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Just a guy who likes MLP, and certain characters from the show. I also like having Steve Blum as the voice of King Sombra. I don’t know why; I just do.


Takes place during the events of “The Beginning of The End” episode.

Ever since the day that Sombra had finally taken over all of Equestria; he was very proud of himself, and happy that things are finally going his way. However, when the Mane Six showed up to stop him, he didn’t expect the results to wind up so, “childish”. Regardless, he has a responsibility now; and it’s definitely gonna be one that he won’t enjoy; not even if it were to happen again somehow.

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Comments ( 6 )

Umm...so aren't Cadence n Armour gonna do something?

Wat... Aren't they forgetting the real reason why they go to the empire

They might... but I highly doubt that they’d be much help

Yeah... sorry cady and shiny

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