• Published 20th Apr 2020
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Ranger's Destiny (Undergoing Edited) - TasteDaRainbow

Rangers find themselves in a world full of colorful talking ponies and an adventure awaits them. A war is taking place on Equestria. How can they survive through all of this? And the most important thing is, will they ever get back home? God help us.

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Saving Lives

Author's Note:

Finally!! New chapter!! HOOAH YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT I'VE GONE THROUGH TO FINISH THIS CHAPTER. Anyhoo I'm still continuing the story. I'm not the kind of person who likes to leave a story unfinished. Please leave your comment! Any critical and advice is really needed right now!

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"WE GOTTA HELP 'EM!" Rainbow shrieks as she saw the two creature were about to get bucked up. Rainbow were about to fly towards the two creature but sadly Sunset grab her by her tail.

"Wait," Sunset interrupt her and put her down, "Look!" She pointed with her hoof at the falling trees in the forest. When Sombra's army were just about 15-20 meters away from them, there's a thing came out from the dirt path its like and it looked like Trixie's wagon but this one is bigger than hers. It has another creature showing the half of its body on the top of it and was holding some thing that attached to the 'wagon'. It stopped right between the two creature thats just standing there and a door open from the right of the 'wagon' and then theres another one with the same uniform like the others.

Then another one came, it came from the falling trees and now it's showing itself and stopped with half of its body emerge from the forest. Its body was huge, they never seen anything like it. It has some sort of a pipe in the middle of its 'head' and theres the same creature showing half of its body with goggles on its head and was holding the same thing like the creature in the 'wagon' was holding.

"I believe these things aren't from Everfree," Starlight said. "Those creatures are more advanced than us."

Then, the massive thing turned its 'head' along with its huge pipe directly to Sombra's army; but they didn't seem to afraid of it. Instead they charge forward. Then, they heard the one with the sunglasses scream his order,



"Steady!" Daniel said through his walkie, "Steady!" They waited until the crowd is close enough to their fire range.



War Daddy shoots his main cannon right to the middle of the crowd and the blast starts to throw them ultimately to their teammates. But whoever caught right in the blast radius was ripped to shreds. Daniel, Chase and Finn started to open fire as they shot from the hip. But Jerry was having his favourite time of his life, shooting with his minigun and letting out a 'WHOAAAAAAA', he didn't hesitate to knock out an entire army. Same thing goes to the commander as he fires his M240 machine gun from his hatch.

"DIEEEEEE!" Screams Jerry as he laugh like a devil.

In just fifteen seconds, the swarm were now overwhelmed by the rangers and immediately surrenders and only seven were left of them.

"Cease fire! Cease fire!" Said Finn raise his hand to the halt signal. "Private, lets go." He told Daniel to follows suit. "Check your gear."



Celestia, Luna, Cadance, and Twilight watch in horror as they saw Sombra's army being shreds by those creatures. Same goes to everypony who watch in shock as they saw them die easily like that. In just a few seconds, only seven of the army who still alive and they immediately surrenders.

"What just happened?" Cadance still trying to process from the event.

"I have no idea," Shining replied and watched them as they now approaching the surrendered pony. "Come on, we have to meet them. Guards stay alert."

All of them began to move closer to the scenery. All of Sombra's army was now covered in a pool of blood. Fluttershy couldn't bare to see this and she felt she wanted to vomit.

"I think its the best for only me and Luna to go," Celestia turned to them. "I don't want you to get sick because of this."

"Yeah," replied Twilight. "I think its better for us to stay."

"Awwww," Rainbow lamented. "But I wanna meet with those... things."

"Maybe later Rainbow," Applejack said putting her hoof to the rainbow pegasus shoulder. "It is best for us ta let the princesses go there first. We don't know if they're good or not."

Rainbow sigh at this but accepted it anyway. Celestia nods and begin their walk with the Royal Guards still raising their shields and spears, slowly approaching the creature. But, as they and approached the rangers, suddenly a unicorn levitate a crossbow and shoots it to one of the ranger with the sunglasses.



"Stay frosty guys," Finn whispers through his walkie. "We don't know they're friendly yet, nor of these horses that were surrendering themselves."

"Hooah," Chase says looking from next to the humvee.

"Daniel, check that horse with a horn over there," the sergeant ordered.

Daniel do what he's told and slowly walk towards the sitting unicorn. Aiming his gun to the unicorns head, he slowly but surely takes another step closer. "Get on the ground," he say limply. He fight for this long until he didn't realize that he had a serious wound on his right chest. And now he started to feel the pain again. "Get on... the ground... now." He said while taking a few deep breaths.

Then, he saw a movement to his right and immediately turns his gun to it. But what he saw is just the two horses and the guards approaching his way. He heard a snap and when he turned to his left, the unicorn already had a crossbow in his magic.

"PRIVATE LOOK OUT!" Finn screams as he saw it. But its too late.


The crossbow release its arrow and pierced through his right shoulder. The young ranger screams in pain and fall to the ground.

"SHOOT EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN HORSES WHO SURRENDERS!" Finn shouted at his walkie and the rangers quickly fires at the remaining black armored ponies. Once they're all dead, Finn quickly run towards Daniel who is still screaming in pain. He puts his hand to pick up the sunglasses and the other hand to the back of his head and leaned the young kid's head to his thigh. "Chase!! Bring out the aid kit now!!"

Celestia, Luna and Shining watched in terror seeing one of those creatures struggling for its life.

"Should we help them?" Luna asks looking at the desperate one who is trying to save the other.

Without a word, Celestia trotted to the ranger followed by Luna, Shining and the rest of the guards. When they were close enough to hear their voices, they saw the young ranger is now covered in blood that quickly run from his shoulder. Until they finally heard he says, "I'm scared." He's struggling to breathe and blood came out from his mouth. He seriously need medical attention immediately.

"Dammit Chase!! What took you so long!!" Cried the sergeant.

"I can't find it!!"

"Fuck!" He wanted to try and pull out the arrow but he scared of what might happened to the kid.

Celestia can't take it much longer. She step forward until she and the injured ranger were just inches away. "We can help." She says in warm and gentle tone.

"What do you know?" The sergeant replied still holding his wounded friend in his arms.

Daniel cough and spitted a blood from his mouth and smiles warmly to the sky, "So this is it."

"NO NO! DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT!" The sergeant is desperately thinking any idea but none of it came to his mind.

Then, a purple aura surrounds Daniel and he immediately lift off from the ground. It was Shining, he lift him off with his magic.

"Hey! What are you..." Before the sergeant could finish his sentence, Shining interrupts him.

"We just want to help." He then looked to the princesses and they nod to him.

Celestia turned her gaze back to the sergeant, "Come with us quick!" They gallop back to the group of ponies that watched from a distance. The sergeant quickly got up and start running with them. He grabbed his walkie to speak with his men.

"Chase get the humvee started and follow me, War Daddy you do the same!"



They ran across the bridge and they all now arrived to the group of ponies. Shining put Daniel very gently to the ground. The ranger is still struggling to breathe. Finn quickly kneel down beside him. "You're gonna be fine private just hold still okay."

Twilight and the rest of her friends were mouth agape. Not because that they could talk, but they seen the human is covered in blood and an arrow is still stuck on his right shoulder. He coughs and more blood coming out from his mouth. "Chase!! The bandages!!" Sergeant yell at the top of his lungs making everypony taken aback by his action.

The humvee and the tank stopped before the bridge. Chase immediately get out of the vehicle with Jerry and run to their friends. "Here it is Sarge!" He said tossing the bandage to Finn who catches it.

Before he could react, Celestia speaks up, "Twilight, can you heal him?"

The purple alicorn perked up to face Celestia. "I don't know, I mean not with that arrow still stuck in his shoulder."

"Just take it off," Daniel answers which made everypony shocked at his statement.

"Are you crazy?!" Rainbow yells and quickly receive a light punch from Sunset.

"Are you serious?" Cadance worried about what she might seen.

"Yeah... just take it... off."

Twilight didn't know what to do but Finn quickly respond at this. "Alright kid hold still."

Twilight and her friends couldn't bare to watch it but they couldn't leave their eyes at the sight either. Shining helped Finn by envelope his magic around Daniel's body. "It'll hold him still."

With a nod, Finn slowly grab the arrow and takes a deep breath, same goes to Daniel. After what felt like hours, Finn finally encourage himself. With all of his might, seconds later he pulled the arrow from its place.

"ARRGGHHHHHHH!!" Daniel screams trying to squirm but he cannot move from Shinings magic. Blood quickly run out his shoulder like a water fall. Twilight's friends eyes turned to the size of pinpricks as they looked to the soldier that is trying to stay alive from that.

Chase immediately put a pressure to the wound with his both hands, trying to stop the bleeding. "Sarge! The bandage!!" He screams at his friend. Finn quickly wrap the bandage to Daniel's shoulder and chest.

"Twily!" Called Shining who is desperately hold Daniel's body. "What are you doing, save him come on!"

Twilight rushed over to Daniel and her immediately use her magic. A purple aura quickly surrounded Daniel's wound. The ranger still struggling for air and seconds later, his vision became blurry and he slowly closes his eyes.


All he can see now is blackness slowly fills his sight.