• Published 20th Apr 2020
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Ranger's Destiny (Undergoing Edited) - TasteDaRainbow

Rangers find themselves in a world full of colorful talking ponies and an adventure awaits them. A war is taking place on Equestria. How can they survive through all of this? And the most important thing is, will they ever get back home? God help us.

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Taking Vanhoover

Author's Note:

Ahhhhh!!!! Finally I finished the chapter, damn I never thought it would be this difficult to write a story but oh well. Seems you guys like it, I'll make the best of it!

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The entire day, Daniel spends it with Rainbow Dash. The two of them grew closer together, they eat, played, laughed and tell each others past. But Daniel didn't want to talk about his, he didn't really care about it. All he cares now, is to protect the ponies from all dangers; he wouldn't have done all of this if it weren't for Finn. He made a promise and Daniel is not the type of person who likes to break promises. Okay... we're getting off track here.

All of the rangers tried their best to be friendly with the citizens, and it worked easily. The ponies seemed welcome them with open hands... uhh hoof, yeah open hoofs. They all talked, laughed, and even played together. The rangers seemed to enjoy this too. It's been a while since they last done it. What they know is that they have to fought in wars and save lots of civilians. And all they could think now... is home.


Day 3 - 00:12
Sgt. Daniel Nicholas
1st Bn., 75th Ranger Regiment
Ponyville, Equestria

In Twilight's castle, we can see the throne room filled with humans and ponies. They're discussing on the plan to retake Vanhoover. In the middle of the table, there was the map of the town itself.

"So," Daniel began the discussion, "What's the plan?"

"First of all," replied Celestia, "I want to ask to everyone in the room, did you all rest well?"

"Me and Daniel hang out a lot together," Rainbow said hoovering next to Daniel, "I must say, you pretty awesome for a human."

"Still a teenager," he chuckled.

"Wait, I never got your age," Rainbow asked.

"Well," Chase interrupted the conversation, "For all, Finn is the oldest from all of us, he's 35. I'm 29."

"26," said Jerry. The ponies turned and looked at Daniel.

"So how old are you?" Sunset asked.

"Well..." He sighed, "17."

"WHAT?!!" Pinkie shrieked, "You're 17?!!" Rainbow just staring at him, still hoovering with wide eyes.

"What? They told you guys I was the youngest in the force right?"

"Yeah but we didn't expect you to be that young," Starlight said.

"Sugarcube," Applejack chimed in, "We're all older than ya."

"Well, lucky you," Daniel shrugged, "You haven't been in hard times. Not like me." Rainbow placed a hoof on his back and rubs it gently.

"Anyway!" Celestia getting their attention, "We have to take back Vanhoover."

"And how do you intend to do that Your Majesty?" Chase asked crossing his arms.

"I already have one," she began to point at the map, "The plan is to work our way in to attack from the northwest corner of the town," she then pointed to the center of the town, "Once we make it to the town center, we make a forward assault to the east and retake the town."

Daniel looked at her with confusion and crossed his arms, "You can't be serious right?"

She looked back at him, "I am."

"That's a suicide mission," said Jerry shaking his head.

"Do you have a better plan?" Shining asked.

"Dann?" Chase and Jerry looked to the young ranger.

"Give me a second," he placed a hand under his chin and began to think about another strategy. It took only a few minutes until he snapped his fingers, getting everyone's attention. "I think I know just the way."

"Well," Chase said, "Spit it out."

"We play a little trick on Sombra," he said with a cocky grin.

"Go on," Celestia nodded.

He looked back at the map and began to form his strategy, "We make it like our plan is to attack from the northwest." He pointed his finger at the northwestern part of the map, "But," he pointed at the sky before going back to the map, "We'll attack from the northeast, get behind his forces and catch them with their pants down. Then, when they are distracted, you send in the larger forces from the front and we surround them from both sides," he made a circle with his hands on the northwest part of the town. "We flank them and either kill them off or cause a forced surrender. Then we make our move to the center of town. Once we have the town square we make one final push to the south."

Twilight and her friends eyes sparkled as they look at Daniel. "Sugarcube, that's one heck of a strategy ya got there," Applejack said with a wide smile.

"That's why I suggest that we go in just before dawn. We catch them in their sleep. Slit their throats and keep moving. And like I said before, we either, A; we wipe them all out or B; we caused a forced surrender."

"And how do we pull this off Sergeant?" Luna asked. Daniel returned her with a smug grin.

"We go with a small force and move from house to house. Once we reach the main force, we move silently as we pick them off one by one. If we’re spotted watch for a signal and attack, if not be ready to charge by sun up.” He said crossing his arms.

“That’s so crazy it just might work!” said Rainbow as she rubbed her chin, “How did you think of that?”

"I already told ya," said Jerry, "He's one of the best tacticians we've ever had."

"Well, I guess we have our plan," Celestia said.

"Your Majesty, no offense but this task it'll be only me and Jerry to take out the guards," Daniel said with a firm tone, "You and your squad will wait for our signal to move in while Chase leading the squad from the northwest. The tank will be with him if things get any worse. We couldn't take any risk, we only got one chance on this."

"Hold on a minute Sergeant," Luna asked raising a hoof, "How are you gonna bring that tank to Vanhoover? It's pretty far away from here."

"That's why we needed to go right now," replied the sergeant and he looked to Celestia, "Princess, you and all of your squad can go with the train while me and the rangers here will follow the train tracks. Once we arrived, we engage the assault."

"Very well," Celestia nodded and proceeded to walk to the main door, "Come on my little ponies, we have a war to win." Then, the ponies began to left the room along with the rangers, except Luna who immediately teleports herself back to Canterlot. Celestia headed to the train station while the rangers get into their vehicles.

"Wait," Daniel said and ran towards the Princess, "I think you might need one of these." He handed out his walkie before Celestia grabbed it with her magic.

"It will be useful for us."

"Indeed." With that, they continued their walk and Daniel headed to the rest of the rangers. Suddenly, Cadance suddenly appear to his left with Flurry in her grasp.

"Evening, Sergeant," she said with a smile.

"Evening to you too Princess," replied Daniel smiling warmly. Flurry then clapped her hooves and stretched them out to reach Daniel.

"Here you go little filly," said Cadance giving her to Daniel's arms. As Flurry in his grasp, she immediately wrapped her hooves around him and let out a lovely chuckle. Seeing this, Daniel giggled and hugged her gently, sharing his body heat to comfort the cute little filly.

"She likes you a lot, you know," Cadance giggled at the scenery.

"To be honest, I like her too. Seeing her remembers me about my family." He chuckled as Flurry nuzzled under his chin. "Wish they could see this."

"Always," Cadance replied with gentle voice, "They will always with you Daniel, right in your heart."

"Thanks Princess," he said as he felt a tear falling down his cheek, "It means a lot to me."

"You aren't like anyone else I've ever seen Daniel," Cadance continued, "You are different, very different from the others I've ever met before. Even Flurry likes you. You are the sweetest, caring stallion with a golden heart deep inside you. Remember that." Daniel only nodded and sniffed at her statement. To be honest, no one ever said that to him before.

"Thank you Princess, thank you."

"Remember this, you don't have to blame yourself for every action that you caused or your friends sacrifice. It's not any your fault. We all make mistakes Daniel. They did that because they want to protect you. They did that because they care about you. You still have a lot life to learn Daniel, you're still young. Now stop blaming yourself because right now, we need you... we need you to stand with us, fight with us. Save our world Daniel, win this war for us, for Finn, for your friends. I know you can, because you will. And you will try everything to make things better. Because you are you."

Daniel felt his heart filled with confidence again. He smiled and nodded at Cadance, then he pulled Flurry back and kissed her on the forehead, making her giggle by his action. He then return her to Cadance as he do a final boop on her muzzle. She's goddamn cute!!!

"Thank you Cadance," was all he could say before leaving her and headed to the humvee.

"Daniel," Cadance called him to make him turned, "Bring back Shining with you okay?"

He smiled and nodded, "I will Princess! Don't you worry! We will back home safely!" He waved at her and continue to walk to the jeep. Wait, did I just say... home?? He thought to himself. He then opened the door to the driver seat.

"Well," Jerry said from the back seat, "For Finn?"

"Hooah," Daniel said getting into the driver seat. "We're Oscar Mike."


Day 3 - 03:14
Sgt. Daniel Nicholas
1st Bn., 75th Ranger Regiment
Vanhoover, Equestria

"Aight... drop 'em," whispered Daniel holding his knife.

Jerry nodded before the both of them quietly walking over and grabbing two stallions that is talking around a campfire and thrusting their blades into their necks. Both stallions eyes shot open at the contact of someone else's touch, but their pleas and warnings went unheard. As their blood spilled from their bodies, their eyes rolled into the backs of their heads before they finally went limp. Daniel and Jerry took the now limp bodies and dragged them into a nearby bushes and threw their bodies into it.

"Good night," Daniel said with a smirk while Celestia and the others watched in amazement as the two rangers proceeding their task perfectly. "Come on, we need to get to one building and another to take down those guards before daylight," he said looking at Jerry.

Then, the rangers quickly moved to a house. Inside, Daniel and Jerry quickly snapped the necks of two of Sombra's guards that were asleep and quickly moved outside and onto the next house. A few seconds later, the duo snuck their way out of the building they're just moved in and proceeded to the next one.

Celestia and the rest of the squad took point to watch out for any movement in the area. So far the plan was working well. Sombra’s troops were fast asleep."Oh my gosh these guys are good!" Whispered Rainbow to the others.

"Lets just leave it to the experts," replied Celestia.

Things were going smoothly, so far the rangers were clearing houses full of small squads of stallions without being noticed. Soon, they had cleared up a few blocks of homes since the beginning of the assault. They cleared house after house, clearing them of the plague that is Sombra’s army. It was a bloody two and a half hours before the rangers and the others made it to within two blocks of the amassed front line of Sombra’s forces. Here’s where things gets even more tricky for Daniel and Jerry, with the sun coming up in just about twenty minutes, troops have begun to stir from their slumber. They began to check times, go to the bathroom, or eat anything they could scrounge up. But for the rangers, things were looking up.

Anyway, the rangers promptly left the house they were in and quietly snuck down the street and into a dark alley and meet up with Celestia and the Elements along with Shining and his squad.

"Clean house," Daniel said with a cocky grin and knelt next to the Elements.

"Hooah." Jerry said while cleaning his knife.

"This is going perfectly!" Shining whispered with confidence.

“You better shut your mouth Captain,” whispered Jerry with authority and sarcasm while looking at the Captain, “Because you may have just gotten us killed.”

“This is war son, death is part of the job,” replied one of the royal guards.

“Yeah, but death is bad for my health,” Daniel replied sarcastically.

“Could we please cut the charade,” Rainbow said getting a little annoyed, “We still have a town to take.”

"Come on Jerry, we're getting into that house," Daniel said pointing one of the houses.

"Aight," replied Jerry, "Better keep moving."

The two of them quietly get inside the house. Celestia and the others still waiting in the alley watching the streets from the darkness. Inside the house, the rangers began their mission. Sneaking into the back of the stallions and slowly bring them to hell. Once they think its clear, they walked down the hallway and onto the main door. Just as they about to open it, the bathroom door opened from the left, not far enough from their current position and revealed one of the Sombra's troops. They stared at him and he stares back for a moment... until,


Daniel immediately grabbed his gun and shot two bullets right on his head. He fall to the ground with blood coming out from his head.

“Well shit,” Daniel deadpanned while he held his gun onto his shoulder and looked at the slumped over body of the now deceased soldier.

"What happened?!" Celestia asked through the walkie.

"I'll tell you later!" Replied Jerry, "Come on, we need to get back to the alley and warn the others." Daniel nodded and the two of them run across the street and into the alley. Once they got there, the others ran towards them.

"What happened?!" Twilight frantically asked.

Daniel looked at them, “Bastard was in the bathroom, caught him on his way out.”

"You do realize that you just alerted the entire force?” Rainbow asked, stating the obvious.

“Yeah I do,” replied Daniel with a hint of anger, "Look we need to warn the others, Jerry give me your walkie." He grabbed his walkie and tosses it to the young soldier. "We had to get to the street first." They all nodded and walked out of the alley. After that, Daniel spoke through his walkie.

"This is Sergeant Daniel Nicholas, Private Chase do you copy, over?"

"Solid copy, Dann what the hell was that? I heard a gun firing!"

"I thought it was supposed when the sun is up!" The commander chimed in.

"It was," Daniel said, "Listen I need you to go loud! They're all probably heading to us!"

"You! Halt!" Ordered a deep male voice. All of them turned to see a stallion, clad in black armor.

Without a second thought, Jerry pulled out his Deagle from his waist and immediately shoot the stallion right on his head. A simultaneous ting of the bullet connecting with the helmet filled the air while the back of the stallions head exploded in a mix of blood, brains and metal. There was no walking away from that. He fell to the ground in a heap of metal.

"Nice shot!" Complimented Sunset.

"It doesn't matter! 'Cause here they come!!" Screamed Dash while pointing past the dead trooper.

Down the street from the hero’s charged a massive force as they poured out from sides streets. They all held shields, spears, and crossbows. The look of green eye holes in the helmets struck fear in the hearts of everyone.

Well, everyone but two USARs.

"Jerry!" Daniel screamed while switching his gun to the grenade launcher, "LETS BRING 'EM HELL!"

The two rangers stood in front of the ponies and prepared for the assault. Daniel shoots his launcher and seconds later, an explosion could be seen right in the middle of the incoming force that sends them flying and crashing onto their teammates. He fires the second time and the third time.

The mares and stallion with the two men were dumbfounded. Not only did they kill multiple oncoming troops, but they stopped the army as a whole. This were their first sight seeing this close. Soon, the sound of gunfire knocked the hero’s out of their stunned state of mind. Both Daniel and Jerry opened fire with their weapons as they shot from the hip, spraying the block with lead. For the few seconds they were firing, multiple soldiers of Sombra’s army soon joined their allies on the ground.

Through the shock and horror of the slaughter one word was heard, “RETREAT!!!!” Ordered a male voice from the center of the enemy force.

The force didn’t hesitate in the slightest. Because they turned tail and ran. Celestia, the Elements, Shining and his stallions watched as the massive group ran in fear before they slowly looked at the two men that just caused a massive amount of damage.

Daniel held his ACR up and slipped the mag out and replaced it with a new one before closing the chamber as Jerry did the same.

While Daniel cocked his assault rifle, he said, “We better join with the main forces,” he lowered the weapon and looked at slack jawed Celestia, “Because they will be back, and with more troops.”

"We're Oscar Mike!" Screamed Jerry as he began to ran. Daniel put a grin and followed the Corporal. The Princess and the others shook their head as they realised that the two rangers were running leaving them behind.

"Come on!" Celestia said regained her composer, "We still have a battle to win!" Everyone turned from her and headed down the street after the rangers with a new sense of confidence.

Both Daniel and Jerry still running at full force. They both continued to chase the retreating force out of Vanhoover. They arrived at a large field with a hill not far away from them and on the horizon, the faint glow of the suns raised painted the picturesque mountains. They stopped as they saw a large number of Sombra's army storming down the hill. The retreating forces are now joining them and charge forward back to Vanhoover.

"Welp," Daniel said lowered his gun. "I guess were doomed."

Jerry chuckled, "We'll just have to pinned them down for a second. Come on, lets have some fun."

After that, the two rangers began to open fire at the charging force. Bullets and grenade launchers were sent to them in attempt to slow them down. But the number of army was countless as they now getting angrier and screamed, charging towards the two men who stood still like a Rambo. Suddenly, there was a strange 'whoosh' sound and...


All of a sudden, a massive explosion lands in front of the dead troopers and sends them flying in many directions.

"This is War Daddy, uhh you didn't tell me that you're having a party over here." Jerry and Daniel turned to their right and saw the tank roared out from the street as she fired one more shell to the forces while the commander firing like a kid who just got a Christmas gift, followed by a humvee and a massive Celestial Royal Guards. To their left, Celestia along with Shining and his squad pouring from the street and ran towards the black armored ponies and they heard a loud and determined chant.

“FOR THE PRINCESS! YEAAAAAH!” The faint roar of a charging army filled the air.

Jerry looked at Daniel, “Here comes our reinforcements!”

“’Bout time they showed up!” replied Daniel smiling widely.

Both men rounded a corner to see their squad in a fierce battle. But the attention on them began to fade as the Celestial Royal Guard came pouring in from all sides. Shields clanged and swords met. The attacking guard came in like a thundering tank. Anyone that wasn’t knocked off their feet were impaled by spears or swords.

Both Daniel and Jerry charged in head strong along with Chase who suddenly tackled one of the 'dark ones'. Soldiers fell, both the guard and the dark forces. Throughout the entirety of the battle, the rangers - with their futuristic weapons and unique finding style - stood at its heart. They showed no fear, no remorse, only determination.

For what felt like hours, Sombra’s troops ultimately fell back and regrouped. They huddled back in fear as they watched one unfortunate soul drop to the ground by Celestia’s halberd. She stepped forward, along with Shining and his best stallions. The three brothers reloaded yet again as they stared down the army.

Celestia looked back at her gathered troops, “PUSH THEM BACK AND TAKE BACK WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS!” she ordered with a wave of her massive blade.

Her army raised their weapons high to the sky, “YEEAAAHHHH!!!”

She pointed the blade forward, “CHARGE!”

“RETREAT!” ordered someone from Sombra’s Army.

"Wait Princess!" Daniel exclaimed making the entire army stopped, "Let us."

Celestia looked at him and looked back at the retreating forces, then back at him, "Alright, you deserve it."

"War Daddy this Sergeant Daniel Nicholas proceed to slaughter the retreating forces on my mark, over."

"Copy that."

"Chase," Daniel said pointing at the humvee, "Get that humvee here and immediately fire them with the minigun as I say, got it?"

"Hooah!" He replied while running towards the jeep. Seconds later, both jeep and the tank stopped next to the army awaiting orders.

"On three! One... two... three!!!"

The rangers began firing the retreating army. Bodies flying from explosion, and bloods everywhere. Just a few seconds later, the army was moving no more.

"Cease fire! Cease fire!" Daniel exclaimed and lowered his gun.

"We did it? We won?" Chase asked from the top of the humvee.

Daniel took a few steps forward and letting out a big sigh. He then turned to the army who's waiting for an answer. He smiled limply as he raised his gun up to the air.

"WE WON!!" The army then screamed with glee. They did it, they take over Vanhoover. His plan didn't go to waste. Daniel dropped to his knee and put off his helmet. He saw the Elements running towards him, smiles and tears plastered on their faces. Then, they tackled him into a group hug.

"You did it!! We did it Daniel!!" Twilight screamed with glee, tears running down her cheeks.

"Ah can't believe it sugarcube! It was all because of yer plan!"

"You're AWESOME Daniel and you know that!" Rainbow shrieked.

"Thank you Daniel! Thank you!" Starlight said.

"Ooh!! Daniel you have no idea how much we worried about you when you and the others fight in close range!" Pinkie exclaimed wrapping her hooves to all of her friends.

"Easy there girls," said Daniel breaking the hug, he looked to the girls with a warm and lovely smile, "My plan's not gonna work without all of you. You made me did this, it is you who made me wanted to continue forward. Some day, we will defeat Sombra."

They cheered and laughed together as they all return for another group hug. Celestia approached them and cleared her throat.

"I must say, you done well in the service of my kingdom."

Daniel quickly get up from his seat and looked at her with a confused look, "What do you mean by that Princess?"

"Sergeant Daniel from the US Army Rangers, allow me to ask a question. Would you give your life for anypony here?" She asked.

"If it meant innocent lives could be saved, in a heartbeat."

The Princess let out a satisfactory sigh, pleased. "That's all I needed to know." She said. Looking back to Twilight, she whispered something into her ear, causing Twilight to smile.

"Of course." She said while nodding. The princess placed a hoof on Daniel's shoulder.

"Daniel Nicholas, of the US Army Rangers, I would like you to be an official guardian for Ponyville, and the rest of Equestria." Daniel stared in disbelief. The alicorn backed away. Observing him carefully, he looked behind him, the other seven ponies and the other rangers. They all stood there in shock.

"Well?" The Princess asked, waiting for her answer.

The human looked up determination and fire in his eyes. With a solid voice, he replied; "It would be my honour."

Twilight and the others cheered, while the other rangers smiled. The Princess nodded.

"Twilight will allow you to take shelter in her home. Welcome to Equestria Staff Sergeant."

So that's why I called this place as home.

He felt a hand on his left shoulder and when he turned around to saw who it is, it's Chase smiling at him.

"Welcome to your new home brother."