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i like reading and my favourite ponies are rainbow dash and scootaloo


Rainbow dash has been sent to Tartarus for a crime she says she didn't commit and princess Celestia will only release her if she confesses well she has a better idea which includes three things
2) go on the run
3) prove her innocence
will she escape or will she rot in Tartarus find out in this story

comments on how to improve are always welcome

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Oh just brainstorming. Maybe Luna can help Rainbow Dash out and help her prove her innocence

maybe she will maybe she won't.

:) Well, this is getting very interesting now.

I can see two ways this can go either rainbow dash Clueless her name or should become Criminal just like Princess Celestia said

Comment posted by Void Streak deleted Jul 4th, 2020

Have you thought it could be both

Feels very rushed. Try slowing everything down or getting an editor

Celestia is so gonna have major karma on her a** when they finally learned that Rainbow Dash is TRULY innocent. Hope that she losses her dumb royal status.

Plus, Windy should sue the princess and also file a divorce!!!! Bow is a coward, and a BAD father!

I can't wait to see chrysalis taken down

I hope Twilight rips into Shining Armor. He wasn't under a spell the entire time and that probably angered her a bit.

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