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i like reading and my favourite ponies are rainbow dash and scootaloo


when dark magic is found in the crystal empire they realise that sombra has a heir who they thought was dead however what they don't realise is that the shadow heir is one of them but there is one question who is the shadow heir and is she evil these are the questions asked by the heirs friends but dash is asking the completely opposite what will happen when they find out it is her it all starts when she and her friends recieve the one letter that dash hoped she will never see the letter telling them that the shadow heir and king sombras daughter has returned but is it just the heir or is it also the king of shadows himself

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how is she immortal. her father is not. sorry but you have to come up better reasons for not only Dash beign Sombra's kid but how she beat him to being here.

It felt if it had only had been yesterday when rainbow dash and her friends had banished Sombra the pony who she is supposed to call her father did she want to banish him yes and no simply because she felt like she was betraying him and yes because she had to he was an evil pony yet why did she feel so different about him to get rid of these thoughts she decided it was time to go to to sleep

All one sentence… which technically never ended.

Correction; it ended at the first question mark.

Thanks for letting me know ill try and fix it

This has been done before, but never finished..... hope you manage to complete the tale, and make it interesting! :pinkiesmile:
Also..... GRAMMER!!!!!:twilightangry2::flutterrage: I'm not reading it in its entirety until I can read it without getting a headache.... please do fix it though, as I really want to read it!:fluttershysad:

Oh no, oh no mother's here too thought Dash eyes going wide.

Um, what? Why would Princess Celestia be Rainbow Dash's mother? You're basically making Rainbow Dash into the stereotypical, really bad OC, but just a pegasus and not an alicorn. I don't really want to hurt your feelings. The Scootaloo story you're starting is already a lot better story-wise, but you really need to learn punctuation. (Edit: oh.)

I kind of have a habit of missing out punctuation especially on a laptop

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