• Published 20th Apr 2020
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Ranger's Destiny (Undergoing Edited) - TasteDaRainbow

Rangers find themselves in a world full of colorful talking ponies and an adventure awaits them. A war is taking place on Equestria. How can they survive through all of this? And the most important thing is, will they ever get back home? God help us.

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Day 1 - 12:10
Sgt. Finn Maverick
1st Bn., 75th Ranger Regiment
God help us

"DANIEL TALK TO ME!" Finn shouted at the immovable kid.

"Wait!" Chase stopped him and check for vitals around his arms and his neck. Luckily, Daniel's chest is moving up and down. "He's just unconscious. Good Lord."

"We better take him to a hospital," Jerry checked his surroundings and eyes the ponies one by one.

"No need," Twilight replied and took a step forward, "I have healed his wound and he's just need some rest," she looked up to Celestia, "I'll take him to the castle."

"Very well," Celestia nod and faced the sergeant, "You and your... friends can come with her to the castle," she placed her hoof the his right shoulder, "Thank you for saving my little ponies."

"You don't have to thank me," he shrugged and looked to Daniel, "He's the one who told us to do this, he does have a golden heart."

"Sure he is," Chase stood next to Finn, "Come on, we better get going."

"Uhh Cadance?" Twilight spoke up to her sister-in-law, "Where is Flurry?"

"Oh my..." She nudge Shining quickly, "She is asleep in the castle, come on Shiny we better go check her."

"Aight," then Cadance and Shining teleported together to the crystal castle.

"Umm... lets go," Finn left opened mouth by the magic but he knew that he is in a world full of magic and whatever the hell is waiting for them. He then turned to his friends, "Corporal, Private, grab his gun and go take the humvee," he then grab his walkie, "War Daddy, this is Sergeant Finn proceed to move to next destination over."

"This is War Daddy, where is it?"

"Uhh..." He thought for a second, "I don't think you'll be able to cross the bridge."

"Yeah, the bridge is really small."

"Leave that to us," Celestia spoke up and then nod to Luna.

Luna nod back and face the sergeant, "Tell your friends to stay calm."

"Right," he grab his walkie again, "War Daddy tell your crew to stay calm."

"What do we need to..." Before they could ask, the tank slowly lift off the ground and was surrounded by a blue aura. "WHAT THE HECK! WERE FLYING!"

"Dammit just stay calm!" Though his hand is shaking.


In just mere seconds, the tank was flying across the river and landed in front of them. The commander cross his hand and his head to it, "You should've... told me... what will happen."

"Too late," Finn shrugged. "Lead the way y'all."

The ponies giggles at their reaction. And immediately trotted to the village together. Finn and Chase put Daniel inside the humvee and drove with the rest of the ponies. Twilight's friends whispers with each other while Finn, Chase and Jerry watched them from inside the humvee. All of the ponies looked from their houses and streets looked at the convoy as they pass by. Many of them whispers to one another and a few of them just watch in awe.

"Well," the commander said, "This is different than being scouted."

"Indeed it is," Chase replied from his walkie.

The commander looked back and saw a bunch of ponies following them from behind, "Okay this is getting creepy."

"Pull yourself together man," Finn whispers to his walkie. "They're friendly enough for me."

"Yeah," Jerry speaks up from the back seat, "We save their asses earlier, they won't harm us."

"Besides," Chase chimed in, "We have more advanced machines compare to shields, spears and crossbows. That bastard was lucky enough to hit Daniel."

They laughed and continue to follow the ponies. Five minutes of driving and they arrived at the crystal castle. The rangers watch in awe as they saw the crystal shining from the light of the sun.

"Whoa," was all that Finn could say.

"I know right?" Chase rubs his eye to make sure that this is all wasn't a dream.

"Back on Earth, probably I'm the richest guy right now," Jerry said which make them all chuckle. They stopped next to the castle and get off from the vehicle.

"Hey," Finn grabbed commanders' attention, "Check all of your equipment and make sure that the tank is in healthy condition... also the car."

"Right on it Sarge!"

"Come on," Chase says opening one of the humvees door, "We better take him inside."

Finn grabbed Daniel and put him on his shoulders and walks to the group. "Is this the castle?"

"Yup," Twilight says... beaming? "Lets get him inside."


Twilight opened the door with her magic and soon the rangers jaws were dropped as they looked inside. Crystal everywhere.

"Totally a millionaire," Jerry said looking around in awe.

They walked through a hallway and Twilight finds herself looking a door thats in front of her while the others trotted to a big room. She opened it with her magic and as the rangers walked in, they saw a bed with a nightstand beside it and a bookshelf with a lot of books right across the bed. Right next to the bed, there's a window with a curtain on it.

"He can rest here," Twilight says.

"Thank you," Finn walk to the bed and immediately rest his friend. He his hand on his left arm, "Sleep well kid, you deserve it." He walked back outside and close the door.

"Now," Twilight clears her throat, "Follow me."

The rangers shrugged and follows her into a big room with a round table in the middle and six chairs, all made of crystal. Twilight sat with the others and the rangers stood on the other side of the table. Before one of them could speak, Celestia interrupts the silence, "Sorry I couldn't stay here much longer. Me and Luna have to go back to Canterlot to check all the news and the ponies from the Crystal Empire."

"Don't worry Princess," Twilight replied, "Leave this to us."

Celestia nod and looked at the rangers, "Make yourselves comfortable." With that, a bright light flashed in the room and seconds later, the two princesses were no where to be seen. The rangers just stood there waiting for the ponies to speak up. But none of them seems brave enough to let out a word.

Finn sighs at this, "Alright, seems no one here ain't talking Imma introduce myself to get to know each other better. My name is Staff Sergeant Finn Maverick of the 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment United States Army." He pointed at Chase, "That is Private Matthew Chase," then to Jerry, "That is Corporal Jerry Alexander," he then turned his gaze back to the sitting ponies, "It's a pleasure to meet you... oh yeah, and we are humans."

"Wow," the pink pony exclaimed and looked at Finn still with a big smile, "Is Staff Sergeant Finn Maverick 1st battalions 75th wranger regimen younited states army is your full name? Or are they like, mixed names?"

"Well, Staff Sergeant is my rank in the military forces, Finn Maverick is my name and 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment is my particular group and United States Army is the land warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces."

"What's a United States?" Rainbow asks hoovering with her wings.

Finn looked at the ground at this. The ponies immediately sees that it wasn't the best question to ask right now.

"If you don't want to talk about it then its fine," Sunset says feeling a little guilty.

"Nah," Finn said looking to the ponies again with a warm smile. "Its fine, United States is... our home." Chase put a hand to Finn's left shoulder and they chuckled together.

"Don't worry," he says, "You still have us." And he looked to Jerry. Jerry nod at a hand to like Chase doing.

"Heh yeah," Finn said.

"Alright," Twilight levitate a scroll and a quill in front of her and place it in the table. "So, you all are a human?" The rangers nod at the same time. "You're not from this world aren't you? Because I haven't seen anything like you before."

"Yeah we're definitely not from this world," Chase replied.

"So where are you from?"

"We're from a planet called Earth, and I guess... this isn't Earth," replied the sergeant with flat tone.

Before Twilight could ask another question, Applejack chimed in, "How do y'all could get here?"

"Well," the sergeant begin his explanation, "It all started when we were about to attack the terrorists."

"Come again?" Applejack confused.

"Terrorist, its a person who use unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims." The ponies shocked at the statement but they let him to continue, "We were in convoy with six humvees and two tanks."

"What are humvees and tanks?" Starlight asked.

Well, this is gonna be a long heck of a day.

"You saw the one with four doors and four wheels?" The ponies nod, "Well, that's a humvee. And the giant one with a turret and a large pipe in the middle of it, that's tank."

"Continue," Twilight said scribbling to her scroll.

"Well, we're about to cross a crossroad when suddenly the first one stopped and same goes to the rest. Seconds later, Daniel, the kid who is taking a rest now got shot from a sniper and the bullet pierced through his right chest and came out from his back." All of the ponies pupils turned to pinpricks. They absolutely had no image at the kid who is struggling to live as far as he could. All they could imagine was he is screaming at the top of his lungs.

"What is sniper and bullet?" Rarity ask with her accent more looked like a British lady.

"A sniper is a military/paramilitary marksman who engages targets from positions of concealment or at distances exceeding the target's detection capabilities. Before moving into the bullet, I think you guys should know about these first," he says putting his weapon to the table and the ponies just watch in horror because that thing they saw had killed an entire army, "This thing is called a weapon, this particular one is called M4A1. Its an assault rifle, meaning that it is used for attacks in the front lines, whether its offensive or defensive. And this..." He says while pulling out his magazine and pick one of the bullet, "This is a bullet, the bullet goes into a clip along with other bullets; the exact number in a clip depends on the type of gun and the clip itself. The clip fits into the gun and feeds the bullets into the gun," he said putting the clip back in. "When I pull the trigger, the bullet gets propelled fast enough to penetrate a target and kill it," he said.

He began explaining all of the types of weapons that their holding, the M240, Scar-H, Desert Eagle, the MK 2 fragmentation grenade, and the claymore. The ponies are now amused by the advanced technologies the rangers had.

"Okay," said Twilight scribbling more and more to the scroll and bring a new one, "I think we got off the track now. Back to the question, how are you able to get here?"

"Like I said, we were about to cross a crossroad and got ambushed by those terrorists, we rushed into one of the building and immediately took a pressure to Daniel's chest to stop the bleeding. But after that, it all went silent. The rangers and the terrorists stop shooting at each other and when I got outside, that's when I realised that there's a nuke exploded not far from us."

"What's a nuke?" Pinkie asked bouncing and stopped right next to the sergeant. Finn chuckles and pick her up and hold her in his left arm. She sure smells like cotton candy.

"A nuke is an explosive device that derives it destructive force from nuclear reactions. They release large quantities energy from relatively small amount of matter. A nuclear device no larger than traditional bombs can devastate an entire city by blast, fire, and radiation. Since they are weapons of mass destruction, the proliferation of nuclear weapons is a focus of international relations policy."

This 'cause all of the ponies to shivered, they never seen or heard some things that could easily destroy a whole city before.

"Then," the sergeant continues his story. "All of our rangers immediately get into their vehicles and started to get away as far as possible. We can't leave Daniel behind, but he insisted us to just leave him there." The ponies felt sorry for what had happened.

"He really is a good stallion," Fluttershy said making Finn realised that he forgot about the pony.

"Anyway, I couldn't leave him behind. He is my friend, more like a family to me. So, I grab his hand and I quickly get his body to my shoulders, then we got out of there as fast as we could," he took a few breaths before continues, "I thought we're dead at first, but then Jerry saw a cave and Chase immediately turn straight towards the cave. When the cave is just a few meters away, then there's a bright light coming from the entrance of the cave. And just like that, we went through it and we ended up here. Still in the vehicle and all of us were unconscious."

"Hmm," Twilight still scribbling to her scroll and after she's done, she looked up at the sergeant, "And why are you helping us earlier today?"

The sergeant chuckles at this with Pinkie still in his grasp, "Like I said, Daniel's the one who told to do it. He was injured bad enough but still wanted to fight along and save you guys. He's very stubborn sometimes when he was in his instincts control."

"So, he was the one who wanted to help us?" Rainbow asked still hoovering in the air, "With or without you?"


There's a brief silence between them. A human? Who doesn't even know where he is and is injured bad enough but still wanted to fight for the sake of the village without even knowing the village itself? And was more injured when he decided to take the action? There's so many questions inside Twilights mind right now and Sunset immediately realised this.

"I think we should get some rest first," Sunset said throws a hoof around Twilights' shoulder.

"Yeah, I think we should take some rest," Finn said putting Pinkie down to the ground. "Alright Chase, Jerry lets..." When he turned around, he immediately greeted by the sight of the rangers sleeping limply leaning on the wall. He took a deep breath before...


"Ghrakk... huh... what?!! What happened??"

Author's Note:

Horseapples!! HAHAAA!! Finally I finished this chapter. God its taking more time than I thought. Hope y'all enjoy reading this!! Don't hesitate to leave your comment below, 'CAUSE ITS FREE!! Like I said, don't worry I will finish this story for good!

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