• Published 20th Apr 2020
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Ranger's Destiny (Undergoing Edited) - TasteDaRainbow

Rangers find themselves in a world full of colorful talking ponies and an adventure awaits them. A war is taking place on Equestria. How can they survive through all of this? And the most important thing is, will they ever get back home? God help us.

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Air Force

Daniel and his friends were now getting closer to the crash site. They stopped not far enough from the jet fighter. Daniel took a step forward and looked back at the rangers.

"Guys, I want you to stay here and watch them," he said as he cocked his Deagle.

"What?" Forbes raised an eyebrow, "There's not even any enemy here."

"I know but my instinct told me so."


Forbes was cut off by Chase who was putting a hand on his shoulder. "When it comes to instinct, Daniel always right," Chase said, "I've known him better."

Forbes looked at the ground, then back to the young ranger, "Be careful."

Daniel nod and slowly walk to the jet. He observed the wreckage. Behind him, Forbes and Chase had their weapons trained on the plane with ponies behind them. No reason not to be too careful. Daniel carefully moved forward, gun forward. The glass of the cockpit was cracked, with several holes where the glass should have been. He crouched down and put his Deagle back to his waist, placing his hands on the cockpit. He feels it a bit, and tries to find the weakest spot. When he finds it, he brings back his fist and gives it a solid punch. The glass shatters, and a gun immediately aimed at his face. The barrel smacks into his face, causing a quick shock of pain. He freezes, trying to remain calm. The barrel of the gun is small, a handgun for certain.

"Star..." He hears the weak voice from the pilot. Definitely a man.

"Texas, the proper respond is Texas," he gives his countersign while pushing the gun away. The pilot sighs in relief and slumps back to his seat. Daniel brings his hands underneath the front of the cockpit. Daniel grits his teeth and begins to lift with all of his might, the cockpit moves up a few inches, but doesn't give way. He stops and takes a quick breath, then he tried again. Despite his effort, he's unable to lift the cockpit alone. Just as he was about to motion some help, he heard a growling sound from the forest. He stopped and quickly pull out his Deagle and aimed forward.

"Niel! What's wrong?" Chase shouted from behind him. Daniel didn't answer, instead his eyes moving left to right very quick while holding the gun tight. He then looked to the pilot and surprisingly, he didn't notice there's a second pilot behind him. He turned his attention to the dirt path, then what he saw made his eyes widened. There's a creature, with glowing yellow eyes staring right at him. He can't see clear enough because of the night sky, he assume it's just an ordinary creature that's just wandering around the forest. But he was mistaken.

Before Daniel could react, it suddenly jumped at him. Daniel fires but he misses his shot because the creature already leapt and tackle him to the ground. He punch the creature right on it's muzzle and it immediately backed away. Daniel quickly snatch his gun and fires it right in the head. Daniel was panting heavily, his gun still aimed towards the unmoving creature. He looked back to the groups who is just staring at him like an idiot.

"Mind if you tell me what the fuck is this?" Daniel asked with annoyance.

"Timberwolf," Rarity replied.

"Timberwolf?" Forbes asked.

"Yeah," Twilight answered still looking at Daniel, "Those are the creatures from the Everfree Forest. They're made from twigs, logs, and leaves."

Daniel looked down, astonished, as the creature before him. Wow; a wolf that’s made entirely out of wood. This is incredible! But... if this is a wolf, then-

Six more Timberwolves suddenly jumped out from the underbrush, surrounding their new prey; their maulers dripped with tree sap. Oh fuck. He saw the pure hate in each of their gazes. Just as the ranger thought: Of course there's a den somewhere nearby. That would've been too easy. But how an idiot it must be to mark their territory near a village that is crowded. This is not right. There's something going on here.

"Daniel! Look out!" Rainbow shrieked.

Three of the Timberwolves charge straight at the young ranger. Daniel wanted to escape but he knew he won't make it. With his mind made up, he dodge at the first attacker. Quickly regain his balance, he punched the second one. Then, the third one leapt right in front of him and Daniel quickly hit him with the Deagle, making it reel back in pain, right before aiming and pulling the trigger. Chase and Forbes rushed to the battlefield and quickly join Daniel on hand-to-claw combat. They couldn't shoot any of it because of their position that tries to jump and tackle Daniel. That would've been to risky for them to make a clean shot, and they didn't want to take the risk. Just then, Celestia and Luna suddenly appear and looked with the rest of the ponies while the rangers are fighting off the Timberwolves.

Seconds later, they manage to take down four of the Timberwolves. The rest immediately retreated back to the forest. Chase and Forbes shoot a warning shot to make sure that the wolves left them. They turned their attention to Daniel, who is laying on the ground while his hand gripping the Deagle tightly and aimed to the forest.

"Easy now," Chase said as he knelt down and grabbed the Deagle, "They're gone kid."

Daniel looked at him and blinked, "Thanks."

"Anytime." Chase gave his hand and helped him up.

"Help me with that cockpit will ya?" Daniel pointed at the jet's cockpit.

"Aight," Forbes put his gun aside him and the three of them climbed up while taking their position to open the cockpit. Daniel looked over to the rangers and nodded.

"On three," he said, "One... two... three!" Daniel shouts as he lifts once more. The rangers comply and try to open it. Finally, it gives way. Inside, lay two pilots, one of them is breathing heavily with blood coming from his lower stomach and head while the other one didn't move a single muscle. Daniel leans in close and checks the pilot's pulse that is on the second one.

"He's a gonner," Daniel said as he let out a sigh.

"Shit," the first pilot muttered. Daniel then observed the pilot. He had on an oxygen mask, as was expected of a pilot. He probably wouldn't need it down on the ground. Slowly, he removes the mask and observes the insignia on his shoulder. It was three stripes moving towards a circle, which contained a single star. Daniel instantly knew this, he wanted to ask but it can wait for tomorrow. The pilot needs his rest by now, and it was getting late.

"Can you walk?" Daniel asked to him.

"I guess so," he replied limply.

Daniel took his walkie and turn it on, "This is Sergeant Daniel Nicholas does anyone copy, over?"

One of the rangers replied him, "Solid copy Sergeant, what happened out there?"

"No time to talk. Listen, I want some of the rangers to come here and get the pilot out of this cockpit. One of them didn't make it."

"Well shit, I'm on my way Sarge."

"Thanks." They waited until some rangers arrived at the crash site. They immediately lift the dead ranger out of the jet.

Daniel looked back at the survivor. He's in no good condition to just stay here, so Daniel orders Chase and Forbes to get him out of there. Chase lifts him out of the cockpit while Forbes makes sure he can balance himself between the two. Daniel looks back to the jet, the front is completely destroyed, and part of the wing is on fire. From the looks of it, gasoline is leaking out of it, indicating damage to the gas tank, possibly even the engine. It would take a miracle to get it into the air again.

The rangers walked back to the group of ponies that is waiting for them. The ponies looked at the pilot and instantly knew that it was a male... stallion in there language.

"Is he alright?" Asked Twilight concerned.

"One of the pilot didn't make it," Daniel replied which make the ponies lowered their heads, "But he's make it though," Daniel looked at the pilot between Chase and Forbes.

"What... what is... that..." The pilot loses his consciousness and fell to his knees. Chase hold him tightly and gently put him on the ground while Forbes immediately check for any pulse.

"He's still alive," Forbes sighs in relief, "He's just unconscious."

"I'll go get the guards to see if they can fix your machine," Celestia said with a smile.

Daniel nodded and turned his attention back to the pilot.

"Let's get him some medical treatment ASAP," Chase said. Twilight's horn glows for a moment and then disappear.

"His wounds are healed for now," she said, "But we still need to take him to the hospital." The rangers nod and then they walked together to the hospital; with the dead pilot with them.


Day 11 - 06:44
Sgt. Daniel Nicholas
1st Bn., 75th Ranger Regiment
Ponyville, Equestria

"He still unconscious?" Daniel said as he walked in to the room.

"Yeah," Applejack replied.

Daniel took a seat on the couch next to Applejack, which she immediately leaned her head to his shoulder. Daniel smiled and wrapped his arm around her, sharing his warmth to the mare that he loved.

"Ya need some rest sugar," Applejack said, breaking the silence.

"Nah, I'm good."

"But you've been up from yesterday, hon," Applejack said as she backed away and looked at him straight in the eye. "Ah don't want ta see ya hurt in this time."

Daniel chuckles and put a hand to her cheek, feeling her soft orange coat, "I'm lucky to have a mare like you."

Applejack leans in and give him a light kiss on the lips. She then touch her forehead with his and looked deeply into his eyes. "Me too."

Daniel rolled his eyes and smiled lovely at her. "Don't worry about me though, I'll be fine."

Suddenly, they heard a groaning sound coming from the room. They both turned their heads to see the pilot has waken up from his slumber. Daniel stood up from the couch and walked slowly to him. The pilot then held his head with his left hand. He slowly opened his eyes, and then he saw the ranger stood beside him. He blinked, as if trying to make sure that he's real or not.

"Thank God," he said with a sigh, "I thought I was dreaming back there. Talking horses?"

"Yer not dreaming," Applejack shouted from behind Daniel.

The pilot's eyes wide opened and quickly looked behind the ranger. He saw an orange pony with a Stetson hat sitting on the couch with a smile on it's face.

"Please tell me this is a dream," he said still looking at the pony.

Applejack shook her head, "Nope."

The pilot nearly jumped out of his bed but Daniel quickly held him tight. "Calm down, okay. You need to calm down. Take a deep breath..." The pilot did as he said, "Let it all out." The pilot sighed. Daniel then looked to Applejack. "Applejack, can you tell the others about this?"

Applejack immediately stood up, "Ah'll be right on it." She opened the door of the room and closed it, leaving the ranger and the confused pilot alone.

"Dude, please tell me what happened," the pilot frantically asked, "I'm not dead right?"

Daniel only chuckles at his reaction, "No mate, you're not dead. We'll just wait for the others, then I'll explain it to you. Everything."


Daniel was sitting on the couch with crossed arms while closing his eyes. The pilot just lay there, confused, worried, fear about what might happen.

"Relax dude," Daniel said as he chuckles, still with eyes closed, "You're gonna be fine."

Just then, the door opened. Daniel opened his eyes and from the door, reveals all of the Elements, the Princesses and Shining Armor, along with Forbes. Daniel smiled as he saw them and stood up from his seat. The pilot seemed to be frightened at first but calmed himself after seeing Forbes walked in with them.

"This is the pilot?" Luna asked to Daniel.

"It is," the sergeant replied.

"Well," Celestia put on a warm smile to the pilot, "Let us introduce ourselves." With that, the ponies began to introduce themselves. About a minute of introduction, it's time for the pilot to reveal his identity.

"Alright," Daniel said as he sit next to the pilot, "What's your name?"

The pilot looked at him, then back to the group, "I-I'm Phillip Booker," he answered nervously, "Senior Airman from the United States Air Force."

Just as I thought, Daniel thought to himself.

Forbes smiled at him with crossed arms, "It's good to see you Phillip, I'm Staff Sergeant William Forbes from the 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment." Forbes then looked at Daniel, "That is Staff Sergeant Daniel Nicholas, same from the US Army Rangers. Sorry about your friend, mate." Phillip looked down at the bed with sad eyes. Daniel glared at Forbes, he shouldn't be talking like that right now.

"Phillip," Daniel started, "I just wanna ask some questions. How's Earth?"

"Wait, you mean we're not on Earth right now?" Phillip asked.

"No," Forbes replied, "We're definitely not on Earth anymore right now. How's the war going?"

Phillip looked back to the bed, "Not good, Mustafa Ammar already gain control most of the cities that were captured by us. He's definitely up to something right now," Phillip's eyes widened and looked at Forbes, "Wait, you're one of the victim from the Kabul, right? The one that been nuked." The ponies winced a bit as they heard the word 'nuke'.

Forbes nod, "Indeed, how many casualties from the rangers?"

Phillip looked at him, hesitant to answer the question, "Well... from the latest report, more or less, there were forty thousand went KIA, and six thousand went missing." Forbes let out a sigh and immediately lowered his head.

"KIA?" Twilight asked, the ponies are now confused by their military signs.

"Killed in action," Daniel replied while clenching his fist. The ponies are now wide eyes and shocked. These rangers, they were suffering so much losses that anypony couldn't have ever imagined. The ponies looked at the rangers with sadness in their eyes. The ponies could tell they were hurting. Twilight felt a tear running down her cheek, and so does Celestia.

Suddenly, Daniel punched the wall next to him, making everyone in the room jumped at his sudden burst. He felt a warm liquid on his hand. Just as he thought, his hand is now covered in blood. He just simply wipe the blood on his pants and then he looked to Forbes. Anger and hate in his eyes.

"I swear to God," his voice is very deep, "As soon as we get back home, I'll find that guy and make sure that he'll enjoy the rest of his life in hell."

Daniel didn't notice a hurt look plastered on Applejack's face. Celestia looked at Daniel and Forbes with a sympathetic look.

"I'm truly sorry for your loss rangers," she said as she wipe a tear on her cheek, "It must be terrible for all of you."

"We're sorry Dann," Twilight walked to Daniel and nuzzled his arm. Daniel smiled and patted her head.

Again, Forbes let out a sigh, "It's okay everyone. This is the reason why we were born."

"What is General Miller thinking about it?" Daniel asked, raising his arms, "He knows that there's a nuke and he didn't even pulled back the army."

"We didn't have time," Forbes replied, "If we can get back home, I'll make sure to put our hands on Ammar's face."

Daniel smirks, "I'll be more than happy to do it." He then looked back at Phillip, "Mind if you tell us how you get here?"

Phillip took a deep breath before he began his story. "We were just about to retake Jalalabad, located in eastern Afghanistan. Me and my friends are sent there to do a recon and if possible, take out their anti-aircraft guns. Me and the other fighters could saw the city just a few kilometres from our position. Goddamn, I couldn't imagine it." He glance at a glass of water that is on the nightstand. Daniel notice this and quickly gave him the water. After taking a few sips, the pilot clears his throat and started his story again.

"There were a bunch of them. Lots of anti-aircraft guns, also I have no idea how they could had SAM turrets."

"What?! SAM turrets?!" Daniel nearly screamed.

"Those guys are fucking crazy," Forbes muttered.

"That's right," Phillip nods, "SAM turrets, there were a lot of them. Even our flares couldn't handle the rockets. We were in a group of twelve Vipers."

"Vipers?" Rainbow interrupts, "That's a pretty cool name."

"It is. Much like the jet itself. I still remembered that there's only four of us left. And the next thing I saw was that a rocket coming straight at me and... boom. Just that and I ended up here."

The rangers listened to him very carefully. As if they know what will happen next. "So we're losing?" Daniel suddenly asked.

"Not much," the pilot shrugged, "The Russian and the Chinese agreed to help us and they immediately joined the fight. We have to capture Ammar before all of this is too late."

"Yeah, but we're not going to get home in anytime soon," Forbes said as he leaned against the wall.

"I can help you with it," Celestia chimed in. All of the rangers looked at her in disbelief, but a little hope in their eyes.

"You serious Your Majesty?" Daniel asked.

"Yes, and I just simply cannot take it to hear your world is in war that we couldn't ever imagine. Forty thousand rangers died? That's a complete massacre."

"For Ammar, maybe not," Forbes said slightly annoyed, "That's what he want, conquer the world with his own rule and make all of us as his fucking slaves for his entire goddamn life."

"Well, we're not gonna let that happen, right?" Daniel said with a cocky grin, "If Princess Celestia can take us home, we're able to kick more of their asses."

"I'll try my best," Celestia smiled, "There is one spell I know that could send you back. It requires a large amount of magic, but by using the Elements of Harmony, I should be able to return you to your world."

"Will we be in the same place as when we left?" Forbes asked.

"Yes, I should be able to return you to the exact moment in time and the exact place where you entered; everything will be as it was before." Celestia said, a smile of hope entering the rangers faces. "It will take several days to prepare because of the size of your force, but I can find no other alternative."

"Alright then," Daniel said with crossed arms, "I guess we'll just have to end this war fast before we get back home. But we still need to wait for the jet to be fixed properly, otherwise it would be difficult for us to push through the empire without air support."

Forbes smiled and gave a nod, "You damn right kid, let's make one final plan for one final push and get the hell out of here." Applejack quickly burst through the door and ran outside. Everyone was confused by her sudden reaction. All but one of them.

"Oh shit," Daniel muttered, "I think I've made a one big hell of mistake." Before anyone could ask, Daniel quickly got out from the room. Chasing Applejack behind.

"I think I know the problem is," Luna said still looking at the door.

"I thought I heard this," Phillip chimed in and looked at Forbes, "But I'm not sure."

"What is it?" Forbes asked curiously.

"I heard that there's a strange force coming from our world. I'm not sure, but that's classified. I don't even know what it is. Just heard from other soldiers."

"What kind of force?"

"I have no idea. They're keeping it a secret to themselves."

"Weird," Forbes said while putting a hand under his chin. "Whatever it is, hopefully it doesn't have any effect on our war."


Author's Note:

On going chapter: Dilemma