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This story is a sequel to A weekend of Fun

Takes place after the short "Last day of school."

It's Summer for the girls and this summer will be different for Sunset Shimmer as she'll be staying with Twilight's family for the summer and first summer as a couple for these 2 love birds. Come along for the first few days of Summer to see what these 2 girls have in store together with a few unexpected things to come and see. You'll have to read to learn more.

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If anyone has any suggestion on a different title picture please let me know as I wasn't sure which one to pic

Cue Shining being an overprotective moron or general dumbassery. That or embarrassing her infront of Twilight, either works.

Thought I'd add it since why not

I kind of assumed that they were going somewhere

There will in the 3 third chapter since in the second chapter Twilight finds something from her past that I won't spoil yet.

Takes place after the short "Last day of school."

Huh? I'm confused. Didn't Equestria Girls not have a proper grand finale?

Love the story so much

thx glad someone is enjoying this

I'm catching up on all of your stories. I love this continuing saga. Good Job. I wish I wrote half as good as this.

You still did good as me that's what counts.

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