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Hello, I'm Storiesatrandom, and, I, do stories..... At Random.


Twilight invents a dimension traveling machine to test out Multiverse Theory..... Then Pinkie Pie shows up. Goes as well as you expect.

This is a sort'of soft reboot to my old fanfic series, I want to restart fresh and away from the long outdated and canonically inaccurate stories, espeically more so against the less graceful works, I, I want to distance myself from them now. (They're still gonna be up, they're just debunked from Storiesatrandom Fanon now). You know the ones.
First story written independent of Word Document AND with Grammarly.
Rated Everyone, this is gonna be a very child-friendly work.
This takes place in a reality where Season 9, NEVER happened! I'm, abit critical to the direction of the main arc, if I'm being honest.

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I had a good time.

There are several grammatical errors in this fanfic - such as tense-switching - but a more substantial issue is the pacing. Rapid-fire gags like this don’t work in a non-visual medium. I think it would have been much more interesting if we spent more than a few sentences in each world; I would’ve especially liked to see more of the merpony world.

My apologies. As forewarned, I had been away from the game in FIMfiction for a long time now, I'm, rusty at a certain style I had for the other stories.

Glad to had provided it.

You had me at "Multiverse"

You are ever so welcome. You wrote a good story :)

You could get an editor.

Did you put “possibility” into the short description on purpose, or was it a typo?

I, have a rough history of maintaining editors, let alone finding one. Why do you think I have Grammarly now?

Hold up on that one, I need to fix it.

Quick update: Fixed now.

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