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Just a guy who likes MLP, and certain characters from the show. I also like having Steve Blum as the voice of King Sombra. I don’t know why; I just do.



This story will be about King Sombra and Flurry Heart having a weird adventure. How weird? Discord will be involved kind of weird. Cozy Glow is gonna be in this story too, and some of the characters will have a problem with Discord’s highjinks later on in the story; that is all. Oh, and supposedly Chrysalis will offer to help them as well; for a price.

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I only read the prologue, but it is so messy that I personally don't want to read further
despite the fact that the idea of ​​the story could be interesting

But it is though. And the only reason that it’s messy is because it’s just a prologue. It’s not the actual beginning of the story after all... just some context on what to expect. Also, you should definitely read my story; if you want to of course.

Well, reading all the way here is clearly alright. But the depth needs to be a bit more... sure the sun rise in that one chapter that is called atmosphere.... weather needs more into this story.

Okay, got it then. I’ll be sure to fix that as soon as I can.

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