• Published 20th Apr 2020
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Ranger's Destiny (Undergoing Edited) - TasteDaRainbow

Rangers find themselves in a world full of colorful talking ponies and an adventure awaits them. A war is taking place on Equestria. How can they survive through all of this? And the most important thing is, will they ever get back home? God help us.

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Escape - Part 2

"Alright," Forbes said crossing his arms and looked around to all of the rangers. All of them are now gathering in front of Twilight's castle. The Elements too joined them, eager to hear about the plan Forbes been up to. "Any questions?" One of the rangers raised his hand. "Yeah?"

"Will the train stopped at the station or before the station?" The ranger asked.

"Before," Johnson replies, "We don't want to take the risk, there's too many of them out there." Chase, Jerry, Johnson and Zano are standing next to Forbes. All of them stood firmly with crossed arms and serious looks on their faces.

"So our task is just to distract and hold them off?" Another ranger asked again.

Forbes nodded, "Yeah, how long will you guys could hold 'em though?"

All of the rangers looked at each other before replies, "Less than ten minutes, worse maybe five... if we're lucky enough."

"That should do it," Jerry said.

"Shining?" Forbes then looked at the white stallion, "Have you inform all of the unicorn guards?"

"Absolutely Sergeant," he replied firmly, "Don't do anything stupid to them alright?"

"Don't worry," Forbes chuckles, "The enemies didn't have weapons like ours. It should be easy for you guys to buy us some time."

"Besides," Chase chimed in, "Dagger Two-Two will provide air support for you while us," he looked at the rangers that stood with him, "We will take Daniel back. Straight to the castle."

"This will sucks without tanks," a ranger said.

"I know it will," Forbes replies, "But right now, our main objective is to get Daniel out of there. We can't afford Sombra have the Elements, or else this world would be in total chaos. You distract 'em, we go through, get Daniel back, and get the fuck outta there as fast as we can. Hooah?"

"Hooah," the rangers replied in unison.

"Alright, we'll meet up at the train station in..." Forbes glance at his watch before lift his head up to the rangers, "Six hours, make sure you get some rest. Dismiss." With that, all of the rangers return to their posts around the town, accompanied by other guards. They seem to blend pretty well too. Forbes, Zano and Johnson told Jerry that they would be at the train station for the rest of the hours until the assault begins. With a nod, they all walk to their destination.

Chase, Jerry, along with the Elements walked back inside the castle. Jerry made his way to bed while Chase didn't look like he was able to sleep. So, he walk to the throne room and sat on the chair with his face buried in his hands. Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Sunset walk towards him as the others just calls it for a night. They join Chase, sitting around the table and looked at the ranger with a concern look.

"Is he gonna be okay?" Twilight breaks the silence.

Chase lifts his head up and looked at Twilight, a small smile on his face, "I'm sure he will Twilight."

"But that sound," Rainbow said with a worried look as she remembered what they jusy heard when they talked to Daniel, "He sounded like he's being tortured."

"He must have. I only could imagine he got beaten up by now. But this is war girls. I hate to say this but, sometimes we had to lose our loved ones. Our family, friends, heck, even our lover."

"Y'all get him back home right?" Applejack was now in the verge of tears, making all of them slightly shocked at her sudden expression, "He'll made it back... right?" Her voice became quieter as she was now sobbing. Twilight immediately wrapped her hoof around Applejack's shoulders and hug her tight. Twilight looked at her friends who are now wearing a 'what the hell is wrong with her' expression. Just then, Cadance and Shining suddenly walked in; with Flurry on Shining's back.

"Hey," Cadance put on a smile, "I notice some voices and I came here to-" She was stopped as she looked at Applejack who is now leaning against Twilight in full sob. Without a word, Cadance quickly trotted to Applejack and gave her a warm hug with her wings furled to Applejack's body. Twilight sits back to her seat, still looking at her friend. She then looked to Cadance.

"What is wrong with her?" She asked concerned. They couldn't believe what they saw, Applejack never cries before. This is must be important to her.

"Well," Cadance trying to speak up, "She... and Daniel are..."

Chase eyes widened, as if he knows what Cadance was about to tell next. "You don't mean-"

"Yes," Cadance cuts his sentence, "Yes they are." The ponies, including Chase gasp, except Shining. Who is now standing there like an idiot while trying to figure out what the hell are they talking about except for the plan.

"Okay, I didn't expect that," Rainbow said flatly.

"Me too," Sunset agreed.

"But they both seemed to be a lovely couple after all," Twilight stated.

"Well, let's just keep it for us," Chase said. The ponies are now looking at him. "Listen, if the rest of the rangers knew all of this, they would think the kid as a..." He paused for a moment, trying to form the right words, "Freak, if I do say so myself." He let out a big sigh and rise from his seat. "I'm gonna go to bed now." He then slowly walk to Applejack and knelt down beside her. "Don't you worry Applejack, I'll make sure he gets back here in one piece."

Applejack sniffs before replies, "Ah'll hold on to ya." Her voice still trembling. Chase nods and give Applejack a pat on her head, which manage to cheer her up for a moment. Before Chase walks out of the room, he stops in front of Shining.

"How are you been holding up?" He smiles at the stallion.

"Don't mind about me," the captain replies, "Just make sure you bring Daniel back, Flurry here isn't very happy about it."

Chase looked at Flurry and smiled, "I'll make sure he comes back. A ranger never leave a man behind." Chase then proceed out of the room and onto his bedroom.

Six hours later...

"Alright ladies this is it!" Forbes shouted as he matches his voice with the noisy propeller of the helicopter, "Remember what to do! Don't rush!"

"Hooah!" The rangers and the guards replied simultaneously.

"We're Oscar Mike!" Johnson shouted as he get inside the little bird with Zano, while Chase and Jerry rushed inside the Blackhawk. The rangers along with the guards quickly got in the train, eager to save one man's life. Once they all closed the door, the train starts moving to the Crystal Empire. Forbes looked back at Celestia, who is standing with her sister, Cadance, Shining and the Elements.

"I'll give you a report after we've done!" Forbes shouted, "We'll be back in no time!"

"Stay safe!" Celestia exclaimed with a nod.

"Come home you guys!" Twilight exclaimed.

Forbes smiled and immediately get inside the Blackhawk. Once they all make sure that they're ready, the choppers begin to fly and leave the village behind.

"Let the operation commence!" Chase shrieks.


"Operation Dawn Fall"
Day 8 - 03:22
Pvt. Matthew Chase
1st Bn., 75th Ranger Regiment
Crystal Empire, Equestria

"Sergeant! Where the hell are you?!" The sound from the walkie makes Forbes jump slightly from his seat. He quickly grabs his walkie and respond to the ranger.

"What is it? You haven't attack yet right?" He asked a bit annoyed.

"Not yet, but how long are you gonna get here?" Forbes paused for a moment before looking to Chase, who is holding tightly the minigun. Thank God this world's full of magic, everything can be fully fixed; even upgrade.

"You see the castle yet?!" Forbes shouted to Chase.

Chase then looked back at the sergeant, "I see it! ETA two minutes!"

Forbes then make a quick response to the ground unit, "ETA two minutes!"

"Roger! We're standing by for orders." Forbes grip his gun tightly. He looked outside and saw the little bird flying next to them. He looked to the ceiling and thought to himself. One man in the hornet's nest, doesn't mean anything too much to them right now. But then again, he's just a little kid, he still needs to learn a lot about life. He shook his thoughts away, hoping it wouldn't distracting him for saving one man's life.

"Sixty seconds!" It was Carl now who shouted at them, "Better get that fire up now!"

Forbes snatched his walkie and ordered to all of the rangers, "All units, you're clear to engage! Open fire right now!"


Daniel's face is now covered in blood, his shirt turned to dark green-red as his blood coated it and was torn apart after many caning from Sombra. Not only that, he sometimes got kicked right in the face, his stomach and his back. His vision become blurry, still chained he tried to get up to his knee.

"Will you tell me everything that you know?" Sombra asks fiercely.

"Never," Daniel simply replies. Then, another kick hits him right in the stomach, causing him to fall backwards and scream in pain. He had been like this for about... two hours? Yeah, probably total from the beginning that afternoon until now; but Sombra wouldn't just give up. He still asking the same question while Daniel answering it with just one word that could make Sombra furious.

"Get him up," Sombra ordered to his General. The General happily forces the young ranger to get up, while Silver Storm just standing by the door and watching him being tortured like that. The unicorn really wish that he could do something but he can't, and he won't. Daniel told him to not do anything stupid until his friends arrives. Well, he mentioned it their friends though.

"Now, will you tell me?" Again, Sombra asks the same time only to be greeted by Daniel limply shook his head. He growled even louder and then his horn glows. Daniel was surrounded by a red aura and now floating helpless in the air. Just as he was about to realise what's happening, he got thrown off into a wall, causing him to spit blood out of his mouth. But Sombra wasn't finished yet, he levitate Daniel again and throw him to his desk. Making it shatter as the body make a contact with it.

The process continues on, and on, and on. After about five times being thrown off like a material inside a tornado, Daniel is floating again and was now thrown onto the balcony. Still chained, he tried himself back to his feet but to no avail, nothing could stop Sombra from having his own little party right now.

Sombra walks slowly to the panting soldier, who is still chained and laying limply on the floor. "Still don't want to talk?" He asked. Again, Daniel shook his head while looking up at the night sky. Sombra let out a sigh, "I was going to go easy on you. But since you're so stubborn at the first time, you leave me no choice." Before Sombra could move, there were some popping sounds and screaming coming from the main gate.

"My Liege," the General said behind him, "I believe we have a situation." Sombra was about to answer but suddenly, the door bursts open and a guard quickly trot to both of them.

"General!" He shouted as he panting for air, "The creatures! They're here! Along with the Royal Guards!"

Sombra took a step forward and looked at his General. "I want every troops to go to the gate, now!" He yelled.

Before the General could react, they heard another sound coming from the sky. They turned around to see that Daniel was already on his knees, looking at them with a cocky smirk on his face.

"Say hello to my new friend," he says. Just then, the Blackhawk emerge from behind him and they saw another human holding a weapon directly to them. The General's eyes turned to pinpricks as he knew what will happens next.



"Dagger Two-One, this is Dagger Two-Two you clean to go, good luck out there."

"Solid copy Dagger Two-Two, we're moving in, out." (Dagger Two-One)

"Alright, let's get us through!" Forbes shouted as the chopper begin flying towards the castle. The little bird landed on the ground to disembark the rangers inside and quickly help out the ground unit.

"Chase! Shoot the living hell out of them!" Jerry shrieked as he began firing at the enemies just below them.

"I'm on it!" Chase immediately fires relentlessly at the massive crowd. Bullets and magics are flying everywhere, and again because of the amount of magic the chopper received, it began to wobble but only for a moment. They continue to push to the castle.

"Right there!" Forbes exclaimed, "On the balcony!" They saw a human figure gets thrown from the inside of the castle. It was obviously Daniel, but then come out a pony who is wearing a red cape walking slowly towards the ranger.

"Go! Go! Go!" Jerry shouted as he looked at the young ranger. The chopper immediately flew to the balcony and surprises the...

"Is that Sombra?" Chase asked with wide eyes.

"Definitely," Forbes replied as he looked too. As the chopper hoovering and positioned itself to get Chase a better view for his minigun.

"THIS IS IT!" Forbes shouted, "SPIN 'EM UP!" Chase fires his minigun to the balcony while Daniel immediately ducked, avoiding the bullets. Sombra uses his spell to form a shield to protect himself, but he quickly backs away from the chopper and back to the main door with Silver next to him. However, the rangers seemed to not notice the General. He uses this chance to shoot the Blackhawk, right on it's rotor system.

"Shit!" Carl says as they began to wobble harder. Smoke could be seen coming out from the back of the chopper. "We're hit! We're hit!"

"We can't stay here much longer!" Said the copilot, "We gotta go!"

"Give us a minute!" Jerry shrieked before he jumped to the balcony.

"Jerry!" Chase shouted but he immediately covers his friend by firing his minigun everywhere at the balcony. The General rushed behind the throne to take cover while Sombra still using his spell.

Jerry quickly knelt down beside Daniel and pull the young ranger onto his feet. "Dammit you're too heavy!" He said, "How am I suppose to get you to the chopper?"

Silver couldn't take it anymore. He get out from his cover and gallop to the wounded sergeant.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" He heard Sombra screamed at him but he paid no mind.

Seeing this, Jerry quickly raised his weapon but stopped when Daniel grabs his arm.

"Don't," Daniel said limply, "He's friendly." Silver horns glow and the next second, Daniel was released from the chain's grasp. Chase still firing while screaming at the top of his lungs, trying to buy them time as long as he could.

"Come on!" Jerry shrieked as he help Daniel get up, "We gotta get outta here!"

"Go!" Silver shrieked, "I'll buy you some time!" Jerry nodded but not for Daniel. Silver was about to turn around but stopped when he was grabbed by his waist and being lift up. He saw Daniel putting a smile on him and giving Silver a tight grasp.

"Never leave a man behind," he said as he and Jerry are now running to the chopper. Daniel push all of his strength to jump, even if it hurts him badly enough to make him spit some blood from his mouth when he landed. But the result was worth it.

"Go! Get us outta here!" Forbes screamed and fire to the balcony. The chopper began to fly away but then, Silver saw that Sombra is aiming his magic to them.

"Watch out!" He screamed. Chase sees this and his hand quickly turn the minigun and fired at the balcony. Sombra's eyes widened and quickly shot his magic, which missed just a few inches from them. He quickly form another shield to protect himself.

"That was fucking close," Jerry said as he sat down and let out a sigh.

Forbes grab his walkie and immediately ordered to the ground unit. "All units this is Sergeant Forbes, get the hell outta there now. We got the package here."

"Solid copy Dagger Two-One!" Screamed one of the rangers, "We're falling back, out."

The Blackhawk is now flying above the warzone, which they immediately greeted by magics.

"Hang on." (Dagger Two-One)

Chase still firing the minigun as he saw their troops are all retreating to the train. He makes sure that the enemies didn't touch them as they make their way back home.

"GET US OUTTA HERE DAMMIT!" Forbes yelled as he is now desperately firing at the ground. The chopper is now sustained moderate damage and the smoke become blacker in each passing second.

"WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK I'M DOING?!" Carl shouted back at the sergeant. With each second felt like eternity to them, finally they could get away from the barrage of magics and headed straight back to Ponyville.

Daniel took a seat and immediately sinks himself onto it. "Blood from the blood God..." He muttered.

"What's that kid?" Jerry asked.

"Nothing, just talking to myself."

"Hey," Chase says as he pat Silver's shoulder, "Thanks for saving our friend."

Silver smiled back at him, "No need to thank me. Instead, I should thank you for letting inside this..." He looked around before continue, "Machine."

"It's called a helicopter," Daniel said, "Or chopper."

"This thing is amazing," Silver said with awe.

"You haven't see all of our technology back where we come from," Forbes chimed in, "You're gonna like all of it."

"I would absolutely love to see it." They all continue their conversation as they headed back to the village. The sun is still hiding behind the mountains but it's light glows red-orange illuminate the sky even more beautiful.

Author's Note:

On going chapter: Rest and Birthday