• Published 20th Apr 2020
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Ranger's Destiny (Undergoing Edited) - TasteDaRainbow

Rangers find themselves in a world full of colorful talking ponies and an adventure awaits them. A war is taking place on Equestria. How can they survive through all of this? And the most important thing is, will they ever get back home? God help us.

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What Comes Up Must Come Down

Author's Note:

Yep I'm still working with this story! Don't worry, I may take a rest but at least I will make one chapter or more per day! YOU HAVE MY WORD!!

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"What is it Tia?" Luna asked with a concern look on her face.

"Appleloosa," Celestia said frowned, "It's under attack."

Luna put a hoof covering her mouth, "Is there any Royal Guards patrolling there?"

Celestia shook her head, "I'm afraid so, no. I wanted to send my guards to help the town but I know I will only end up killing them." She sighed and trotted to the balcony, watching the beautiful sky that usually filled with joy, happiness of the world, was no more.

Luna followed her close, "So... what should we do?"

"I already sent a letter to Twilight. I hope the humans willing to help us save the innocent ponies." She sighed again and looked to Luna. "Lets head to Ponyville." Luna nodded and seconds later, Celestia horn glows light blue and they vanished to thin air.


Day 1 - 12:50
Pvt. Daniel Nicholas
1st Bn., 75th Ranger Regiment
Appleloosa, Equestria

The sound of the train tracks echoing around the cabin. Twilight and her friends along with the rangers were sitting in the room. The rangers checked their equipment for the third time now. Meanwhile, Daniel was finishing his prayers in his seat. The ponies confused by his movements along with his mumbles.

“Allahuakbar,” while putting his hand to both of his knees and bow his head a little for a few seconds.

“What is he doing?” Twilight whispered to Finn.

“He’s doing his prayers.”

“His what?” Rainbow chimed in. all of the ponies looked at Finn waiting for an answer.

“We have different religions back on our world,” he began explaining, “Religion is a social-cultural system of designated behaviours and practices, morals, worldviews, texts, sanctified places, prophecies, ethics, or organizations that relates humanity to supernatural, transcendental, or spiritual elements.”

“There are an estimated ten thousand distinct religions worldwide,” Chase added, “About eighty four percent of the world’s population is affiliated with either Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, or some form of folk religion; as far as I know."

“The terrorists that we’ve been fighting against,” Jerry said, “They all Muslims, or Islam. And that kid,” he pointed at daniel and the ponies looked at the kid who is still doing his prayers, “He’s a Muslim, Islam his religion.”

The ponies shocked at his statement; their eyes immediately filled with fear. “So… he’s a… terrorist?” asked Twilight looked back to the sergeant. Finn chuckles at their expression.

“Not every Muslim's a terrorist Twilight,” Finn assures them, “We, humans have our right to choose our own way. In fact, he’s the one who wanted to wipe out those terrorists so bad; yet he’s the most amazing kid I’ve ever seen. His loyal, kind, how generous he is, always being honest to every person, and how he always brought a smile to us like those desperate times when we’re out of our minds.”

“Yep,” replied Chase smiling at the kid, “He sure is something. Its not easy to find a person like him, you know.”

“Never doubt about him,” said Jerry still checking his gun. The ponies seemed relief about their answers.

“Wait,” Twilight tilt her head, “You said that, he’s kind, loyal, generous, honest, and always bring smile to every person when they need it?”

Finn nod and that’s when Twilights’ eyes started to widened and he could have sworn that he saw a shooting star inside it. “That’s…that’s all of the Elements of Harmony!” Twilight exclaimed, “Well, not all of it.”

“Elements of what now?” Chase asked.

“Oh, we haven’t mention about the elements?”

The three rangers shook their head. “Well, it will hold on for later,” Finn said.

“Hey guys, what did I miss?” Daniel suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He then looked to the ponies, “Are we there yet?”

“Well,” Twilight looked outside, “Its should be a few minutes left.”

“Great,” Finn said hitting his helmet, “Check your equipment boys, we don’t know what’s waiting for us out there.”


The train stopped its track as their left, they could see a station; but it’s very quiet.

“Alright,” Finn said looking to the rangers, “Chase, I want you to stay here and guard the station private.”

“Roger that,” replied Chase.

“Daniel, Jerry, you two come with me, we’ll check each of the houses for any civilians. Remember, these civilians didn’t know us yet, so we have to be as friendly as possible.” He then looked to the ponies, “Twilight, tell the machinist to wait for our arrival, we’ll be back as soon as possible.” She nodded at Finn.

“Good, alright we’re Oscar Mike.” He opened the door and stepped outside, “Coast is clear.” The rangers slowly got out of the train with their guns aiming around the station.

“Seems that there’s no pony here,” chase said and he walked to the corner, “I’ll guard here.”

Finn nodded, the three rangers walked out of the station and proceeded to enter the town. As they all looked to the town, they all shocked at the scenery. “Massacre.” That was the only word that came to mind. Ponies lay littered on the ground, dead, blood pouring from the various wounds from their bodies. Cart left abandoned everywhere. Daniel noticed his hands were trembling.

“Dammit,” he muttered.

“What’s wrong kid?” asked Finn looking around.


“Well shit,” said Jerry, “Don’t pass out in the time like this.”

“I’ll try my best brother.” He took a deep breath and walk towards the dead ponies.

“Braeburn!” Finn called. No answer. “Braeburn!” Again, no answer. Instead was just the silence of blowing wind.

“Ghost town…” said Daniel aiming at one of the houses.

“Stay frosty.” The three of them began to separate, Daniel move to the right side of the houses, Jerry to the left side and finn still in the middle of the road. Slowly and steady, Daniel and Jerry peeked to the windows to see any signs of civilians.

“Got nothin’ dude.” Daniel said through his walkie.

“Same here.”

“Chase, seen any signs of life in the station?” Finn asked through his walkie.

“Negative sergeant, this place is so quiet."

“Are they all dead?” asked Jerry.

“I’m not sure, lets just keep looking around.” Finn then move to a big red house with a clock tower on it. Suddenly, the door opened slowly making the rangers taken aback. They stood still and aim directly to the door as it began to open wider. Then, a pony with a brown stetson hat peeked his head outside.

“Hey! Over here!” He waved at them.

“I think that’s our cue boys” Finn said lowering his weapon, “Come on we better get inside.”

The three of them made their way to the house. As they got inside, they realize that there were dozens of ponies inside the house. They all looked at the rangers with terrified looks.

“Don’t be scared,” Finn said raising his both hands to make sure that they're friendly, “We're here to help. And who’s Braeburn?” The pony that called them earlier took a step forward.

“I’m Braeburn, its nice to meet ya,” he said tipping his hat, “And how do you know my name?”

“Your cousin Applejack is waiting for you at the train,” Daniel replied, “We’re here to take all of you ponies to the safe zone.”

“Applejack?” He asked, which Finn respond with a nod, “That stubborn mare. By the way, who are you?”

“It doesn’t matter now,” Finn said with a flat tone, “All we have to do is get the hell outta here.”

“Are there any civilians who is still out there?” Jerry asked.

“No,” Braeburn said lowering his head, “Its just us left.”

“Oh sorry.”

“Come on,” Finn said walking to the door, “The sooner we get out of here, the more chances for us to get back alive.” Braeburn turned his gaze to all of the ponies.

“Everypony, we’re getting out of here,” then he walked to the rangers to assure them, “Lets go.” They all began to walk out of the house, Jerry took the lead and walked in front of them while Finn and Daniel guarding from behind.

“I had a bad feeling about this,” Daniel said looking around while gripping his weapon tightly. Then, there’s a crack coming from behind the two of them. They immediately turned around and saw another pony crawling from under the cart.

“Please,” the voice could definitely tell that she’s a female, “Help me.”

“I’ll go get her,” Finn said running to the pony while the private keep watching him from the distance. As he arrived, he quickly knelt down and reach the injured pony. “Hush now, its alright.” He said with a gentle and caring tone. He then grabbed the mare and carried her around his grasp. Suddenly, a unicorn wearing a black armor kicked a door of a house and shoot his magic directly towards the sergeant.


Finn noticed this and turned to face the young ranger. “Catch!” He said, throwing the mare to the air and onto Daniel’s grasp. Seconds later, the magic hit directly to his left chest.



Chase sighed while walking around the station several times. “What took ‘em so long?” He walked to the train door and peeked inside, “Is everypony okay?”

“Yeah,” replied Starlight rubbing Applejack’s back, “We’re good.”

Seeing this, Chase walked in and knelt beside Applejack. She’s still sobbing and said Braeburn’s name again and again. “Hey,” he placed an arm around her shoulders. She didn’t make any eye contact, she just looking at the floor, “Look I may not know about Braeburn, but seeing you like this, it must’ve really hard for you to lose him. But trust me, we will get him back home.”

“This place is his home.”

“Right… I mean we’ll get him back to Ponyville. I promise.”

“What if he’s not made it?!” She now looked directly to his eyes. Anger and sadness filled up inside her.

“Well,” he said rubbing the back of his head, “War was never meant to be pretty Applejack. Trust me, I've been through a lot worse.”

“ARRGGGHHHHHH!!” Then, gun fires heard from the town.

“Shit!” Chase quickly stands up and so does every pony in the train, he quickly snatched his walkie, “Guys, what happened does anyone copy?”

“Sergeant is hit!” Daniel screamed through the walkie making the ponies eyes widened. “I repeat sergeant is hit! We got ambushed from multiple directions! Chase, help Jerry to get the civilians inside the train and just leave us! Now!!!”

“Right on it!” Chase run through the door and immediately saw Jerry and the ponies running towards the train. “Over here!” he said waving his hand and opened the door for the second cargo.

“Get inside quick!” Jerry mentioned to the ponies. As they all got inside, they both closed the door and immediately run towards the sergeant and the young ranger. They got pinned down behind a cart and the Sombra’s troops are shooting them with crossbows and magics. Daniel is reloading his gun while finn is holding his wound with the blood come out a lot and fast from his left chest. Only God knows how that cart still intact.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Daniel shouted when he saw them and begin to shoot again, “Go! Get your asses outta here!”

“Oh no we ain’t gonna do that,” Chase nudge to Jerry, “Come on!” They both immediately began firing at their enemies. Two, three, four, and a lot of them began to fall limply to the ground as the bullets pierced through the thin armor. They both ran to their friends and immediately ducked behind the cart.

“I told you to leave,” said Daniel cocking his gun and began to fire.

“And that’s what you call a ranger?” Jerry smirking at his own line. "Don't be a hero kid."

"I'm not!"

“Guys we couldn’t stay here anymore,” Chase looked at his groaning sergeant and quickly pressed the wound, giving him a loud groan as he’s trying his best to breath. “Finn is badly injured.”

“Just leave me,” Finn said between his breaths, “Leave me and make sure that every pony is safe once they got back to Ponyville.”

“I'd rather go to hell than leaving you here!” Chase exclaimed then looked to Daniel. “Hey kid, throw some smoke grenades and began suppressing fire on those bastards, Jerry, you help me carry Finn and get the hell outta here.”

“Aight,” said Daniel, “On three… one…” He grabbed two smoke grenades with his both hands “Two… three!” He threw the smoke grenades as they immediately doing their duty. “Go! Go! Go!” He said firing like a mad man. He then fires one round of his grenade launcher through the smoke, and the sound of ponies screaming could be heard. Eat that you bastards, he thought with a smirk. Soon, they began to climb up the stairs and get into the train.

“Gang way! Gang way!” screamed Jerry. “There’s a wounded over here!” Daniel runs to the machinist and yelled at him.

“We’re Oscar Mike!”

“Huh? Who’s Oscar Mike?”

“The one who likes pudding!” Daniel groans, “Dammit, we get the hell outta here now!”

The machinist quickly nods and immediately start the train. Daniel runs back to the first cargo. As he closed the door, he was greeted by his new friends.

“What happened?” Twilight asked. Before he could answer, a stallion burst through the door, sends it flying to the opposite side. The ponies moved back as he began to charge at daniel, but he manages to punched him right on his muzzle sending him to fall backwards. Daniel quickly aimed his gun at his head and shoot him. As the blood came out from his head, Daniel grab him and threw him outside; and the train started to leaving the station. He limply sits himself to a couch and took off his helmet.

“Daniel,” Sunset said putting a hoof to his shoulder, “What happened?”

“Shit, sergeant!” he screamed and run to the door that leads him to the second cargo, Twilight and her friends followed suit and they saw Finn was laying on a couch with Jerry and Chase on his side.

“Just hold still Finn!” Chase said wrapping a bandage around his wound.

“I won’t make it guys,” he said coughing more blood and then he looked to daniel and the rest of the ponies he knew well, “Come here private.” He motioned his hand for Daniel to step forward. Daniel knelt beside him on hold him tightly in his hands.

“It’s all my fault,” Daniel said as tears forming on the corner of his eyes.

“It wasn’t anybody’s fault private,” Finn said with narrowed eyes, “I did what I had to do.”

“But I just was watching you when you get hit!”

“You’re in deep thought Daniel, I could saw it in your eyes.” Daniel now starting to sob and buried his face to his other hand. “Private look at me.” Daniel lift his head up; tears ran down his cheeks as he holds the sergeant’s hand tightly; almost crushing it to be honest. “I’m not gonna last long so-“

“Wait,” Chase interrupts and looked to Twilight, “Twilight can you heal him?” Twilight immediately trotted next to Finn and purple aura surrounded his wound but quickly vanished in an instant. Twilight jumped back at the sudden feeling and she turned to look at Chase with a desperate look on her face.

She groaned as she rubbed her horn. “I can’t, probably the magic has an encounter spell with it that wouldn’t accept any medical attention. Even magic. I'm sorry but, I couldn't save him.”

“Wait no no no, this isn’t happening,” Jerry said looking at his sergeant, “Sarge why the hell did you do that?”

“She was our priority for Christ sake!” He shouted and immediately groans at the sudden pain, “Is that what you call yourself a ranger if you left people behind?” Now it was his turn to say that.

There was a brief silence, no one dares to talk or move; it was only Daniel’s sobbing and the sergeant's breathing that fills the cargo. Finn turned his gaze to Applejack, “Braeburn’s… over there,” he pointed to the stallion who perked up as he called his name.

“Sweet apple! Braeburn!” Applejack tackled him into a big hug and they share a warm laugh together. As they continue on, Finn holds Daniel shoulder with his right hand while his left still holding on the private’s grasp.

“Listen here kid,” he catched the kid’s attention and with a loud voice so everyone in the cargo could heard him, “I can’t take it much longer, so here’s the final thing I wanted to say to you…” He took a deep breath before continue, “I want you to take the lead from now on.”

“What?!” Daniel shrieked at this, “But I-“

“And stay here for the rest of your life protecting these ponies, do I make myself clear private?” He interrupts Daniel statement. The young kid lowered his head at hearing this, not dare to look at the sergeant. “Do I make myself clear ranger?” Finn asked once again with a firm tone.

“Yes Sarge,” Daniel finally spoke up.

“Great, good,” Finn said looking up at the ceiling, “I’m so proud that I had you kid.”

“And it’s been an honour to meet you sergeant,” Daniel said solemnly. Finn chuckles, all of his memory about being a ranger, how he met, laugh, fight with them came to his mind like a waterfall. Then, he forced himself to made his final smile and said,

“Thanks.” With that, he breathed his last and closed his eyes. The rangers lowered their head; sadness fills the room with the only sobbing noise that came from Daniel. Twilight and her friends watched in disbelief. They only knew the sergeant less than half a day and now, here he is. Lying lifeless in front of everyone in the room just because he saved one pony's life. Chase puts his hand on Daniel’s shoulder.

“It’s alright kid.”

“No,” he said sternly, “It’s not alright,” he stood to his eye level, “All of this wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t because of me.”

“Hey, come on,” Jerry chimed in trying to calm him down, “Don’t blame yourself like that, you heard him; it wasn’t anybody’s fault.” Then, Daniel’s hands began to shake, his vision faded white and he saw the family getting gunned down. Stumbling, he leaned against a wall for balance, moaning in sickness.

“Kid?” Jerry asked worried.

“I’m fine…” he mumbled. Once again, his mind flashed, and he saw his brother, get shot. He groaned in pain, falling as he covered his gut. Daniel gave a quick shout and collapsed to his knees.

“Daniel?!” Chase knelt beside his friend. Daniel watched as the floor swirled, looking at his hands, he saw them tremble. No matter what he did, he couldn’t stop them. Holding his heart, he began to breathe heavily. His body shook violently, and his breathing doubled. He tried to say but he couldn’t speak. He collapsed, completely, and fully, shaking.

“Kid speak to me!” Chase shouted as every pony watch in horror.

“What's wrong with him?!” Rainbow asked worried and landed next to Chase who is desperately calmed him down. Her friends too began to surround the young ranger.

“The… the PTSD!”

“Oh shit,” Jerry said, “This is bad.”

"What is this PTSD?!" Rainbow nearly shrieked as she now putting a hoof to Daniel's trembling body. Everyone in the room began to panicked. Daniel continued to shake as he faded from consciousness...