• Published 20th Apr 2020
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Ranger's Destiny (Undergoing Edited) - TasteDaRainbow

Rangers find themselves in a world full of colorful talking ponies and an adventure awaits them. A war is taking place on Equestria. How can they survive through all of this? And the most important thing is, will they ever get back home? God help us.

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What The...

"What the fuck is this?" Finn says looking around. They're now in the middle of a thick forest. "First sands and now... this??" He said while throwing his hands to the air with a desperate look. "How the hell did we get here?!" He almost yelled at this.

"Hey calm down will ya?" Jerry still putting his hands to Daniel's wound in case the blood running again.

"How am I suppose to calm down if we're suddenly being... I dunno teleported or dragged into another place?"

Daniel's walkie got everyone attention's, "This is Private Daniel Nicholas does anyone copy over?"


No response

He tried again, "This is Private Daniel Nicholas from 1st battalion 75th ranger regiment does anyone copy over?"


Again, no response.

"Guess no one's here." Replied the Sergeant. "Imma head out and see if anything is clear."

"You're going out there are you nuts?" Chase adjust his rifle and he's now looking at his sergeant.

"Yep, I'm going out."

"Well then, I'll come with you." Replied the private.

"Jerry," Finn looked to Jerry whose in the back seat with Daniel. "Stay here and take care of him."

"Hooah," the corporal said gripping his gun and his other hand still keep pressuring Daniel's wound.

Then Finn and Chase get out of the vehicle and move into one of the bushes with their guns lock and loaded.

"Im fine Jerry," said the young kid and now cocking his ACR. "You can let go now."

Jerry still not sure about what the young ranger said, but his smile assures him that he's going to be alright. So he let go of his hand and looked carefully from inside the vehicle. "The walkie still on?"

"Yeah, its still working for the four of us."

Silence fell between them as they now only focusing their eyes to the forest. Its nearly like a night time 'cause the thickness of the forest made the sunlight barely penetrate through.

"Damn this forest is so thick," Daniel says still processing his mind about what just had happened to them.

"Hell yeah," replied the corporal with same expression.

Suddenly there's a twigs snapping from Daniel's direction. Both of them looked to the source of the sound. Wasting no time, Daniel takes his walkie and began to speak, "Sergeant is that you?" He took his finger off and waited for a response. "Finn, Chase does anyone copy?"


"Hey kid this is Finn whats wrong?" They both nearly jumped from their friends voice.

"Did you just snap a twig?" Daniel's hands still shaking and he felt goosebumps all over his body.

"Negative, we didn't make any noise when were out here."

"So who is..."

"We'll be right back just stay in the vehicle!"

"Yeah, and what the hell do you think I'm doing?" He gripped his gun and adjust it to a better position.

"So it wasn't them?" Ask Jerry nervous.


About thirty seconds later, Finn and Chase appeared from their left. They immediately rushed to Jerry's seat as he opens the window.

"What is it?" Ask the sergeant.

"I heard a movement over there," Daniel pointed to the direction where he heard the noise. Then, they heard more noises, sounded like footsteps but...

"Is it horses?" Jerry suddenly ask.

"From what I've heard," Daniel opened the door carefully. "Yeah, its like a bunch of horses. Probably a traveler or something. Come on." He then get out of the vehicle and slowly approaching the sound.

Jerry get out of the vehicle too. Together, they followed Daniel closely behind. Even though he's injured right now it didn't affect on his body and his urge to get a look on the noises. As they got closer however, Daniel raised his hand to a halt position. Everybody immediately stopped as they saw it and confused as to why is stopping them. Daniel finally speaks up, "Hey, you guys hear that? Its like someone's talking."

They heard carefully. And yeah, there is a conversation between what ever who it is, but it doesn't sound good as they heard all of the conversation.

"So we get to the village and take it?" Said one of them.

"Yeah," the other one replied. "We kill every civilians there and capture the elements."

Elements? What the hell are these guys talking about? Daniel listen very carefully this time. Something's wrong right now, it doesn't sound right.

"But what if the princesses are there?"

Princess? This must be a fight between kingdoms. But how the hell there are a lot of kingdoms or castles on Earth? This is not right.

"Easy, we just have to... whether capture them or kill all of them and bring it back to King Sombra."

Yep, definitely kingdoms.

"Besides, we got a bunch of army waiting to attack the village. They won't stand against us. Even the Royal Guards."

Okay thats it I need to take a look. Daniel move closer to the edge of the bushes and made a hole so he can see through. What he saw next success to make his jaw drop to hell. Well probably, the good thing is he saw a dirt path. But what made his in a total confusion is that he saw two small horses - well not small enough - talking to each other. The one on the right had a horn on his head and the other looked like normal horse but smaller. They wear black armor and they had green eyes in the helmet. It scared the shit out of Daniel but he managed to control his breath. This must be the bad guys, he thought to himself. Wait, is that one... a unicorn? The mythical creature that everyone thought doesn't even exist? His mind is full of questions now. How? Where are they exactly? And when do horses can talk? As he was deep in thoughts, then there were bunch of horses trotting down the dirt path. Dozens of them.

"Alright everypony," said the unicorn. "We go and capture the elements and destroy the village. Remember, kill anyone that is standing on your way."

Shit, this is bad. He immediately turned to his friends who are listening the whole conversation with him. "Okay, my instinct tells me that this is the bad guys." Daniel whispers to all of them.

"Well," Jerry answers and look to his other friends. "If this is Daniel's instinct then I agree with him."

"Yep, his instincts are never wrong." Chase said putting his M240 to his right shoulder.

"Affirmative," Finn nod. "Okay there private, so whats the plan?"

"I have a plan but you're not gonna like it," the young ranger said with serious tone. "Finn and Jerry get back to the vehicle and brought it here when they all leave. After that, me and Chase will follow them and we'll make a move once they arrived at the village they're talking about."

"Hooah," Finn says.

They all nod to each other but just as they wanted to make a move, another voice made they all nearly got a heart attack.

"This is War Daddy, Private Daniel is that really you kid?"

Daniel took several deep breaths before speaks up to his walkie, "What the hell took you so long to answer dammit?"

"Sorry, I thought you were someone else. 'Cause we saw horses talking on their own and we thought you were captured by those creatures."

Jerry, Finn and Chase looked at Daniel with wide eyes.

"Talking horses??" Chase said totally surprised at this.

"Yeah," Daniel put his left hand to the back of his head. "What you guys heard earlier, was those horses talking to one another."

They all looked at each other before realise that they're going to save people, umm ponies in this case.

"What ever," said Finn standing up. "A mission is a mission, come on we better get going."

"Hang on a sec," Daniel talk to his walkie again. "War Daddy this is Private Daniel Nicholas did you went through a cave back in Afghanistan?"

The commander chuckle at this, "Hehe, yeah I guess you went through it too."

"Affirmative, does anyone else gone through the cave?"

"Negative, its only us. The rest of them get out of the town as fast as they could."

"Alrighty then, can you tell us where you are?" Daniel stands on two legs now.

"Umm," replied the commander. "Its pretty dark here and I can barely see through the... wait, is that your vehicle right there?"

"Huh?" All of them immediately look at their surroundings but they didn't see a tank nearby. "Turn on your light."

The tank turned on his head light and now, the rangers could definitely see where the tank is. "Two o'clock from your position you should definitely saw us."

The commander turned around and a smile forms on his face as he saw his friends. "Alright, I'm moving in."

"No wait!" Daniel stops the beast movement. "There are a lot ponies down the street not far away from us turn off your light and we'll let them pass first and we follow 'em once they're in a distance."

"Copy that."

The tank turns off his light and waited for another command. Five minutes or so later, all of the black armored ponies were gone, only left their tracks on the dirt path.

"Alright War Daddy, you saw that road?" Daniel looked to the road he meant.

"Yeah I saw it," reply the beast. "You want us to go over there?"

"Affirmative, me and Chase will walk on foot to go on a recon mission while you guys waited on that road got it?"

"Roger, War Daddy moving in."

The tank turns around and move towards his destination, uproot every tree that he passes. Finn and Jerry rushed to the humvee and quickly move it to the dirt path. While Daniel and Chase started their walk to their creature.

"I bet a war is going on in this world heh?" Chase said walking alongside his friend.

"Definitely," Daniel replied.

"Hey, is your wound okay? You don't have to do this you know."

"I'm fine Chase," he chuckles. "Like I used to say 'it needs more than a bullet to kill me'."

"You one lucky bastard."

"I know right?"

The two of them shared a warm laugh as they continue on their mission.

Author's Note:

NEW CHAPTER!! Hope you guys enjoy the reading!! Still working on the next chapter and pleaseeeee give me your comment so I can fix my grammar. BEAR WITH ME!!