• Published 20th Apr 2020
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Ranger's Destiny (Undergoing Edited) - TasteDaRainbow

Rangers find themselves in a world full of colorful talking ponies and an adventure awaits them. A war is taking place on Equestria. How can they survive through all of this? And the most important thing is, will they ever get back home? God help us.

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Battle For Ponyville - Part 2

Day 6 - 10:19
Sgt. Daniel Nicholas
1st Bn., 75th Ranger Regiment
Ponyville, Equestria

Daniel ran through streets, throwing the explosive thing over to the wall of the buildings. "Let's hope this works," he thought out loud. It didn't take him long enough until he managed to place all of the C4 at all over the streets that leads to the Town Hall.

As he was running down the street, he heard a crying sound. It's a baby one. He tried to follow the source and it leads him to the Sugarcube Corner. He opened the door and continue to following the sound. It leads him to the bedroom upstairs and when he opened the door, he saw a little filly unicorn with light orange mane and tail in the bed, crying loudly. Shit. He knew that filly. One of the Cake's foals. Putting his LMG to the wall, he immediately rushed to her.

"Shh heyy... it's me, Pumpkin... don't worry, I'm here," he said as he grabbed the filly onto his grasp with a warm smile in attempt to calm her down. Seeing him, Pumpkin's crying turned to sobs and immediately hugged him. "Alright, let's get out of here." He said while caressing her soft coat.

Grabbing his gun, he ran downstairs and burst through the door and quickly run to the Town Hall. He heard a loud thud to his right and it was coming inside a house. He stopped there for a second, then he wish he wasn't. The door flew directly towards him. He dodge to the left and he saw a big black earth pony with the black armor walking out of the house, he saw him. Shit.

Daniel turned his back and run as fast as he could to avoid the raging pony. It didn't take long for him to see a large shadow coming from behind. He then remembered that earth pony is the toughest pony in Equestria. The pony then tackled his feet, making him fall to the ground with the filly still in his grasp. He staggered to his feet just in time when the pony was about to charge at him. He quickly dodge to the right and crashed through a door into a house. The earth pont regain his composure very fast and rushed in attempt to kill the young sergeant.

Daniel quickly put Pumpkin inside a large chest. He was about to grab his LMG when the beast tackled him to the ground. He tried to break free but to no avail, the pony is stronger than he thought. As he was about to get stamped, an idea pops out of his mind. He grab his Deagle with his free hand and quickly punched his assailant. Just as he thought, the pony fell backwards, hard. Daniel aimed his pistol and shoot the pony relentlessly.

Satisfied, he put his gun back to it's place and rushed to get Pumpkin. After that, he rushed outside the building and continue his run. He saw the blockade not far enough from him and he let out a sigh of relief. But then, another big pony came out from a house and saw him. This has to be the worst day ever.

"Again?!" He shrieked, doesn't matter if the whole army heard him. To make things worse, he's a unicorn. Great. As he was about to run, he felt like he was floating. No, scratch that, he is floating. He realised that he was surrounded by that pony's magic and he prepared himself for the impact. He grabbed the little filly tighter against him, just then he thrown off through a wall. He tried to get up but the magic surround him again and threw him against a wall. Again, and again. About five walls he was thrown off like a toy and now all of his body now filled with cuts and bruises. Blood came out from his mouth. He staggered lazily to his feet with Pumpkin still on his grasp. Surprisingly, she didn't hurt at all. Heh, lucky foal.

The unicorn stand in front of him. His green eyes stared directly to his. He readied himself for another attack.

"Fuck you."


A bright flash emerge in the center of the crowd of guards. It reveals to be Celestia and Luna. Both of them immediately looking around and check if everyone is safe.

"Princesses!" Twilight exclaimed. They turned around to see Twilight and her friends run towards them. "I'm so glad you're here!" She said as she hug both of them.

"I'm glad you're safe too Twilight," replied Luna returning the embrace.

"Where are the humans?" Celestia asked as she break the hug.

"They're right over there," Rainbow pointed at the tank and the humvee who are readied to hold off the siege. Celestia and Luna, along with the others galloped to the rangers. But when they arrived, Daniel wasn't there with them.

"Hey," Starlight said getting their attention, "Where's Daniel?"

"He's doing some stupid shit right now," replied Chet from the tank, "I don't know what he's planning, but it's better be good."

"Yeah," said Jerry, "We didn't know if he still alive out there. The army at least must've caught him."

"Why don't ya ask through yer walkie?!" Applejack nearly shrieked at him.

"We tried but he didn't respon," Chase chimed in, "If he gets capture by those things, I swear to God I'll bring him back."

"You better be," a voice suddenly get in their conversation. They turned around to see Cadance with Flurry walk to them. "Flurry's here worried about him so much, she can't stop saying his name for what like half an hour now!"

They all looked at Flurry who is in the verge of tears. Twilight approach and try to calm her down but to no avail. All she wants now is being in Daniel's embrace.

"Poor kid," Chase said as he looked to the street, "We didn't even know if he's alive. We just gotta hope that he's not in the same faith as Finn."

"Hey! I can see them!" Chet pointed at the massive army who is charging towards them like a stampede.

"Prepare yourself!" Jerry took to his position and aimed with his only gun, Deagle. "Chase! I want you to get on that minigun!"

"Right on it!" Chase immediately get inside the jeep.

"All guards standby! Wait for my orders!" Shining quickly take his position next to Jerry.

"You all have to give us some time until we completed our teleportation spell," Luna said putting a hoof to Jerry's shoulder, "That way, all of the ponies will be in Canterlot in a mere seconds."

"Leave that to us Your Majesty," replied the corporal. With that, Celestia and Luna nodded and proceed into the Town Hall. The Elements stand behind the rangers as they saw the army is getting closer and closer.

Suddenly, a body bursts through a wall from a house on their far right. As they take a good look at it, they all gasped. It's Daniel, with a filly in his grasp. He looked worse than when they saw him, if that were even possible. The bandage around his head is soak in his blood. Who knows how long he's been fighting for his life; and for the filly's. He tried to get on to his feet, instead he fall back to the ground. Then, a red aura surrounds the young sergeant as he now floating to the air and thrown on his back to a wall. Then, they saw a big unicorn walking out of the house and towards the helpless body. He was like Bulk Biceps, but much more bigger.

Wasting no time, Chase fires his minigun to the attacker. Blood quickly spurts from his body and onto the ground, making it a pool of blood.

"Sarge! Get over here!" Chase exclaimed after making sure that the pony is dead. Daniel tried to get up but he fall back to the ground, still holding the filly. Jerry was about to go and get him when suddenly, a light blue surrounds both Daniel and the filly. They turned to see Cadance with her horn glows light blue. With her magic, Daniel was pulled over towards them.

"Oh fuck, kid!" Jerry said as Daniel laying on the ground. "You look like you've been gone through hell."

Daniel was panting very hard and tried his best to breathe. "Take... her..." Daniel says handing the little filly to Twilight. She quickly grab her with her magic and run to the Town Hall. Flurry however, leapt off from Cadance and onto his chest. Daniel winced at the sudden pain but immediately wraps his arms around the little alicorn.

"There... there sweetheart, I'm fine," he said with a calm yet lovely tone. Flurry snuggles at the crook of his neck, making a sigh of relief. After a few moments of blissful snuggle, Daniel sat up and give Flurry back to Cadance; who immediately rushed into the Town Hall.

"Sugarcube! Ya alright?" Applejack asked. All of the Elements giving him a concern look. Daniel see's this and just smiled and nodded at them.

"Get him in-" Chase is unable to complete the sentence as the horde now is very close to them. "OPEN FIRE!!"

The rangers with the unicorn guards fires their weapons and magics towards the rampaging horde. Daniel however, had a mischievous grin on his face.

"What are you smiling at?" Rainbow asked in confusion. Just then, Twilight was back from the Town Hall and joined the others.

Daniel pull out some kind of a device from the back of his pocket. The ponies looked at each other as they tried to understand what he's about to do. Daniel gets up limply, and then he looked at the charging army who is very eager to wipe them off.

"Say hello to your new friends motherfucker," he then pull the trigger from the detonator. Lots of explosions could be heard around the town. Celestia's whole army saw the streets were now like being bombarded. The explosion sends the enemies flying everywhere. All of the jaws are dropped from the ponies, except the rangers. Chase and Jerry looked at Daniel who is smiling triumphantly.

"So that's why you wanna do this alone," Jerry chuckled at him.

"Is that you? You did that?" Sunset asked.

"Yeah," replied Daniel. He looked at the Elements who are still mouth agape, he then looked back at the rangers, "But this isn't over yet."

"Sarge! You need medical attention immediately!" Chase shrieked as he fires the minigun.

"Screw that!" Daniel cocks his LMG. "I ain't gonna sit and watch my friends do all the work without me!"

"Here's your walkie Dann," Rainbow said hoofing him the walkie. It's a quite surprise that Rainbow called him with that name. But it didn't really matter to him.

"Thanks," he said as he grab the walkie from her, "Come on! Keep pinning them down!" He shouted at the defenders.

All of the guards immediately shoot back at the army. But the 'dark ones' don't just give up. They fired back behind covers, ruins, all they can find to hide from the shots of magics, especially the bullets. The two army fired each other like there is no tomorrow.

"Jerry!" Daniel exclaimed, "Are the princesses arrived yet?!"

"They are! We just have to buy them some time to finish the spell that will transport all of the ponies to Canterlot!"

"How long?!"

"15 minutes!!"

Sombra's army now has a little trick up on their sleeves. Most of the unicorns are now firing at War Daddy's main gun. Making it damaged because of the amount of magic it received.

"Sergeant!" Chet exclaimed from his commander hatch while shooting mercilessly to the enemies with the LMG, "The gun's damaged! It can't fire a single shell!"

"Damn those ponies are smarter than I thought," Daniel thought out loud, "Alright, pull back!"

As the tank slowly began to reverse, the unicorns are now shooting at its right track, directly onto its drive wheel. It wrecked a couple of seconds later, making the tank now a sitting duck in the middle of the street.

"Sarge!" Chet screamed frantically, "We can't move! Those bastards destroyed our track!"

The Elements watch in horror as the tank now is being bombarded by magic after magic, but looks like it only tickles the thick armor of the beast. Sombra's army began to circling the tank and attempted to destroy it with any kinds of different magics and weapons they have but to no avail.

"Those brainless fuckers ain't gonna give up that easy huh?" Chase watched them as they now desperately attacking the tank with anything.

"Just stay inside and lock all of the hatch!" Daniel ordered from his walkie, "We'll take it from here!" He grabbed his LMG and beginning to shoot the countless enemies.

Holding an entire goddamn army for just fifteen minutes long doesn't even easy as they thought. It felt like hours for them. They fight with all of their strength to prevent the enemy from breaking through the blockade. Sombra's army is now even more furious than before. They leapt off from cover and the unicorns begin to form a shield with their magic.

"Fuck!" Chase exclaimed punching his minigun, "I'm out!"

"Shit," Daniel said as he looked at the marching ponies, "Chase! Go to the second floor of the Town Hall and take your sniper with you! We need someone to cover our ass!"

"Affirmative!" Chase quickly grab his sniper and ran to the Town Hall.

"Jerry!" Daniel looked at him desperately, "Get ready for close combat fight! Take my gun first and pinned them down!" Hearing this, the Elements begin to trembling. Close combat? In Ponyville? Practically at the Town Hall? This is bad. They didn't know if they will win this or not. And they aren't sure if Daniel would survive this with the wound that he had right now.

Daniel was now looking for Air Burst along with his troops. When he see him, he immediately run to him. "Air Burst!" Hearing his name being called, he perks up and see the young sergeant approaches him, "Air Burst, I need you and all of the pegasus guards to go hide behind a cloud."

"And why would you want us to do that Sarge?"

"When my jeep exploded onto that barricade, tell them to blast those soldiers with lightnings, got it?"

"I'm on it!" Air Burst quickly fly and gathered his men to standby at the nearby clouds. Once he thought that he's done, Daniel turned back to Jerry who is still firing at the army. He looked to the jeep and got another idea.

"Jerry!" He exclaimed and grabbed his teammate's shoulder, "I'm about to plant lots of C4 on that vehicle and put it behind that blockade!" He pointed to the barrier that is now being torn apart by Sombra's army.

"You're still crazy didn't you?!"

"Well, I'm not planning to die here! Now come on, tell the others to fall back to the last stand!" Jerry nodded. Grabbing his LMG, he immediately alerted the others to fall back. Daniel then put a bunch of C4 inside the jeep. As he closed the back seat door, he saw the Elements are still looking at him. He looked back at them and gives a 'what the fuck are you doing here' expression.

"What are you still doing here?! Go!" He shouted and was about to get into the vehicle when Applejack stops him by putting a hoof on his thigh. He gives her a glare, "Applejack please, I don't want you guys to get hurt! Now go!"

"Be careful sugarcube," Applejack said with a concern look in her eyes. Daniel nodded and closed the door while the others starting to run inside the Town Hall.

"Alright you sick bastards, I had enough of you." He started the jeep and grabbed his walkie. "War Daddy, do you copy?" He asked while staring at the tank who is now been mercilessly attacked by all sorts of magic.

"This is War Daddy, I know what you're thinking Sarge. I saw all of the guards falling back to the last stand and it must've been your plan. We can take this from here, besides they're not gonna penetrate this armor very easy with their primitive weapons." Chet chuckled through his walkie.

"Yeah but magics aren't primitive to us."


"Alright, you think you can hold it for a bit longer?"

"We born to do this kid, its alright. We can handle it," replied Chet with a confident tone.

"Okay but stay frosty got it?"


Daniel quickly hit the gas and aimed the vehicle directly to the blockade. When the blockade is just several meters away, Daniel jumped out from the vehicle, making him roll over several times. As the vehicle crashed to the blockade, Daniel immediately gets up and ran back to the others.


Chase waited patiently for the signal to engage his target. Through his scope, he saw Daniel jumped out from the jeep that is aiming directly into the barricade until it crashes onto it.

"Fuckin' lunatic," he said to himself. He then looked to the Elements that stood beside him. "How long will the princesses finish their spell?"

"It'll only take five minutes left," replied Starlight.

"More like five years." Chase said sarcastically. The Elements looked back at the window and let out a gasp. Chase tilt his head and when he look back outside, "Oh."

It's the young sergeant. He desperately running back to the others and was under heavy fire from multiple magic and arrows, which he miraculously managed to avoid. It wasn't long enough until Daniel tried to pull his Deagle out and turned around to fire back. But just as he was about to, a magic explosion went off right behind him and he fell flat on his back while letting out a painful 'oof'. He didn't move, nor trying to get up. Maybe from the amount of blood he was suffering now, or he knows that this is it... for him.

"Dammit... that kid," Chase muttered under his breath. Just as he looked through his scope, he was greeted by the sight of an orange mare with a cowboy hat running towards the young sergeant while holding a rope on her mouth. His eyes widened as he sees this and so does the rest of the Elements.

"What the hay? APPLEJACK!!"


Daniel fell back to the ground after flying a few feet high to the air. He groan in agony as he is now desperately trying to get up but to no avail. His body had pushed to its limits and won't let him to do anymore movement for awhile. With whatever strength he had left, he grab his detonator and pull the trigger. The explosion from the jeep causes Sombra's army to fall back from their current location, and the barricade to destroyed. Great. He is now in the middle of the line of fire from two massive armies. The pegasus guards starting to bombard them with lightning. This is it.

"Daniel!" He heard Jerry speak through his walkie, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, GET THE FUCK OUTTA THERE NOW!!"

Daniel ignore it, he can't even move a muscle. Maybe firing last rounds wouldn't hurt, right? He thought to himself and chuckles. He looked to his left and saw his Deagle laying on the ground. He reach it with all of his might and cocks it. He sit up and aimed the Deagle with his left hand. Time seems to slowed down as he fired bullet after bullet to the Sombra's army. The magic exploded everywhere near him. He fired to his last bullet and quickly reload. Time return to normal when a rope suddenly surrounds his chest. He looked back, and see Applejack now trying to pull him over a cover.

"What the hell is she doing?" Daniel turned around to his enemies and begin to fire them one by one. Just then, a purple aura surrounds him and making him easier to be dragged back. Once he was in cover, Twilight and Applejack immediately hugged him and sobbing on his shoulder. Daniel didn't expect it at first, but then wraps his arms around them.

"We can't stand the thought of losing you Daniel!" Twilight shouted making his ear buzzed.

"Don't ya ever do something like that ever again, ya hear me sugarcube?!" Applejack pleaded still hugging and sobbing.

"Hey, it's what rangers do," replied Daniel with a caring tone that almost compete with Celestia, "We fight for the innocents and risk our lives if we have to. But don't worry, I'm still here. And I will do anything to protect my friends." He let out a sigh of relief, these ponies sure really care about him. "Alright," Daniel said as he break the hug, "You two get inside the Town Hall, we'll take it from here."

"But you're bleeding bad!" Twilight couldn't bare to see Daniel fight again.

"It's alright," Daniel strokes her mane, assured her that he'll be fine, "You know what I said, it needs more than a bullet to kill me. How long for Celestia and Luna to complete the spell anyway?"

"'Bout two minutes left," replied Applejack.

"Sergeant!" Jerry screamed while rushing towards him. "They got us pinned down! The pegasus have been shut down and they're pushing through!"

"Alright you know what to do!" Daniel said somewhat he can stand up. "Prepare all of the guards! We're having a party now!"

"Hooah!" Jerry then quickly told Shining Armor and the rest of the guards. Daniel lock and loaded his Deagle and saw Chase from the second floor still shooting at the black sea of ponies. After escorting Twilight and Applejack to the Town Hall, Daniel joined back with the others.

"Sarge!" Shining exclaimed from beside him, "You sure we gonna win this?"

"We don't have any other choice right?" Daniel said with a grin on his face. "I'll always right on your side brother." He patted Shining on the shoulder. Shining smiled at him and nodded. Suddenly, Jerry chimed in and quickly taking for cover.

"So, this is our last chance?"

"It is my friend... it is." Daniel grabbed his walkie and called for Chase, "Chase get your ass over here now! We need everyone we've got!"

Chase put down his sniper and immediately run downstairs. Celestia and Luna are still concentrating on their spell. He burst through the door, close it and ran towards the other rangers.

Sombra's army slowly marching towards them, raising their shields and spears and crossbows.

"Alright this is it boys!" Daniel screamed to the guards. "On three!! One... two..." But before he could finish, something unexpected happens.

"Wait, what was that sound?"

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