• Published 20th Apr 2020
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Ranger's Destiny (Undergoing Edited) - TasteDaRainbow

Rangers find themselves in a world full of colorful talking ponies and an adventure awaits them. A war is taking place on Equestria. How can they survive through all of this? And the most important thing is, will they ever get back home? God help us.

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Ponyville - Introduction Part 2

Author's Note:

Yuhuuuuuu!!! Over here!!! I just want you to know how AWESOME you are that patiently waiting for the next chapter and HERE IT IS!!

I guess you're thinking "HEY I'M BORED ALREADY! WHERE'S THE WAR?!!" To be honest, yeah I can't make you wait. So I will start making those chapters FOR YOU! Oh yeah, and it seems that I haven't say this, "STAY SAFE Y'ALL!!"

Next chapter: What Comes Up Must Come Down

"So you're telling me that there's some creatures slaughtered my army into shreds?"

"Yes my Lord, they have some sort of thing in their... I don't know hooves or whatever it is that killed the entire army. Also there's a big thing coming out from the forest with a huge pipe and seconds later, it threw an explosive... bomb maybe?"

"So these creatures, they annihilated an entire army?"

"I believe so my Lord."

*Sigh* "Well then, I want you and your squad do a recon to the village. We can't lose any other troops. And kill those creatures if possible."

"I'll be right on it."

Door closed behind him and he walked to the balcony, feeling the cool breeze that takes his mind on ease.

"What do you had in mind now Celestia?"


Day 1 - 12:30
Pvt. Daniel Nicholas
1st Bn., 75th Ranger Regiment
Sugarcube Corner, Ponyville

"Here we are!" Twilight exclaimed showing the place.

"More like a behemoth cake to me," Daniel said in a flat tone.

"I know right!" Pinkie bouncing up and down to his eye level.

A bell rings as Twilight opened the door, they all walked in and Mr. Cake immediately trots from the kitchen. "Afternoon Princess Twilight, what can I do..." He stopped when he saw four tall figures standing right behind her and her friends, and his pupils turned to pinpricks.

Daniel catches this and he vigorously search for an answer. "Afternoon sir, we're here not to cause any harm. We just wanted to eat some lunch." He says with a warm smile and gentle tone.

Mr. Cake shakes his head and turned to face Twilight, "I guess they're your new friends?"

Twilight chuckles, "Yeah, they are my new friends, I mean our new friends." She said matter-of-fact.

"Alright, so what do you all want to eat?"

"Don't worry! I got this!" Pinkie chimed in and burst into the kitchen. Mr. Cake chuckles and followed her back to the kitchen. Finn walked to a large table and immediately took a seat. The others then join him and seconds later, they were all now circling the table. Chase was the one who breaks the silence.

"Hey," he said nudging Finn, "Will those bastards came back? I mean the black armored ponies?"

"Again, thank you for your help," Starlight interrupts, "This village will probably be burned down if it weren't for all of you."

"No need to thank us," replied Jerry, "we just doing what's right to do," he turned to Daniel, "Right kid?"

"Definitely." The kid replied.

"In this time, maybe those ponies won't dare to do that," Finn said answering the question earlier, "I mean, we got their asses kicked so they would've thought twice if they wanted to capture the village again."

"Probably they're gonna do a recon mission," Daniel shrugged and everyone immediately turned their gaze to the ranger. "What? My instinct told me that."

"Ya know yer instinct is always right aren't ya sugarcube?" Applejack asked matter-of-fact. Daniel shrugged at her statement.

"Right," Jerry asked checking his gun, "We better check our supplies first though."

"Good point," Daniel said checking his mags. The rest quickly do the same while the other ponies began to talk to each other. Daniel sighs, "Not good, I only had two left, what about you guys?"

"Three," replied Chase.

"Dang it, two," Jerry said.

"Four," the sergeant replied, "And not only this, we still have to check the minigun. Hopefully it still had enough bullets inside."

"What's a minigun?" The cyan pegasus asked some what interested on their conversation.

"You saw the thing that was attached on the top of the humvee?" Daniel asked. Rainbow nods at him. "Well, that is it. That's the killing machine, never stops firing until it's overheated or ran out of bullets." He then looked to other rangers, "I think the bullet's not gonna last long for a whole war. Once we ran out of bullets, these weapons are useless."

"Unless," Twilight chimed in while grabbing one of Daniel's magazine from his kevlar and levitate it. Daniel just watch as she now began examining his mag. "I can help you with it."

"How?" Chase asked crossing his arms and raised an eyebrow.

With a smirk, Twilight levitate the mag to the center of the table; she closed her eyes and concentrated. Next thing the rangers knew, a second mag appeared out of thin air. "There we go," she levitated both mags to Daniel, which he grabbed with both hands.

"How did you do that?" Asked Finn as he grabbed one of the mags.

"Just a simple duplication spell," Twilight shrugged.

"Hey, why don't we duplicate all of their weapons and use it to the royal guards?" Asked Dash, "We've seen the damage they can do and it's totally awesome!"

"Personally I think that's a bad idea," replied Daniel crossing his arms, "If you give these to all of your troops, not only will it give you an unfair advantage in all future conflicts, but what happened if the enemy got his hands... hoofs in this case, on them?"

"You have a good point there private," Finn said.

Silence filled the air as now everyone began to think about other options. But then, Pinkie revealed from behind Daniel's head with two plates full of cupcakes, "Hiya everyone!" Daniel jumped from the sudden burst causing the plates nearly fall. But he somewhat manages to hold it.

"Pinkie, how did you... never mind."

"Don't mind her," Sunset said, "She's just being Pinkie."

Daniel looked back at Pinkie who is wearing a big smile on her face; he chuckles, "You always full of surprises didn't you Pinkie?" He said grabbing the plates and placed it on the table. "Alright, lets eat!" Daniel grabbed one of the cupcakes, after saying 'bismillah' he took the first bite. He moans as the flavor filled inside his mouth. He then took another bite that swallows the whole cupcake.

"Wow," he said putting a hand on Pinkie's poofy pink mane, "This is the best cupcake I've ever had!"

"Why thank you Danny!" Pinkie giggles and nuzzles to his hand.

"I recommend that you should go to Sweet Apple Acres," Starlight said, "The best apple farm in this side of Equestria." Applejack blushed at this statement.

"Aw shucks sugarcube," she said covering her red face with her stetson hat.

"Well," Daniel said, "I'd love to go there. Apple is my favourite fruit after all."

"Really?" Applejack perked up at this.

"Heck yeah, but I wonder when did the last time I ate apples?" He said putting a hand to his chin.

"Probably a month ago, I guess," replied Finn.

"Oohhhh! I should throw you guys a 'Welcome To Ponyville Party'!!" Pinkie exclaimed.

"A party?" Asked Jerry as he nearly swallows an entire cupcake into his stomach.

"Yeah! A 'Welcome To Ponyville Party'! Everypony will be there and celebrate with all of you!"

"Ah don't think that's a good idea jus' now Pinkie," Applejack said, "We're in the middle of a war here."

"Applejack's right darling," Rarity added, "I think we have to wait until the war is finally over."

Pinkie let out an 'awwww' at this, her ears dropped flatly but Daniel quickly lift Pinkie up to his lap, "Don't worry Pinkie, after this is all done, me and my friends here promised you that we're about to have the best party ever! Right?" He looked up to his friends who nods back.

Pinkie instantly perked up and turned to face Daniel, "Pinkie Promise?"

"Uhhh, what?"

"Pinkie Promise! It goes like this!" Then Pinkie made an imaginary cross on her chest with one of her forelegs, then flapped her forelegs like bird wings, and finally poked herself on one of her eyes with a hoof, all while reciting, "Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye."

"Okay," replied Daniel, "Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a muffin in-"


"Right... stick a cupcake in my eye." With all the gestures have been repeated and some giggles from other rangers, Pinkie smiles from ear to ear.

"Good!" She exclaimed. "But I'm warning you, if you ever break a Pinkie Promise, you lose a friend's trust. Foreevveeeerrrrr."

Daniel chuckles while patting her mane, "I got it Pinkie, and I'm not the type of person who likes to break promises either."

Then, the sound of the door bell ringing catches everyone's attention. It was Shining and Cadance with Flurry in Cadance grasp. Twilight immediately jumped from her seat and gave the three of them a tight hug. "Hey guys, where have you been?" She asked released the hug.

"We're in one of your castles room keeping an eye for Flurry here," replied Shining, "But when she woke up and we decided to come and talk to you, you weren't there."

"Spike told us that you all are at the Sugarcube Corner," Cadance added, "So we decided to go here and see what you're all doing." She turned her gaze to the four rangers and smiled warmly at Daniel. "Feeling alright?" She asked with soft tone.

Daniel returns with a more loving smile and a nod, "Never been better." Pinkie leaped off from his lap and took a seat next to Starlight.

"Oh yeah," Twilight said getting everyone's attention, "Shining, Cadance, I want you to meet our new friends." She gestures a hoof to the four rangers, who immediately got up from their seats and walk towards them. After knowing each other well and shake hands/hoofs, they all returned to the table. Shining and Cadance took their seats next to Daniel.

"Who is this cutie?" Daniel gently smiles at the alicorn filly.

"Oh, this is Flurry Heart," replied Cadance, "Our child."

Daniel chuckles kind-heartedly at the little filly. After a few minutes of talking, something adorable happened. Flurry saw directly at Daniel as he was laughing with everyone else around the table and she stretched out one of her forelegs and touch Daniel's elbow. Feeling some touch him, he looked to his left and saw the alicorn filly smiling at him and begin to laugh. Daniel smiles kindly and joined her laugh. Soon, the alicorn filly stretched out both of her forelegs as if she wanted to reach the young ranger. Cadance notice this and smiles at Daniel.

"I think she wants you to play with her," she chuckles warmly.

"Daniel put a hand to the back of his head, "Well... I'm not sure."

"Go on Daniel," Shining assures the ranger, "Its alright."

Hesitant, Daniel reach his hand and grabbed the little filly up from Cadance grasp, soon the entire table fell silent as they saw Daniel takes Flurry onto his arms. Flurry began to laugh cutely and Daniel booped on her muzzle with his index finger while saying, "Boop." Flurry laughs again and Daniel couldn't help but giggles at the adorableness. He takes the filly closer to his face until their noses touched and he began to shake it left and right. They both giggled while the others just watching at, probably the most adorable scene they ever seen. Flurry then wrapped her forelegs around Daniel's neck and nuzzles under his chin, who he gladly accepts it while stroking her mane. Every pony watch with a 'dawwww' escaping their mouths.

"Seems like you're her guardian kid," Finn said grabbing the ranger's attention.

"Oh shut up," replied Daniel still holding the filly in his arms, "You know, she's a cutie one, and perhaps the most adorable thing I've ever seen."

"Has anyone told you how sweet you are?" Sunset said chuckling at her own question.

Daniel just rolls his eyes and smiling warmly as he now share his warmth by hugging the filly tightly against his body. "This is nice," he chuckles, "Aight, time to get back to your mom sweetheart." As he was about to let go of the filly, Flurry hesitant and immediately wrapped her hoofs even more tightly and didn't let go. "Uhhh..." Was all that he could say at the moment.

"It's okay," Cadance said stroking Flurry's mane, "You can hold her in meantime."

Daniel chuckles again and sinks himself to the sofa with Flurry in his grasp. Twilight expressions softened as she looked at those two. "Wow," she began, "I've never seen Flurry so close to a..." She freezes, looking for an appropriate phrase. "A person who barely knows her."

"Well," Finn said grabbing another cupcake, "Babies can see what we can't see."

"Agree," Jerry chimed in, "They can see our personalities, ghosts, everything. From what I see... what's her name again?"

"Flurry," said Rainbow.

"Yeah, Flurry here finds herself comfortable in Daniel's grasp maybe because something special she saw inside of the kid. Whether his personality, or whatever it is. Though he always been a gentleman around."

"Okay don't start about it," Daniel sighs and turned away hiding his red face.

"Yeah, but you did a darn good job of it son," said Chase.

After a few more minutes of talking, the sergeant got up from his seat. "Well," he said looking around, "I think that's all it for us now." He then looked to Pinkie, who he believed had a relation with this place, "How much for all of this?"

"Oh? It's free silly!" Pinkie exclaimed.

"No no! I don't want to be a burden to all of you."

"Relax there sergeant," Sunset chuckles, "You did a really good at sweeping Sombra's army, and now let us return the favour."

"Well, if you insist," he shrugged and looked to his men, "Come on rangers, we should check our supplies first before things started to get worse; and the tour."

"Aight," Chase said getting up from his chair. Daniel kisses Flurry on the forehead and returned her to Cadance as he follow the others. The ponies followed suit. As they now walking down the street back towards the castle, they all saw a little dragon running between the patrolling royal guards and heading towards them. He panting heavily as he stopped in front of them with a scroll in his left hand.

"I... hah... hah... Princess Celestia wants me to give you this." He handed the scroll to Twilight and she immediately levitate it and opens it with her magic. Her eyes widened and she put a hoof to her mouth with a gasp as she read the letter. She began to shaking.

"Twilight what's wrong?" Asked Rainbow with a concern look.

"Appleloosa... is under attack!" She exclaimed making everypony shocked except the rangers. And it was Applejack turn to shake.

"A-Appleloosa?" Her voice full of horror, "Mah cousin's there!"

"Your cousin?" Daniel knelt down and put a hand to her shoulder.

"Yeah! His name's Braeburn! Ah need ta go there!" She started to run away but stopped as she's now being held by Daniel.

"You can't go there."

"Why?! Mah cousin's there!" She looked at him straight in his eyes. Desperate, anger and frustration filled her eyes as tears now started to form in the corners of her emerald green eyes. Daniel couldn't bare to see this.

"What I'm trying to say is," he looked to other rangers, "We'll go there."

"Seriously you guys?!" Rainbow asked, "You've done enough for this village and now you wanna do it again? Daniel you hurt yourself earlier!"

"I didn't even care about that."

"Yeah," replied Finn, "That's what rangers do. We'll go there, get Braeburn and the rest of the civilians outta there as fast as we could while you guys stay here." He then looked to Twilight, "Can you do it again?" He handed one of his mags.

"Sure," Twilight replied and then five more appeared, "Here you go."

"Thanks," said Finn passing each mags to the rangers, "Well then, lets show them that they're messing with the wrong side."

"Wait," Jerry stopped him, "Where is this Appleloosa?"

Twilight frowned and looked to the ground. But then, she return to face the rangers. "Take us with you," she demands.

"Wait what?!" Jerry confused at the sudden word but then he realised something, "Oh, you mean you'll lead us to the... train station, right? Well, let's go!"

"No, I mean take us with you to Appleloosa."

"Okay now its a good time to ask that," said Chase, "What?!"

"We can't do that," replied Daniel, "We couldn't risk any other ponies to get hurt."

"We're not going to the war buddy," Rainbow chimed in hoovering next to Twilight, "We're just gonna wait in the train."

"We'll promise that we're just gonna wait in the train," Starlight added, "Right ponies?" All of her friends nod and looked at the sergeant.

Finn thought for a second then looked to the ponies, then to Shining and Cadance. "We must have your permission before we take any other actions."

Shining only and smile and nod at him, "You can take them, but promise me they'll be back in one piece, got it?"

"We always did that back on Earth," replied Finn, "Our priority is to make sure all of the civilians go to the safe zone without being touched by the enemy. So we'll do our best, even if it'll cost our own lives to save them." He turned his gaze to the little ponies and grabbed his walkie, "War Daddy this is Sergeant Finn do you copy over?"

"This is War Daddy, where the heck are you sergeant? We're waiting for you where we parked our vehicles here."

"Listen here, me and my squad are gonna head out of town to Appleloosa. I want you to blend with the royal guards and make several outposts around the village for the night got it?"

"And can you tell me why you're going there?"

"We're going to save civilians. The town was reported under attack by those black armored ponies."

"Sombra's army," interrupt Applejack still in the verge of tears.

"Right, do I make myself clear commander?"

"Understood sergeant."

"Good," he then looked to the ponies and to his rangers, "Lets kick some asses." He said cocking his M4.

"Don't worry," Daniel places his hand to Applejacks' shoulder, "We'll make sure that he'll get back here safely."