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Hello, I'm Storiesatrandom, and, I, do stories..... At Random.


Twilight invents a dimension traveling machine to test out Multiverse Theory..... Then Pinkie Pie shows up. Goes as well as you expect.

This is a sort'of soft reboot to my old fanfic series, I want to restart fresh and away from the long outdated and canonically inaccurate stories, espeically more so against the less graceful works, I, I want to distance myself from them now. (They're still gonna be up, they're just debunked from Storiesatrandom Fanon now). You know the ones.
First story written independent of Word Document AND with Grammarly.
Rated Everyone, this is gonna be a very child-friendly work.
This takes place in a reality where Season 9, NEVER happened! I'm, abit critical to the direction of the main arc, if I'm being honest.

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Shining Armor has problems. Dealing with an incompident Grand Commander making the guards look like idiots that couldn't even protect the princesses from a plant, and the fact he's trying to force Twilight into marrying his good natured but kinda dim-witted nefpew Flash Sentry and to Force Celestia into approving it, even when it was obvious that Twilight is clearly more in love with Celestia. While planning to deal with the idiot eventally while returning home, Shining Armor returns to a surprise he would, never, forget.

Hey guys, guess who's back after a stupidly long Hiatus on these stories?!
I ran into alot of problems here. Fimfictions growing restrictions against spelling problems, my microsoft writer becoming unworkable with the Orange of death it has (it was a long outdated writer, it had like, the year 2010 on it), and me being over-all distracted with other things.
But I'm glad to be making stories again.
Thing is though, I actselly have ALOT more stories that came before this, but again, I can't release them in their current state that they would end up being rejected thanks to FIMfictions restrictions on troubled writing. It is not fair to mistreat people like that because some people like myself, who's mildly autistic, can't help but to write things that look like it came from pre-school. You shouldn't have the expection on people to be the Leonardo De Vithci of fanfics and expect every piece of work to be a masterpiece, or else you would be like the guys from Equestia Daily.

Anyway, enjoy the fic and the return of Lil' ol' me.

The Art is by Slypon.
Rated teen for certain references of sexual reference, but no actual talks of the act of sex, just the talk about the oriantation, but light talk of it.
Edited by Arcelia.

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how has Kaa been doing since we last saw him in Jungle Book 2, let alone, AT ALL? well, he still was up to his old ways. many, many failures later, he began to question himself, and lost fate in himself, and even believes himself as a disgrace to his forefathers. suddenly, out of nowhere, came forth the one creature not effected by his hypnotism, or Kaa being a moronic jerk. a small, horse-like creature with wings by the name of Fluttershy took him to equestia for a hopefully more positive ambassador for equestia since it's previous problems with dimensional creatures and beings.
Will Kaa have a new life, or, would he somehow screw it up? or would something of a world threaten proportion suddenly happen that'll surely stand in the way of Glory's dreams of dimensional travel... yet again?

Image by tyrranux.
this will be using a differnet Kaa, not the Kaa from the Spongebob and Friends adventures which i am not against (in fact, i am the creater, youtube name is Scroopfan3212311.) but because i am planing to release a fanfic i posted on regular fanfiction (account name there is the comedic writer) that features that Kaa in the SBFs world. this is a slightly similar but totally different Kaa.
don't let the image fool you, Kaa and Fluttershy are gonna get along well, the image focuses more on the first encounter.
Kaa is property of Disney.
MLP is belonging to Hasbro.
more characters will be added by chapter 2.

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What secret Celestia holds within about Spike's origins? does it have to do who Spike's parents are or if they're alive? what lays within the mind of Equestia's Benvolent ruler?

image by shinymyu.
rated teen cause of sex talk and suggestive images.
idea created because of image.
no relatetion to Luna's Ultamate Plan, just an ironic choose of words.

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This is a fanfic series I plan to write whenever I have the chance. It will focus on alternate takes on the canon show; it's not related to the other fanfics I have written. These will be episodic chapters.
(Warning: These are grimdark stories. They won't contain gore or bad sex like previous stories, but just plain dark.)

Image by Ryedeer.
Rated teen for just being dark. Oh, and mention of violence.

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Celestia was having an epic dream of protacting Glory from the wicked Sting-Ra, but, wait.... something's a miss. read to find out.

image by bednarowski.
made speical for Apirl fools day coming soon, so, it's atad early..
it has alot of characters, but will feature those that actually have lines. (with Philomena as an exsection)
based on these fan made videos about Blue Heagehogs and Trains (of that i only oocationaly skim, not full on faverite if nothing else of interest comes up. i supply links, but i can't.)
rated teen because of brief reference to sex, and the imfamous gore-fic cupcakes, as well as awkword who i woke-up with situations.

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this is a sequel to another story: just called Council of Celestias, by Salnax, Approved by him personally.
from where it was last left off, the Good Celestias (Canon Celestia and Hasbro Celestia) must team up with the S.A.R's Celestia and Luna if they hope to face off the Anti-Celestias for good, as well gain additional help from the Mane 6, and Writing Glory, before the Anti-Celestias are allowed to pull off a treacherous crime.

the images in the image collection were made by other various artistes.
rated teen for fighting, bodly harm, some cursing, the fact Molestia is in this, and tagged sad, comedy, adventure, and random as a starting point.

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Flim and Flam are back, but not to cause trouble. they are here because they inherited a worn down barbershop from a recently died uncle. in time of their deep sorrow, Twilight and Rarity offered to grant them a good time. Problem: no one warned Spike or the Grand Adviser Trixie that Flim and Flam aren't here to cause trouble.

rated teen due to mild violence and usage of death (but not on the major characters)
Image by an unknown artist.
this isn't a romance fic or bares a romance tag, though it mentions Twilight's relationship with Celestia as a brief reference to Twilestia. and an added note, the Tragic and dark tags are removed, because, appearently, i didn't understood my own story correctly. just desided the adventure tag was un-nessersary.
this time, i did have this story looked at before i sent it up. yes, i am learning my mistakes and improving.

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Derpy was happy with little Dinky, her adoubted little unicorn. but, a series of worring for her well being, problems with her sex life, and trouble with foal services may ruin Derpy's life. will the kindness of her love intrest Carrot Top, her friend Raindow Dash and her friends, her best friends Lyra and Bon Bon, her other and more grown up adoubted daughter Sparkler, and the rest of the Ponyvillains help Derpy in her hard time, and maybe, with divine intervention's help, get Dinky back?

i don't know who made the image, but credit will go to the mysterious artist.
in honor and in respect for Derpy, due to the sudden fiasco of the whole false offenceive thing.
to those that are nip-picky about fics, this isn't exsactly perfect, but i ask you people be NICE about it, i'm abit sensitive. i do plan to have this fic fixed soon on monday when i contact my editor or if he contacts me.
this re-edit is by Purple Thunder (not my editor, just a passing good smariton.).

if anyone wants me to continue this, say so.

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well, thanks to those insulting memes of her being a Tyrant, a sex crazed loony, and an internet's variation of a troll, Celestia just broken down and cried herself a storm, litteraly! can i fix what countless insults to her face have reap? hope so, or everyone in Equestia has to use boats for now on.

rated teen due to sex talk.
image by an unknown artist (i didn't get this one from Denivant art)
Human tag added cause it features a human: Me.

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