• Published 13th May 2022
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Nightmare Scootaloo - Void Streak

When ponies find out that Scootaloo has been stealing from them, she gets shunned and outcasted. Depressed, angry and all alone she becomes the perfect victim for a certain nightmare.

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The nightmare

Scootaloo was standing, or was it floating? In the middle of a black void, all around her, her so called friends were taunting her. They were laughing at her and calling her a tramp and a thief. Then all of a sudden Rainbow Dash appeared, glaring at her. "you're no sister of mine, thief! I never even liked you. You can't even fly, how can you even call yourself a Pegasus?" Rainbow snapped in a distorted voice. Then they started chanting:




"No please stop" Scootaloo pleaded to no avail.

"Aaaaw is the poor chicken crying, boo hoo" Fluttershy mocked cruelly.

"Please leave me alone!" Scootaloo cried, tears dropping from her face down into the darkness below. Then she heard it, a smooth, creepy voice.

"Scooootaloooo, I seeee you" it said in a sing - song kind of way.

"Who are you, where are you?" Scootaloo asked, looking around the endless void, unable to see where the voice was coming from.

"I'm a friend and here I am" Suddenly out of where a dark blue mist appeared in front of her.

"Whoa!" she shouted jumping back. "Are you that blue thing and what is your name? The last time I checked I didn't know a blue smoky creature" she added sarcastically.

"Oh but I know you, Scootaloo, you are an outcast a bit like me. As for my name, I don't have one, at least not anymore. My last name was Nightmare Moon." as soon as she said this, Scootaloo's eyes shrunk to the size of pinpricks as she started to back away in fear.

"What but you was defeated"

"Oh I was never defeated, not truly anyway"

"What do you want?" Scootaloo demanded while secretly hoping for Princess Luna too show up.

"A partnership, Or at least offer you a deal"

"What sort of deal?" She asked suspiciously.

"I can help you, I can help you fly, I can give you a cutie mark and above all I can make you recognised and loved once again but in return you must help me" Scootaloo contemplated this for a while before asking.


"Simple, I'll make you become an alicorn, silly"

"How can I trust you"

"I'm a nightmare of my word. I offered a similar deal to Luna and we both held up our ends of the bargains"

"Before she was banished" Scootaloo exclaimed bluntly.

"Yes. I may have underestimated that sister of hers. I never expected her to use the elements against me. The second time was a fluke they only defeated me because they knew I was coming. This time it will be different, we shall have the element of surprise on our side, that's if you take me up on my offer of course"

Scootaloo thought for a moment before stating "I'll need to think more about it"

"Of course but I want an answer by the end of the day!" With that, she awoke.

Scootaloo awoke with a start, what a weird dream, it felt real but surely it couldn't thought Scootaloo. She didn't know what do anymore, she usually always hung out with her friends but now thanks to Applejack, she was left friendless and alone. Applejack caused this "SHE CAUSED THIS. I'M GONNA MAKE HER PAY." she shouted at herself her eyes flashing briefly like a serpents. She shook her head, she's never felt this way before, she didn't know where this unbridled rage came from.

"I hope you're thinking on that offer, Scootaloo" the nightmare said creepily.

Scootaloos eyes went wide "B b but how I thought that was just a dream" Scootaloo said with a frightened expression. Looking around she asked "where are you?"

"I'm inside your mind duh, and thankfully I'm not a dream although I couldn't help but over hearing your little rant, Applejack is it? Yes I remember her, she nearly dropped her purple friend of a cliff. Well I could add revenge into our little deal" she said mischievously.

Scootaloo thought it over "So you want me to become evil?" she asked looking down to the ground.

"I'm not evil. No matter what sunbutt and loony say I am not evil. There's an old saying: The victors write the history. The elements; the princesses are manipulating you. They are manipulating Equestria just like they are manipulating Ponyville about how you are a thief. We need to show the rest of Equestria that they are the real villains" the nightmare explained.

Scootaloo didn't know what to think. What the nightmare said made sort of sense. Am I being manipulated. Am I being lied to. Are the elements even the true heroes Scootaloo thought. Even if I do fight against the elements what to say they can't banish me too

"They won't harm a filly, thankfully for me, Sunbutt is a caring ruler" she then added after she saw Scootaloo's confused expression I'm in your mind so I can read your thooughts"

"Creepy" she stated.

"So do you agree to my terms"

"How would it work?" Scootaloo asked Am I actually seriously considering it.

"We would have to wait for the perfect moment. One when all the elements will be present" the nightmare explained conspiratorly.

"Well there is Applebloom's birthday. No doubt Pinkie's planning a party and when she plans her parties she usually invites the entire town"

"Ha Ha, perfect. That is when we shall act. After this party, the elements of harmony will be ours and then the rest of Equestria, mwhahaha the nightmare laughed evily.

"Yeah sure" she swallowed grimly.

"When and Where is the party taking place?"

"In a week and at Sweet Apple Acres"

"The location is alright, we would have to perform a shield spell to stop anypony from escaping. The timing isn't ideal i'd prefer it to be sooner I get very impatient. God it was torture waiting to reveal Nightmare Moon."

"How will I perform a shield spell"

"When you become an alicorn you will receive my knowledge and therefore every spell I know which is practically every spell"

"So what do we do now?"

"Simple, we wait..."