• Published 20th Apr 2020
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Ranger's Destiny (Undergoing Edited) - TasteDaRainbow

Rangers find themselves in a world full of colorful talking ponies and an adventure awaits them. A war is taking place on Equestria. How can they survive through all of this? And the most important thing is, will they ever get back home? God help us.

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Days They Deserves

Author's Note:

Whew! Okay! Calm down, I needed a time to write this story 'cause goddamn I don't know what to write. XD but I don't want to make you guys waiting so I finish this as fast as I could!

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"You what?!!"

"I'm sorry Your Highness, but they attack in all of a sudden and with full force. We didn't even know until they were on top of us. Those things can easily wipe out an entire army."

"You better not fail me again Captain, or I will send you to my monsters that is eager to eat every flesh inside you."

"Yes Your Highness!"

"Just you wait Celestia... Just you wait..."


Daniel's P.O.V

Two days later...

Day 5 - 06:26
Sgt. Daniel Nicholas
1st Bn., 75th Ranger Regiment
Ponyville, Equestria

After we retake the city of Vanhoover from Sombra, he haven't made any movement lately. I guess that caused a lot of damage into his progress to conquer all of Equestria. But, luckily for Celestia, she had an ally; and that ally, is us. The US Army Rangers that is well trained to survived at any war condition. I still couldn't believe myself that Celestia offered me to be a Guardian for Ponyville and Equestria. I mean, I have General back on Earth, friends that I can relate to, a home to live in, and the most important thing is, that we are the same species. Not that I didn't like to be in this world. Nope, this world is amazing, its scenery; even at war! It's so beautiful.

Cadance's really thanking me several times when she saw Shining get back home safely. Even Flurry was very happy to see me again. Heh, that cute little filly. Two days earlier, me and the rangers could finally took our rest. Even Pinkie threw us a 'Welcome To Ponyville Party and Thank You For Saving Vanhoover From Sombra' at the Sugarcube Corner and the ponies were cheering at us. Damn, I guess the whole village was there and I have no idea how the heck they would fit in that giant cupcake.

Today... I don't even know what day it is, as usual, I take a walk around Ponyville. The sun is still hiding behind the horizon, waiting for the right time to shower us with its warm light. The guards seems to begin warming up with me. I began to set up some outposts located at the edge of the town; also some barricades and trenches so when the town is under attack, we can easily do any maneuver to push them back out of town. As I walked down the Ponyville street, the residents notice me and they waved with a happy smile plastered all over their faces. I smiled and waved back, wish Earth could be this nice. Then, I heard hoofsteps behind me, as I turned around I saw Shining and a couple of Royal Guards trotted to me.

"Morning Daniel," Shining smiled.

"Good morning Captain."

"Daniel, we just wanna ask you something."

"Go on," I said nodding at him.

"Could you teach us some of your strategies? Defensive and offensive, I mean like the assault on Vanhoover, we're able to retake it all thanks to you."

"No need to thank me Captain," I smiled at him, "My plan wouldn't have been worked if it weren't for you guys. So... about the question, yeah. I think I can teach some of my strategies that I learned back at the academy."

"You will?" Shining asked full of hope.

"Of course, why wouldn't I?"

"Thank you so much Sergeant! You're the best Guardian we could ever ask for." One of the guards said.

"I'm just doing my duty here." I chuckled.

"Alright," Shining said, "We'll pick you up at 9 in Twilight's castle, from there we'll head to the Royal Guards Headquarters in Canterlot."

"Got it, so is there anything else I can do to you?"

"Nope, just that."

"Alrighty then, Imma continue walking around, I'll see you guys later!" I said waving and started to walk again.

"You too!"


Three hours later...

Royal Guard Headquarters, Canterlot

"Okay this tactic is called 'Indirect Approach'. This maneuver involves distracting the enemy with secondary forces while in reality, we're using the main force to attack from the rear and flank," I said as I pointed at the battle maps. The guards nodded as they observed the paper.

"How does this strategy works?" Asked one of the guards. I took a quill and draw a large rectangle with two smaller triangles in front of it.

"Say these are the enemy forces," I said pointing at the triangles, "And this is their main base. What you have to do, is you have to take your secondary forces to engage them." Drawing another two triangles and arrows show them charging and meeting. "While the main force will move forward avoiding the battle and onto the main base." I drew another large rectangle and an arrow that circling the area directly to the main base. "Once the main forces cut off their supplies or communication, they proceed their way to flank the enemy line."

"Making escape route impossible," Shining finished my sentence.

I smile and nods at him, "Precisely my friend." The next hour continue as I explain all of the tactics that I learned; such as Feigned Retreat, Attack from the Defensive Position, Envelopment of a Single and Both Flanks, Penetration of the Center, and many more.

"Alright, that's all it for today gentlecolt," I said as I putting the quill down and crossed my arms, "Tomorrow will be another day, dismiss." With that, the guards walked out of the room leaving only me and Shining Armor.

"Hey," Shining said getting my attention, "Thanks again for teaching us."

"Again, no problem at all Shining." We giggle together and walked out of the room. Shining lead me to the Pegasus-drawn chariot. Sometimes I thought that how the heck did a pegasus could lift such heavy weight like this. Yeah... magic. They take me back to Ponyville.

"Thanks!" I waved at them as they flew to the sky back to Canterlot. I was about to turn around and head off to see Jerry and Chase but something stopped me. I felt a touch on the back of my leg and as I turned around, I saw this three little fillies. One with a yellow coat with red mane, another one with a white coat and a horn, and another one with orange coat and a pair of wings. They looked at me with sparkled eyes.

"Umm... hi?" Was all I could say that moment.

"Hello mister," said the unicorn, "We heard that you have become a Guardian to this village and Equestria right?"

"Uhh... yeah?"

"That's so AWESOME!!" Shrieked the little pegasus flapping her wings.

"Can ya tell us 'bout yerself?" Asked the earth pony. Heh, sounds like Applejack. I crouched down so I could reach their level and smiled.

"I don't see why not, so what do you want to know about me?" As I asked that, the three fillies immediately smiled from ear to ear.

"Let's go to our tree house before we talk!" The pegasus exclaimed. The only thing I could do is chuckle at their excitement. I just shrugged and let them to lead the way.

What a lovely world.


Two hours had past in the tree house and goddamn the fillies bombarded me with a lot of questions. Asking this, asking that. Meh, I'm more than happy to teach them about our world though. Lucky for me, they didn't ask anything about war back on Earth. Besides, I got to know their names; Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. Curious as hell, but sweethearts nonetheless.

After finishing my prayers, I decided to take another walk through the village. As I was about to walk past Twilight's castle, someone's whistling to get my attention. I turned to find the source, and there it is, the purple alicorn waved at me from the main door of the castle.

"Daniel!" She said with glee. I waved back and immediately approach her.

"If you don't mind," she asked playing with her hoof, "Could you tell me more about your world?"

Huh, sounds like it wasn't just the fillies interested about my world.

"By all means Twilight," I nodded and smiled warmly at her.

She squealed in glee and clapped her hooves together, making her more adorable, "Well, come on in! I got some questions to ask you!"

"Wait a second... why me?"

"Duh, because you're the Staff Sergeant. Besides, Chase and Jerry were no where to be found and your tank crew men still busy with their own talk." I chuckled and quickly followed her inside. Once we sat on a mat, she began to asked me about my home, what it was like.

I told her about large, beautiful meadows, breathtaking landscapes, and towering cities. As well as extraordinary technological breakthroughs. But I also spoke of poverty, and destruction. Twilight was amazed, the story and history of this world was unbelievable, there were so many things to learn, to discover. I glance at my watch and it read; 15:57. Wow, how long have I been nagging? I got up from my seat and looked to Twilight.

"It's nice to talking with you Twi," I smiled at her and begin to walk out of the castle.

"Wait," Twilight trotted towards me before I could touch the door, "If you don't mind, Daniel..." She sighed and looked up at me with hope in her eyes.

Oh shit.

"Will you... tell me about... your... past?" She somewhat hesitate to ask that. I freeze as I thinking of my answer. Should I tell her? Or what do? I let out a big sigh and looked at her.

"Alright, but I want all of your friends to hear it too."

She instantly perked up at this, "You will?"

"I will. Heck, all of you seems so nice to me. And I didn't see a reason why I wouldn't tell you."

"Thank you so much Daniel!" She exclaimed as she wrapped her hooves around my waist. I smile and strokes her mane while she let out a satisfied sigh. She then back to her four hooves again, "Sorry but I was just curious. You seem didn't want to talk about it and it kinda hurts you from the inside. I guess I just want to help by letting it all out from your chest."

"Yeah, sometimes talk did helped. Well, I'll see you tonight Twilight."

"I'll see you later too," with that, she pulled me into another hug and I proceeded to walk... again.


Night fall...

I spend the entire goddamn day walking around Ponyville... yeah, I know. Walking has become my second part of life since I arrived in this world. Anyway, with the help of a few guards, trees were cut to make makeshift barricades and light trenches were created to hide troop movements around the perimeter. Better be prepared 'cause we don't know what the heck Sombra's planning out there. I glance at my watch, 22:48. Huh, no wonder I was sleepy.

I open the door of Twilight's castle and walked to my room. Better be hurry before they spot me.



I turned to see the purple alicorn trotted towards me.

"Hey! Ready for tonight's story?"

"What story?"

"Oh come on Daniel, didn't you promise me earlier?" She pleaded with those puppy dogs eyes. How can I resist that adorableness of hers.

"Alright, Twilight." I sighed in defeat.

"Great! Come on, the others are waiting!" I followed behind her to the throne room. As I walked in, I saw all of Twilight's friends gather around the table. To my surprise, Jerry and Chase were there too.

"Uhh, what are you guys doing here?" I pointed at the two rangers.

"What?" Asked Jerry raising his hands up, "We just wanna hear it again."

I glance at Twilight whose wearing a big smile on her face. "At least you didn't have to tell them the reason why we're all here."

"Is it about that past?" Chase chimed in making me glare at him. "Whoah easy there buddy, just relax and tell us the whole story. You haven't tell these girls since the first time we got here right?"

I took a seat and let out a big sigh. The others just stare at me, waiting for the story. I glance at Chase and Jerry. "You guys remember what I told you about?"

"Yeah," Jerry shrugged, "When you went on the pilgrimage with your family."

"That's not the truth."

"What?!" Chase exclaimed, "Why the heck did you lie to us?"

"I didn't know what to do, okay?!" I raised my hands up in defense. "I just... can't tell it. Thinking about it always made me a nightmare whenever I go to sleep." I buried my face onto my hands, and I felt tears beginning to form on the corner of my eyes. I felt a hoof caressing my back, I turned my face to see Rainbow Dash was looking at me with her concern look.

"You know you couldn't hide it forever Dann," said Jerry playing with his Deagle, "It'd be better to spit it out rather than keep it inside yourself."

I let out a deep sigh, "You're right." I regain my composer and looked at them one by one.

"It all happened six years ago..."