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Cover art credit goes to Still Breeze.
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His home village is in ruins, and his family and friends fell victim to homocide. Blaze, the alicorn with memory loss, stumbles into Ponyville by a lucky shot. Slowly, he settles in to a new life here, but his most recent experience haunts him with nightmares and the thirst of revenge. How will Blaze and his 6 new closest friends fare on this journey through the unknown?

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I seriously DISLIKE ALICORN OC's but I can understand why people like them so much but it aggravate's how many there is it just makes me want to go to mexico and hit a orphan in the face twenty times and that's more then usual. I actually like this story it's just that if your oc is truly a alicorn it upsets me. I understand if you used it for just the story though I had to do that once I then ended up hitting myself in the nuts with a hammer and then flipping a table. I again like this stories but the amount of alicorn OC's is too damn high

>OC Alicorn
>The No Memory topic
>First fic

And as for YOU 1161539
Go fall in a pit and stay there.

1161445 Well sorry. When it comes to my imagination, I like to have no restrictions. Just the way I am. Blaze may not have much of a role as a pegasus OR a unicorn. I'll probably just leave that big stuff to the mane 6.

1161441 My first story was an Alicorn OC thing, I'm very surprised at how it turned out, people actually liked it.

I don't. It's dumb. I'm re-doing it. Maybe.

But anyways, not all Ali-OCs are bad, just most, nearly all are.

EDIT: After checking, the ratio was 40u/3d

No idea when I'll finish the next chapter. I should be able to get it in by 7 days. Stay posted! :twilightsmile:

Also, I do think it's necessary I point out that I'M NOT DOING THIS ON A COMPUTER. I only have immediate access to a Nintendo Wii and a Sony PlayStation3. :ajsleepy:
So uhh, yeah.

No, someone posted a spam comment, I have no idea where it went.

Method of typing it has no difference on whether or not it's a bad idea.

The writings actually decent, but the concept is possibly the most cliche thing on this site. Just the protagonist's name is so commonly used in these types of stories that it's a turn-off for me.


Also, you spelt 'Alicorn' wrong in the title. :facehoof:

1162361 Maybe I'll make Blaze his nickname then?

1162431 Thank you for clarifying that with me. I've been a brony since it all started, but I only signed up for this site 2 weeks ago. Please forgive me if I make any mistakes. :twilightblush:

1163131 Welcome to the site then bro, message me if you want any help or advice :twilightsmile:

1163159 Actually yes, you can help me! :pinkiehappy: See, I would really like to find a site where I can make my OCs come to life! Where can I make my art?
(link optional)
also, a how-to with setting up avatar and cover art. I am a complete newbie to this stuff! :twilightblush:
Oh, and as previously mentioned, I don't have a computer, so uhh, try to guide me through as best you can. :derpyderp1::derpyderp2:

Hey, everyone's new at some point :twilightsmile: So, I'm not much of an artist, but I believe a lot of people post their art on deviantart. As for creating the actual images, some form of vectoring software would be required, I think. Either that or you could draw them :rainbowlaugh:. As for your avatar, just go to Edit Account -> Avatar and upload an image. You can use the URL of the image or save it and upload it. I use the latter. For the cover art, edit the story (not the chapter) and find the 'Cover Art' bit :twilightsmile: Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help!

Oh. You'll have to use the URL code then. It may not work outside of a computer. I know it doesn't work when I try it on my iPad.

1163239 :rainbowlaugh: Well, thanks anyway. I guess I'll just ask again on my next chapter, which I'm close to submitting as we comment! If you wanna read some more of this "horrible" story ( :pinkiesad2: ), then check it!

No it's not that it's just that I usually read a really bad alicorn story this is one of the three good ones I have read

1162054I don's really care but it's just over used and usually not good.

1165376 Thank you so much! :fluttercry: My first fimfic, and I already have a follower! Hey, theres a third chapter now. hope u enjoy :rainbowkiss:

1171869 Soooooo... ... ... Do u have a suggestion for who's he should stay at?¿?¿? :trixieshiftright:

Well if you want comical then at Twilight's or Apple Jack's becuase he could burn down the property causing them to freak out. If you want seriousness though I he would need to wear a fire blanket or something and should probably stay at hmm... I guess Twilights

One more thing: If I'm late or slow to deliver the next chapter, it's either because I've had a brain fart, my school schedule won't let me get it in, or my brother wouldn't let me on his system.

1171918 Oh no no no no no no. By the way you suggested that, I assume u think Blaze actually has a fiery mane! He has a fire-colored mane! Sorry if I didn't clarify that :facehoof:

Ohh well yeah you kinda totally fucked up his mane description unless he has a freakishly high body temprature

1176514 I think you're reffering to that point where he's running away from the shadow the first time. He was running for so long, he got too hot. The rain burned him because it was so cold compared to him at the time. :derpyderp2:
Anyway, fourth chapter is complete. enjoy :twilightsmile:

Ahh I see this chapter now...

After reading what the hell they all want him in S.A.M. a.k.a. Slave and Master or just BDSM seriously I wouldn't be suprised if he woke up with a ball gag

1177187 Bronys unite, please tell your friends about Blaze. Please ask your friends to tell their friends about Blaze. I want to get more ponies following my story! I am very thankful you've stayed in touch with my very first fimfic :twilightsmile: but I wish I had a little more ponies to talk to! It makes me sad :ajsleepy: Please get this story known to fimfiction! :fluttershysad:

I shall try, but also I think your story might deserve a addorable apple jack filly soon

1182055 Uhh... I need to put an AJ filly in my story?

Noo I was saying that I might post an adorable apple jack here in comments I might no if you do that no sense will be made

What I can't put up adorable pony pics Fuck you to

1182579 :twilightoops: uhh no thank you.

No no no, feel free to post emoticons. Please.

What the... 10 VIEWS!!?? I've got more people reading my story than they comment! Please comment!

1162431 Are you still reading my story? I have over 10 views on the newest chapter (5) alone.

I'm liking the tragedy... (If that is indeed a good thing... :applejackunsure:)

I'm amazed at how swiftly one can write across such an expanse of time in so few words. (A reasonable amount of words; if I tried to write this chapter, it would probably be 8000 words long, lol! :twilightblush:)

Anyway, I'm liking this story a lot so far...

His eyes glow when he's pissed. That's cool! XD

However, in the last paragraph, he seems like kind of a dick in the sense that he 'Tells the girls how it works'...

mfw: :applejackunsure:

Not that I'm trying to slag off your story or anything, especially since you don't have a computer to work on, but maybe you could slow down his character progression just a little bit...

Unless there are twists and stuff later in the story I haven't got to yet. Who knows? :derpytongue2:

Ohhh!! I love it when chapters / stories end with speech! Especially when it's so dramatic! :rainbowkiss:

This is my favourite chapter yet, buuuuutt.....

Reading through the comments, I think this story needs some work to be 'known' around this site... (Listen to Still Breeze, the 'fiction doctor') I'm joking of course; I'm practically a nopony on this site.. :pinkiesad2:

BUT! I think that the concept is great; tragedy, mystery at the end of this chapter, a... unique character. Speaking of which, what colour is he? I imagine him to be white, but I don't recall seeing a coat colour in there... :applejackunsure:

Anyway, probably going to finish this tonight, (at least as much as you've written, so, yeah!) :scootangel:

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