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I am a pegasister who loves to write fanfics for MLP, especially for the couples Fluttercord and SunLight!


When Juniper Montage takes bullying Twilight Sparkle too far and is banned from the senior prom, she wants nothing more than to make the girl pay. She enlists Sunset Shimmer's help and gives her the idea of the prank: pretend to be Twilight's friend, then humiliate her in front of the entire school. The prank should have been easy to go through with, but Sunset finds herself falling faster and harder for the girl she's meant to hurt.

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Oooohhh interesting start, I like this setting. Hope to see more soon!


If I have one complaint with this intriguing tale, it's this:

Juniper and Wallflower are the popular ones?!

Well, this is an AU XD Also just because I hate those two characters in all honesty xD

This looks to be an interesting and captivating story. Please work on this some more when you have the time to.

hey is the story dead cause I would very much like to see the next chapter

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