 6 to discuss a plan of action.

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Feels rushed. Other than that, it's good.

"Fine, thief" with that Dash walked of leaving Scootaloo alone, who was trying to stop herself from crying.

"Fine, thief!" with that, Dash walked off, leaving Scootaloo alone, who was trying to stop herself from crying.

Hmm...sorry but I have to agreed with the others. This feels very rushed. Slow down a bit. Allow more room for both the story and characters to develop. Don't be afraid to make a chapter 2k words or more long to tell the main plot. :trixieshiftleft:

Man when this is all over everyone better come up with the BIGGEST apology imaginable to Scoots.

I liked this story, i hope it not stop

Unfortunately ive had to get rid of my laptop ill update as soon as i get one

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