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Eternal Requiem

Now, and at the hour of our love

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Good stuff! I love how this was written. The sex stuff is not exaggerated for effect, the characters' actions feel like they fit the scenario and their personalities.

Thanks for writing it ^^

Interesting to see a rape fiction focused on power dynamics rather than simple violence. Would be nice to see this develop further as Rarity slowly breaks from having to subject herself to being repeatedly raped by her princess, but still a very nice stand alone story.

Don't know what I was expecting, but such a dark yet powerfully good rape fic was NOT it. Very good story.

You know, Celestia is a good mare, and of her humbleness she's justly proud.

What a wonderful fic!

Has Rarity started the fire? Yes, Molestia rises.

power, lust, wickedness I LOVE IT

This is the darkest thing I've read in a while and it did not disappoint.

The power dynamic, Celestia's Lolita level obsession with Rarity , the futile struggle for Rarity to resist.

Would love to read a sequel if possible, but this does just as well as a stand alone.

"Cogitatione!" she shouted, frantically humping against her lover's face, time itself unravelling as she struggled to remember the language of the modern day. "Verbo et opere! Ab imo pectore, te amo!" The dam broke, and Celestia's mind blanked as ecstasy flooded her, filling her with pleasure and fulfillment beyond imagination. Rarity never let up with her tongue, and Celestia rode wave after wave against her face as she thrust her hips forwards again and again. "I love you, Rarity!"

Does anyone even want to translate about what celestia said here?

Right to the Favorites list. I loved this fic as much as i would love to read a part II or a prequel of this. It even inspired me to write a story between Rares and Tia maybe with this topic and dynamic.

Who knows, maybe i'll try?

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