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The CMC's have picked out a story for Twilight to read during their sleepover...
Many millennia ago, before the civilized world of Equestria, the continent had been placed in a gory war that threatened life itself. Rival pony tribes fought each other over food, shelter, mares... Much like Sparta and Athens in other old ponytales. One unicorn changed the raging world forever - for better or for worse, however, nopony knows for sure. This is the story of Destiny; the mare who unknowingly sacrificed her life to give birth to two supernaturals... whom today are known as Mortal Heaven and Mortal Hell.

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Nice I was wondering what you were working, but lets see what happens next shall we hopefully before the nose bleed returns... IF YA' KNOW WHAT I MEAN

Sorry y'all. I'm putting this fic on hold until I can finish my first fic.

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