• Published 20th Apr 2020
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Ranger's Destiny (Undergoing Edited) - TasteDaRainbow

Rangers find themselves in a world full of colorful talking ponies and an adventure awaits them. A war is taking place on Equestria. How can they survive through all of this? And the most important thing is, will they ever get back home? God help us.

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Debriefing... Again?

Author's Note:

Finally!! Whew tough one so far! Sorry for making you waiting because this is Ramadhan and I'm fasting so yeah, sleepy as hell. But don't worry this is the new chapter and I'm still working on the next one!

Next chapter: Taking Vanhoover

"How's it going Captain?"

"Well... first of all, sorry 'cause I haven't gone for a recon mission yet."


"I'm sorry Your Highness! But me and the troops were able to take Appleloosa."

*Sigh* "Alright, what about those creatures."

"They came to Appleloosa about half an hour after the attack. I guess they received a report about the town but I manage to shot down one of them."

"Great... good. The rest must be hurting."

"I believe so My Lord."

"Captain, I want you to take your squad to do a recon mission immediately. We have to know what they're planning and how their strategy works. We can't fight in close combat."

"Except we lure them into a trap."

"Excuse me, Captain?"

"A trap Your Highness, we can lure them into a trap. Once one of them is out of sight, that's when we kill or take it with us and bring their things for further research."

"You'd better be right Captain."

"I won't let you down Your Highness."

"Good, lets set up a plan."


"Daniel!" A tomboyish voice called out his name. Daniel moaned and tried to fall back asleep. "Come on Daniel, you know can't sleep here, you know?"

Daniel immediately realized where he is and shoot his eyes opened and quickly blinded by the sunlight. He groaned by the sudden light and blinked his eyes several times to regain his vision. Once his vision began to clear, he saw the cyan pegasus hoovering in front of him; along with her friends and Jerry was standing there with Chase.

"Why are you sleeping here anyway?" Rainbow asked landed in front of him.

Daniel rubbed the back of his head, smiling sheepishly, "Well, I was gonna get some rest after..." He paused and let out a sigh, "What happened to... Finn." He said with a stern tone and hung his head. Jerry and Chase let out a sigh too.

Rainbow placed a hoof on his knee, "We're sorry Daniel." She looked at him with concern look as he looked back at her for a couple of seconds before he looked to the other rangers.

"Damn if I didn't-"

"Cut the chatter Daniel," Chase said interrupted him with furrowed brows, "He told you it wasn't anybody's fault and you still feel that it's because of you? Quit blaming yourself kid."

"What about McConnell and Red?!" He stood up making Rainbow and the other ponies jumped back. All they knew about him that he was a nice human; at least his friends told them so. But they never saw his other side. "What about them huh?!"

"They sacrifice themselves!" Chase shrieked.

"Yeah and they sacrifice for me! Why did they gave their lives for me?! WHY?!!" He breathed heavily and their faces only a few inches away.

"ENOUGH!" Jerry screamed as he separated both of them. "We shouldn't talk about this, not right now." He turned to face Daniel who is still in anger, "Dann, I want you to tell us what's been bothering you this entire time. You always in deep thoughts lately. This night, I want you to tell us everything that you had in mind around a campfire. Understand?"

Daniel sighed giving his back to his friends, "It's all my fault," he then grabbed all of his gears and walked away. Leaving the scared ponies and the rangers behind.

"Seriously," Rainbow asked looking at the rangers, "What is wrong with him?"

"No wonder you're the Element of Loyalty," Chase chuckled.

"Must have all of his past," Jerry sighed, "He should've let it all out."

"Poor kid," Chase said looking at his friend that disappeared into the distance. "He needed some time to be alone. Come on girls." With that, the ponies nodded and began walking with the rangers.


Daniel walked through town with his head lowered. He felt the guilt building up inside him again and it made him sick. Dammit why can't I just... ARRGGGHHH!!! He punched slightly on his helmet while he was still walking, didn't even care where it goes he just continue forward. He then spotted a nearby hill with a single tree on it; not far enough from the crowd of ponies. He let out a big sigh and walked towards the hill. The view is pretty much beautiful though. Taking off his backpack, he slumped himself into a sitting position and buried his face onto his hands. He sat there for a moment, letting the breeze took its job caressing his skin with its cool sensation, until a single tear ran out from the corner of his eye.


Twilight and her friends still giving a tour for the rangers around Ponyville. They headed to Carousel Boutique, then to the Cloudsdale, School of Friendship, Town Hall, Sweet Apple Acres, and everything. While they were walking and chatting together, suddenly a light emerge in front of them. As the light faded, there stood the two sisters.

"Your Majesty," Chase said bowing his head a little and so does the rest.

"At ease," Princess replied. When they returned from Appleloosa, the two sisters immediately introduce themselves to the rangers. Since that they haven't got a chance to do so. Unfortunately, Daniel passed out from the PTSD and Finn had passed away, leaving his chest soaked with blood.

"Rangers, we want you to come with us to Twilight's castle," Celestia continued, "We have some important information we want to discuss."

"Aight Princess," Jerry said, "Let's head to the castle." They began to start walking towards their destination until Luna realizes something.

"Corporal?" She asked getting Jerry's attention, "I heard that Private Daniel already got out from the hospital, where is he?"

"Well, he was just having a hard time Princess."

"Hard time?"

"Yeah, Finn told him that he took the lead from now before he died. But I don't think he'd be able to lead us if he always blame himself for every reason. He always acted like that lately." He sighed.

Luna nodded and continue their walk. As they approached the castle, Jerry snaps his fingers to the tank crew men to get their attention.

"The Princesses wants to see us," he said with a firm tone.

"Aight," said the commander, "Lets go boys."

"Wait," Rainbow said getting everyone's attention, "Shouldn't we better be looking for Daniel first? I mean, he's a part of the rangers right?"

Chase sighed, "Well, as much as I hate it to talk with him when he's got all crazy like this, she had a point here."

"Yeah," replied Jerry, "He's one with the best strategy though."

"Do not worry," Celestia chimed in, "I will send my guards to look for him. You all can come in first; I will inform the guards."

"Thanks Princess," Chase said bowing his head a little. With that, Celestia left to tell the guards while the others began to entered the castle.



Daniel was sitting against a tree. He sighed, leaning his head, he looked up at the beautiful clear blue sky. Wish Earth had a view like this. I wonder what General's thinking right now. He probably send some squads to look for us, he chuckled as he imagine the General ruffling his hair after losing one of his best men while rumbling on and on. "Dunno why but by just watching this worlds' beautiful scenery always made my mind at ease. I better apologize to them."

Then, he heard a hoofstep to his left that's getting closer. He turned his head and saw a guard trotting towards him.

"Morning, Private Daniel," he said with a flat tone, "The Princesses wished to see you in Twilight's castle."

"The Princesses? Why?"

"Just follow me." With that, Daniel put on his gear and followed the guard to the castle.


Celestia returned and immediately sat next to her sister. In the room were the two princesses, the rangers, Twilight and her friends along with Shining, Cadance, Spike and Ember.

"Alright," Celestia said clearing her throat. Before she could continue, Daniel walked in and saw all of them circling the crystal table. He looked to the two sisters and smiled warmly as if nothing had happened earlier.

"Princesses," he bowed slightly and walked towards them.

"I believe we haven't introduce ourselves," Celestia asked with her calm tone.

"Yeah," Daniel rubbed the back of his head, "The guard who lead me to the castle told me, but I haven't got your names."

"Very well," Celestia nodded, "I am Princess Celestia, this is my sister Princess Luna."



"Hey uhh... Dann?" Jerry asked getting Daniel's attention, "Listen, I'm sorry for-"

"Don't," Daniel said raising his hand, "It was me who supposed to apologize. Sorry guys I've been through a hard time lately. A lot of things lingered in my mind."

"It's alright kid," Chase nodded, "We understand." Daniel smiled and nodded at them too.

"Alright," Celestia began, "Before we started, rangers I'm sorry for what had happened to the sergeant."

"Shit happens in war Your Majesty," Daniel said crossing his arms. The rangers just chuckled at his compliment.

"Corporal," Celestia said, "Perhaps you can tell me what happened to you and your other rangers?"

"Well, not my rangers Princess, it was now his," Jerry said pointing at Daniel who is still standing behind all of the Elements.

"What do you mean Jerry?" The commander asked. "He's taking the lead now?" Jerry only nodded. "Welp, I guess he could be a good sergeant," the commander said crossing his arms, "We're counting on you kid."

"About your question Your Majesty," Daniel said didn't want to go further, "We've been tasked to go and capture a base that is located in a town called Al-Asad so we can gain access to the fuel station near that town. We got six humvees and two tanks with us."

"Unfortunately for us," Chase added, "We got ambushed and Daniel here got shot by a sniper on his right chest."

"Only God knows how he survived," Jerry chuckled.

"Yeah if that wasn't because of you guys and Twilight here, I would've probably in a better place laughing at you." He and the rangers laughed together. Soon as the laughter died, the rangers continue their explanation.

"How we survived with that humvee out there from the nuke... again, only God knows that." Said Jerry.

"We just wanted to kick some bozos," said Daniel with a confident smile, "And boy we did."

"Well... I'd say you have my respect Sergeant," said Shining.

"Yeah well... we have a job to do... and to be honest I hope we can have this war over by Christmas... I wanted my friends to go home and see their families." Daniel said smiling at the rangers.

"How about your family?" Celestia asked. Daniel taken aback by her question. He sighed and looked around the room. All of them waiting for his answer.

"I..." He began, "I don't... have any family..." The ponies gasp at his statement. "It's a long story. The short is, they all got killed right in front of me."

Fluttershy leapt from her chair and walked towards Daniel; and held his hand, inspecting it. "You poor thing, I'm sure that must have been horrible for you." She said with a sad look.

"It was." He sighed.

"I'm sorry that I asked," the Princess felt a little guilt inside her.

"It's alright Princess," Daniel smiled assuring her, "I believe it's my destiny to be all alone."

"You have us kid," Chase said smiling at him, and so does other rangers.

"I know."

"So how did you end up in the forest?" It was Luna turned to ask now.

"Well..." Jerry said, "We were just driving away from the shockwave as fast as we could."

"The last thing we ever expected to run into was the Sombra's army in the forest," replied Daniel. "Honestly, we don't know how we ended up here."

Heavy silence filled the room.

"So... what's the plan Princess?" Asked Daniel curiously.

"Well," replied Celestia, "I already sent some guards to do a recon in another towns outside Canterlot. And I want to take over Vanhoover from Sombra."

"That's a bold move," said the commander.

"We can't afford Sombra any ground. If he gets any closer to Cloudsdale or if he gets Las Pegasus, that leaves Canterlot open to attack."

"Well then," Daniel said walked forward and now he's standing between Rainbow and Applejack, "We can help that. Right rangers?" All of the rangers nodded and now looked to Celestia.

"If you insist Sergeant," Celestia said nodded to Daniel, "So what do you have in terms of weaponry?"

"Show them our equipments gentlemen," said Daniel putting all of his equipment on the table in front of everyone. Once they all settled, the ponies inspect their things.

Daniel pointed at every weapon as he listed them. "We have one ACR Grenadier with five mags and five rounds for the grenade launcher, same goes to the Scar, one M240 with two full mags, an M4A1 Grenadier with four mags and six rounds for the launcher, lots of frags, smokes and flashbangs, six Desert Eagles side arms with four mags each, the minigun on the humvee, the Abrams, lots of combat knife, and few claymores. Wait..." He looked to Jerry, "Did we have the Barrett M107 back in the trunk?"

"I don't know," replied Jerry, "Let me check it out." He then run through the hallway and onto the main door.

"Commander," Daniel said getting his attention, "How much shells left for the Abrams?"

"Well, we still have 42 rounds left," he said, "So... yeah, plenty enough." Then, Jerry back with a large black sniper in his hands.

"Here you go Sergeant," he said handing the weapon.

"Woah," Rainbow said looking at the sniper, "That looks awesome!"

"It is," Daniel chuckled and put the weapon on the table, "This beast will easily kill an enemy with just a single shot. How many mags?"


"Great, plenty enough for all of us. But as soon as we ran out of ammo, they will be no use."

"How come?" Luna asked tilting her head.

"Because they require ammo, and with us being so far away from a resupply, and with you guys lacking firearms as a means for fighting. The ammo will only go so far," replied Daniel.

"But I can duplicate it more, right?" Twilight asked looking at Daniel with a sad look, "You forgot about me?"

"Of course not," Daniel smiled at her, "But we can't force you to join the squad, it'll be dangerous for all of you."

"Well, I for one wanted them to come," Celestia said which greeted by Daniel's shocked look. "They can help us in the front lines."

"Why?" Chase asked.

"Because if we were in difficult situation, the Elements of Harmony can protect us from whatever danger might come. Also, me and Twilight will provide you more ammo if you ran out."

"Well then," Jerry chimed in, "But I'm not thinking to bring 'em to the front lines, it'll only made things worse. No offense but it is up to us to stop them before they could take Canterlot. We can't risk any civilians to die."

"Right, but let the Princess handle that. And what if we lose our weapons or one of us gets captured or killed?” Asked Daniel.

“Well for one Sarge, I know you have a death grip on that ACR of yours, and you’d kill anyone else that touches it,” said Chase, “But yeah, I see your point there.”

“I can solve that issue also Sergeant,” said Celestia.

Her horn began to glow, enveloping all the weapons in her golden aura, then she enveloped all of the rangers in her magic. The rangers just freeze there in confusion until the golden aura disappeared. The rangers looked at each other, then back to Celestia.

“What was that about?” Asked Jerry.

Celestia looked at Dash, “Rainbow, grab one of those weapons.”

“Okay,” said Rainbow nervously.

She reached out for one of the guns on the table, once she grabbed one of the pistols she couldn’t lift it. She moved her other hoof to the weapon and used every ounce of strength she had to life the small weapon.

She grunted and moaned before letting go of the weapon, “I can’t Princess.”

Celestia looked at Daniel, “Sergeant go ahead and take your weapon.” He looked at Chase, then back to her.

He reached out and grabbed his ACR, easily lifting it into the air, “What was that all about?”

“Princess what was that all about?” asked Jerry.

“A special protection spell,” explained Celestia, “We use it when we want to keep high ranked items under close supervision.”

“So if anyone other than ourselves tries to take our weapons… they can’t?” asked Daniel.

“That’s correct,” replied Celestia.

“Jeez there’s a spell for everything,” said Chase as he looked at Daniel.

"Wait a minute," Daniel said, "Princess, I believe that I heard that you and Twilight will provide us more ammo?"

"I don't see why not," replied the Princess.

"No no, what I mean is... you'll be joining us?"

"That's right."

"What?!" Jerry exclaimed.

"You will be taking orders from me."

"I don't have a problem with that," said Chase, "As long as we get to kick some ass, I'll be more than happy to join." He said with a smug grin on his face.

“So let me get this straight,” Daniel pointed a finger at her, “You, and the Elements are going to walk into a massive battle,” he paused, “And possibly get killed?”

“That’s the plan!” said Rainbow with enthusiasm.

Daniel thought for a minute, then shrugged, "Well then, I think that's all for us right?" Celestia nods. "That means we'll be going before dawn."

"Before dawn?!" Pinkie shrieked, "That's way tooooo early!"

"Why? You never been up that early before?" Chase asked and the all the ponies shaked their heads. "Well, this won't be getting any better."

"This is war girls," Daniel said, "Like it or not because that's where the enemies supposed to tired. And still in the cover of the night."

"Well, I can make the night longer if you wish," Luna said.

"Right," Chase said, "Princess of the Night... we can use that."

"Definitely," Daniel said with a confident smile.

"Well, that's the plan then," Celestia rised from her seat and looked at Shining, "Shining, will you come and join us in the fight."

Shining's eyes wide open. He then looked to the Princess, then to Cadance. Cadance nodded and give a small peck on his cheek. Shining smiled and return to face the Princess. "I will."

"Well," Daniel said clapped his hands one time, "Then that is settled, we get the civilians out of there and retake the town."

"Hooah," Chase said, "We still got plenty of time before our deployment, so what are we gonna do?"

"Well, I was just gonna hang out or walked around the town," replied Daniel. Rainbow looked up at him and smile from ear to ear.

"You wanna hang out?" She asked enthusiastically.

Daniel looked down at her and ruffled her mane, "Sure." He chuckled.

"Well then," Celestia said getting all of their attention, "We'll be back here at night. Approximately at twelve, make sure you have some rest." They all nodded and then, the Princesses teleported themselves back to Canterlot.

"Aight," Daniel said walking out the room, "Dismiss!"