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When it comes to most of my stories, don't make assumptions. Not only is there a 99.9% chance that you're wrong, but it's also frustrating to me.

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Wait, you watch the Kill Count too?

Aight, Kill Count is awesome and I can never get enough of James–er, Jade.

Let the count begin!


Thank you so kindly. Glad you like it!

Be good people

I read the entire Story in James's Voice
this was great
More pls

This was really cool dude! Really glad there are Dead Meat fans on here!

Also, a question, would you consider doing kill counts on actual stories? Cause I have a story of my own that's inspired by slasher movies.
Let me know if that's something you'd be interested in. And again, really cool dude.

This is one of the coolest fanfic EVER!

Am I the only reading thinking it was James reafong this?

That was very interesting I am sure that James J Janeiss would like it if you ever get the chance to meet him

I have to say that I was a little sceptical of this at first but seeing that it was a way to get ideas out really caught my attention. Next thing I know I’m reading something excellent. Not only was it an original “movie” but everything that you made comments on and the little side facts really helped complete the whole thing. The pictures were a nice touch and I could practically hear the music in my head along with James’ voice. I look forward to seeing more actually. I’d like to see some bad movies or indie flicks. Anyway, great concept and I look forward to the next one.

That was an enjoyable read! As a fan of all things horror, i definently like this fic, keep up the good work!

Since this was done as a Kill Count episode the comment probably wouldn't be as long as my usual, but let's wait and see first.

Directed by Rarity and Photo Finish, Penny Play Panda places an interesting twist on the killer toys genre where instead of going around killing mindlessly, Penny is instead, doing this because she thinks her family would like it. Her character is almost sympathetic due to how badly she wants to be accepted by her family.

A very refreshing twist for me actually.

In the first movie at least. Bandit sits on the bed and starts unpacking, and the first thing he unpacks is a TITLE CARD!”

:rainbowlaugh: Not sure why but I find that funny/

“A bit tacky if you ask me.” Rarity said, unimpressed, despite making those costumes.

We are our own worse critics after all.

“Don’t you think you’re a little old to have a stuffed animal?” Cheerilee asked him, giggling a little bit.

“I didn’t say the joke would be funny. Bandit is in stunned silence, but Cheerilee mistakes this for a little embarrassment and promises not to say a word. Sealing the deal with a wink, not knowing that her fate was sealed, thanks to a brief frown from Penny that both parties didn’t see.”

And here's Silver's first appearance.

Silver, letting out a snort: "There's nothing wrong with having stuffed animals at our age Miss Cheerilee, I've got a stuffed Dragon that I've had since I was a baby and I still snuggle with it sometimes."

“Did I get you?” Celestia asked as she laughed a little.

“Yes. Yes you did. You made me think I was dealing with one of those killer toys from the horror movies.” Bandit told her, relief in his voice.

“Gotcha.” Celestia said with a wink.

Mother's, they do like their jokes. The sad thing is Bandit... this is a horror movie. :twilightoops:

For those who don’t know, Penny was actually designed by Kama bunch-a-middle-names Chadwickson IV, who took inspiration from his own stuffed Panda Quincy and combining it with one of Bandit’s old stuffed animal designs, Linda the lion, who had those pink eyes and pink bow. The tutu was added for no other reason than to add cuteness to the character.

So Chad made Penny? That's heartwarming :twilightsmile:, despite what's coming.

Miss Cheerilee #1
15 mins
Heath Ledger’d into a desk, scissors through the face

Brutal, but at least it was quick.

“No one told my mother that I was gonna be climbing the school to get on the roof. So when she walked on set and saw me halfway up the school, she was mad.” Bandit was saying in an interview with Twilight sitting next to him. She giggled a bit.

“She almost grounded him for that. It was pretty hilarious.” Twilight told the camera as Bandit jokingly rolled his eyes.

I would be too if I was in her shoes. :twilightsmile:

Penny got ready to through the rock, before she could, the front door was heard opening. Penny looked over her shoulder, the camera turning with her revealing Bandit coming around the corner.

Minor mistake there, it's actually "throw", but I have make the same one a lot. That's why sounding out the words while spelling them never worked for me.

She got into the class only for the door to swing towards her, with Penny holding onto it, slamming the rock into her face, impaling it into her cheekbone, and popping out her right eye.

“Put that on Papers all you want, but that paper ain’t beating rock.”

Copper Top #2
23 mins
Rock impaled her face

That's quite the force there for that kind of damage, but it looks like it was an instant kill at least.

Bandit is able to convince the cop that he isn’t the killer, but since Penny wasn’t the only peeper on this conversation as they were being spied on by the peat and growerful eavesdropper Trixie, it doesn’t take long for rumors to start.

Trixie just signed her death warrant. :facehoof:

Unfortunately, the friends aren’t convinced that it’ll be enough to keep Bandit from being a prime suspect in this Among us server.

First, that reference made me laugh.

Here Silver wouldn't believe that Bandit was the killer, saying that he wouldn't hurt anyone unless he had no choice. Plus, Bandit had no motive for the kills in the first place.

The Great and Powerful Trixie #3
31 mins
Sawed in half by her own trick

I've heard of "hoist by his own petard" but...

Bon Bon #4
33 mins
Throat slit by Penny off screen

Lyra Heartstrings #5
36 mins
Clawed to death by Penny

Don't spread rumors, or Penny will rip your face off.

“Cheerilee, Officer Top, Bon Bon, Trixie and Lyra? The heck did this killer have against those 5 that he killed them all within two nights?” Bandit asked as he tried to think.

Silver: "It doesn't make any sense, Trixie I can understand, but the others?"

Sunset turns to him: "Where were you Silver, besides Bandit you were the last one to see Cheerilee alive."

Silver: I was out of town making my soda deliveries, and didn't get back until last last night. And while I disliked Trixie, I would't go as far as to kill her and especially not like that."

But Bandit let’s slip about Penny’s voice box randomly going off and scaring him when he was a kid. That’s when Sunset reveals, Penny Pandas don’t have a voice box.”

“I just pressed her voice box yesterday.” Bandit said. The two of them realize the same thing and ran upstairs to Bandit’s room. Penny was on the shelf, he pressed the stomach, stopping short of the button inside.

“I’m Penny! I love making friends!” Penny said through her voice box.

“I could’ve sworn they didn’t have voice boxes.” Sunset said.

Silver: "If that's the case, than why did.."

Bandit looked at her.

“I didn’t press the button.” Bandit told her.

Silver, who's standing in the doorway, suddenly gets a very bad feeling.

“Bandit bolts out the room to grab the phone and call the cops, but upon realizing Sunset isn’t behind him and took the phone with him to go see what happened. Only to see Sunset twitching on the floor.”

Sunset Shimmer #6
45 mins
Throat Slashed by Penny

Silver: "Holy...!" *Can't finish as he's too freaked out by what just happened.*

“Twilight comes out the bathroom and Bandit gets her and Chad out of the house, making sure the cops know that Penny’s hear. Telling them that the murderer is in the house.

They pile into Silver's truck and he slams on the gas petal, causing the truck to zoom off. Silver will gladly take a speeding ticket over a killer toy any day.

*Cop Kills*

Home field advantage in play there, and showing how effective it can be.

Bandit tries to calm him down but Flash gets physical. Bandit, quite easily, shoves him backwards and tries to explain, but Flash is having none of that and goes in to attack. Bandit pins him to the locker and tries to explain that Penny came to life and did all this killing.

Silver starts defending Bandit as well.

Flash doesn’t have a lot of time to say he’s full of shit because Penny pops up on Bandit’s shoulder and latches onto Flash’s face, biting onto forehead to reenact the bite of ‘87. Bandit quickly tries to pull Penny off, but Penny’s locked on tight.”

Silver: "HOLY-!"

Flash Sentry #12
1 hr 7 mins
Bite of ‘87ed by Penny

That one's probably the most brutal to me.

“What’s wrong? You don’t wanna play hide and seek? Is everything okay?” Penny asked.

“No! Nothing is okay!” Bandit exclaimed, keeping himself in front of Twilight, Chad and Spike.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. Do you want a hug?”

“No! Stay back!”

Silver is next to Bandit, backing up with them and unable to believe what is going on.

Cupcakes, so sweet and tasty
Cupcakes, blood filled and hasty?”

Solar Comet #13
1 hr 20 mins
Killed off screen and turned into a cupcake


“Cupcakes Cupcakes Cupcakes.
After River realized she just ate her own cousin, she starts dry heaving and choking. Not from Penny’s cooking, but from poison.”

River Lilly #14
1 hr 21 mins
Poisoned by Penny

Probably the least brutal, but no less effective.

“Penny finishes her story and asks Bandit if he’s proud of her, Bandit tells her hell no and talks about how wrong she is in this. He gets through to her and Penny realizes that she has become a monster and starts crying. Bandit feels a bit of sympathy for his childhood Panda so he gives her a hug. Penny definitely appreciates the hug, but as soon as Bandit let her go, she takes off running. In the last scene of the film, Penny finds herself at the edge of the cliff, she thanks Bandit for being her friend and then stepped off the cliff to her death.

Silver: "At least she wasn't killing at random, but I don't think I'm gonna be able to look at stuffed animals the same way again."

And no, he didn't get rid of his Dragon, that was a hand-made gift from his Grandmother.

*The Numbers*

I do agree with those choices, and the end scene was pretty funny.

On a final note though, I know it's a movie but how would Bandit clear his name here?

Can’t help but read these in James’ voice.

This was very well done, I felt the dread from the kills 😨

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