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This is a story about Baby Celestia and Yoshi...
A story that took place a long, long time ago.

Yoshi belongs to Nintendo
My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro
Story by Blazing_Mane01

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This is a quick MLP-version of my entry to a contest I'm entering at my school. Please tell me what you all think, and thank you.

My entry MUST be in between 750 and 1,000 words, so I'm going to have to add a bit more to the submission. Likes, dislikes, and comments will be VERY helpful in determining whether I should submit this copy or think of something else. (This isn't really something y'all should follow me for, though.)
This is not a joke. It's a legit contest called the Young Writers Contest. Whatever you say or do with your likes and dislikes will be taken VERY seriously. Thank you.

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Cover art credit once again goes to Still Breeze. Thank you so much for the image, bro!
Direct sequel to my first story, Blaze: Part I. Reading part one is recommended in order to better understand this story.
Nearly two months have passed since Blaze and Twilight Sparkle were thrown into the Crystal Caves below Canterlot. After a chance break-in saves their lives, the two weak ponies escape and learn the truth of what has happened. Blaze then begins an insane adventure to save his mother, the Princess Luna, from Celestia's tyrannically-possessed mind.
PLEASE DON'T DISLIKE MY STORY JUST BECAUSE IT'S AN ALICORN OC. If you don't like it, please just forget about it. Dislikes won't make my story go away. Thank you.

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The CMC's have picked out a story for Twilight to read during their sleepover...
Many millennia ago, before the civilized world of Equestria, the continent had been placed in a gory war that threatened life itself. Rival pony tribes fought each other over food, shelter, mares... Much like Sparta and Athens in other old ponytales. One unicorn changed the raging world forever - for better or for worse, however, nopony knows for sure. This is the story of Destiny; the mare who unknowingly sacrificed her life to give birth to two supernaturals... whom today are known as Mortal Heaven and Mortal Hell.

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Cover art credit goes to Still Breeze.
Check Part Two here!
His home village is in ruins, and his family and friends fell victim to homocide. Blaze, the alicorn with memory loss, stumbles into Ponyville by a lucky shot. Slowly, he settles in to a new life here, but his most recent experience haunts him with nightmares and the thirst of revenge. How will Blaze and his 6 new closest friends fare on this journey through the unknown?

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