• Published 13th May 2022
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Nightmare Scootaloo - Void Streak

When ponies find out that Scootaloo has been stealing from them, she gets shunned and outcasted. Depressed, angry and all alone she becomes the perfect victim for a certain nightmare.

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Worst day ever

It was a sunny day as Scootaloo scootered through the busy market, shouts and the rattling of coins filled her ears as customers made their purchases. Scootaloo was keeping her eyes peeled, looking for a certain type of stall, sniffing the air she could smell it as the smells of different fruits and vegetables filled her senses. She then caught sight of fruit stall, stepping of her scooter she went to hide inside the alley way, keeping an eye on her target, waiting for the right moment. Finally when the day was nearing the end and there was less customers around, she started sneaking over to the stall. When the store vender turned around, she pounced like a tiger waiting for its prey, quickly grabbing two bunches of carrots and a couple of oranges. She then leaped onto her scooter and sped away from the scene of the crime before the stall vendor even realised what had happened. None was the wiser or so she thought. While Scootaloo was performing her little stunt a certain orange farm pony was watching, her scowl deepening after each passing second...

Scootaloo didn't want to steal; she knew it wasn't right however she had no choice. Scootaloo was homeless, her parents had died in a house fire when she was only a foal. She grew up in an orphanage however she hated every second of being there. The other foals would often bully her because she couldn't fly and her caretaker would force them to do chores with little breaks. If you was caught breaking the rules you would get beaten with a cane; she would even tie you up and gag you if you spoke to loud, this often happened to scootaloo. She shuddered at the memory... So one day she decided enough was enough so she ran away. She ended up in Ponyville with no money she was forced too sleep in a large cardboard box in the middle of an alley way as well as steal, if she didn't she would end up dead.

Scootaloo had arrived at her alley "home sweet home" she said to no one in particularly. Sighing she set down the Carrots and grabbing an old plastic cup from her cardboard box she peeled the oranges and started squeezing, making herself some fresh orange juice a little sour but still drinkable she then moved onto the carrots. After her "lunch" she crawled into her box and curled up into a ball and went too sleep dreaming about crusading ideas.

The next day, Scootaloo was scootering down the main street when all of a sudden she heard a shout "SCOOTALOO GET YA FLANK OVER HERE, THIS INSTANT!"

Scootaloo winced, it was Applejack and she sounded peeved. Riding her scooter over she caught a look at Applejack's face and indeed she looked angry I haven't even done anything wrong Scootaloo thought angrily. Applejack gestured towards the library "IN NOW" she snapped.

"W What's up?" Scootaloo asked with a confused and slightly frightened expression; she had never seen AJ this angry before.

"I'll tell you what's up, you're a thief, a dirty little thief" AJ accused angrily, glaring at the now shaking filly.

"Wha-" Scootaloo started to stutter but was cut of from Applejack, angrily saying saying "Shut up thief, I saw you steal those carrots and oranges"

Scootaloo started to say "but I-" she was cut of yet again "never mind but, I don't want tah hear it. You're a no good thief and I'm afraid ah don't want mah sister hanging around with ah thief. You're no longer friends any more"

"NO" Scootaloo started to cry, sobs wracking her body but before she could say anything else Applejack started to speak again.

"Oh and i'll be telling Rarity and Rainbow Dash along with Miss Cheerilee. Soon everypony will know what a snake you are, thief. Now get out of mah sight" Applejack screamed.

Scootaloo then turned and ran out of the library crying. She didn't know where she was going nor did she care. She just wanted to get out of there. She kept on running. Eventually she ended up getting back to her alleyway, she ran straight into her box, crying herself to sleep. She dreamt of nightmares which showed her friends abandoning her and being imprisoned.

Scootaloo awoke the next, she started setting of for school she was riding her scooter at a snails pace which was unusual as she usually was always riding at break-neck speeds. One good thing of going slow was that she could look at all the things around her and one thing that she noticed was the glances that ponies were giving her some we showing un-trustworthiness while others were out right malice, her eyes flattened against her head. Did Applejack tell everypony about me she thought, that was quickly answered when somepony shouted "ITS THE THIEF!" She quickly high tailed it out of there, wanting to get to school as soon as possible.

She managed to make it to school, looking around she found her friends. She started to walk over to them when she realized they were giving her the same look that everypony else had been giving her. When she went to them, Sweetie Belle glared at her "What do you want thief"

"No, not you too." Scootaloo said.

"Ah'm sorry Scootaloo but AJ and Rarity told us to stay away from you" Applebloom told Scootaloo, giving her a disappointed look. They both turned and walked away, leaving Scootaloo alone with tears starting to pour from her eyes. Cheerilee came out and started ringing the bell to let the fillies and colts into the school.

As Scootaloo started to get through the door Cheerilee blocked her with her hoof "I'm afraid we need to have a chat" she said gesturing to the side. "There have been several complaints made against you." Cheerilee sighed "Have you been stealing?" giving her a serious look.

Should I tell her, No she'll send me back to the orphanage "No, they're lying"

Cheerilee's gaze hardened "You're lying, I was going to give you a chance to be honest. But no you still lie, what did I expect, you're a thief. All thieves lie. You're expelled" she then walked into the school leaving Scootaloo speechless.

Scootaloo then hopped back onto her scooter and started scootering aimlessly. She felt like her life was falling apart. Looking up she saw Rainbow Dash sitting on a lonesome cloud, she appeared to be thinking. Then she looked down and for a split second they locked eyes with each other, Scootaloo gave a small smile however Rainbow gave her the same disappointed look that everypony else has been giving her before flying of. Not Rainbow Dash too Scootaloo thought. She eventually arrived back at the alleyway. Snuggling into the box she slowly went to sleep as silent tears fell from her eyes.