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I'm a brony that's been in the fandom for a while, but mostly watch Equestria Girls. Other interests include Yu-Gi-Oh!, Splatoon, Legend of Zelda, and Sonic the Hedgehog.


This story takes place about half a year after MLP: The Movie. Anything that happened after in the show is not canon to the story, with a few exceptions (Ex. Spike getting wings).

After six months of living in Ponyville, Emerald Breeze and her SOUL-Sibling, Speda Hooves, are suddenly exiled from Ponyville due to their strange magic abilities. They flee to the alternate world through the Mirror Portal, and find friends, enemies, and more! This is the story of Emerald Breeze and her friends, trying to push through what life throws at them, while also trying to keep the world from tearing apart at the seams.

Cover Art Sketch made by: Speda Hooves
Digitized by: Myself

(This is an MLP story, with a slight change, in which characters can use the magic of the very essence of their being, their SOUL, to settle disputes. There are also Undertale references throughout, and a LOT of crossovers later on.
(Most of the tags will not come into play until later on in the story, where I will also leave trigger warnings.)
Story Arc Completion List for Book 1 (This one!)
•Melody Moon Arc: In Progress
•Siren Arc: N/A
•Rise of Sombra Arc: N/A
•Lost Love Arc: N/A
•Magic Arc: N/A
•Hurricane Arc: N/A
•Tournament Arc: N/A
•Crystal Arc: N/A
•Gun Incident/End of Book One: N/A

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Why is SOUL in all capital letters?

This was an awesome prologue

Yay my two favorite anime’s.:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

It's because that's how I write it, as it's the Undertale version (the heart-shaped thing), and it's an abbreviation for Symbol of Undying Love (that's just my favourite term for it.)

I'm so impateint for the next chapter lolz

Give me some time, I'm having to completely rework a lot of the story that I had planned. I should have Ch. 1 up soon, though

I could probably do us a cover art, but not a very good one. What dya think?

WHOOP WHOOP! Hopefully chapters will be here a little faster than before, but we could also trade the large amount of time for a chapter with more in it. Unless it takes too long and slows things even more.

The only reason it took so long is because school was taking a lot, and I was finishing up base work for my story. It shouldn't take too long to upload new chapters.

After six months of living in Ponyville, Emerald Breeze and her SOUL-Sibling, Speda Hooves, are suddenly exiled due to their strange magic abilities.

Why did that happened? What would Twilight, her Friends, and the Royal Sisters think about this??!!

If you actually READ the prologue, you would realize that the Princesses had no say in the matter, and that Twilight and her friends voted against the exile, but they were overruled by the majority. I have even edited the summary to specify that they were exiled from Ponyville so that people won't comment things like this without reading any of the story.


Okay, sorry! 🙄

Despite that. I did read it now. And I'm still surprised that Most of the Town's People didn't learn from the "Zecora Incident" in Season 1. Or listen to the Main Six, and the Reformed Villains. That these Two Ponies aren't 'Evil', if one of them got SOUL or 'Dark Magic'.

First: The only reformed villains were Discord and Starlight. Second: The only other publically known user of Dark Magic was King Sombra, who actually performed a hostile coup of the Crystal Empire. Third: You also have to remember that Speda (a Pegasus that can use Unicorn Magic, something unseen and unheard of before) lives with Emerald (who, again, can use Dark Magic, something only seen by a hostile king who took over the Crystal Empire by force and enslaved the Crystal Ponies). Fourth: Emerald and Speda (along with Screwball and Mothball [who aren't as shunned upon due to the existence of reformed Discord and reformed Changelings]) appeared directly after the town was almost destroyed by the Storm King's Army, wearing post-apocalyptic gear and saying they were from a future/Alternate Universe where the world is basically irradiated to the point of near-inhabitality, and say that they can use Magic in two forms either not seen before, or being publically banned by the princesses (Pegasi using Unicorn Magic and Dark Magic, respectively), and also state that they're willing to help rebuild the town for nothing except a place to stay, and I'm pretty sure almost any town would be suspicious. Add on the fact that Emerald admitted to killing Ponies, and of course they'd want the two exiled. As one last point, SOUL Magic and Dark Magic are two completely different types of Magic. If you want more examples of SOUL Magic, look up the (pretty popular, in my opinion) game called Undertale, and it's companion Deltarune. Most of the points in this comment (such as Emerald, Speda, Screwball and Mothball being from an Alternate Universe and an in-depth explanation of the differences between all the different Magics) will be better explained in later chapters.


I'm actually a Fan to Undertale ( and sometimes Deltarune), as well with the AU's, and Fan Made YouTube Series like Glitchtale, or Choco-Tale. So you trying to educating a the Famous Franchise that I already know, and a Fan of, for a long time.

Basically, you might have unintentionally insult my intelligence onto Gaming!!! :ajbemused:

I didn't mean to offend you. It just didn't seem like you knew, due to the fact you grouped SOUL Magic with Dark Magic. However, SOUL Magic is completely unrestricted (as long as you don't break any laws with it), and most people/ponies (at least in Equestria/the Canterlot District) know at least the basics on how it works, even if they can't access SOUL Magic due to other conditions.


I meant that Speda Hooves somehow got Both the SOUL Magic ( But which one? Determination, Patience, Bravery, Kindness, Integrity, Perseverance, or Justice? Or Fan Made ones like Fear, Love, or Hate/Wrath?) And she also have Dark Magic, but with the No Corruption. And can use it for good.

All I'm saying is that your Two OC's have Two Types of Magic from Both MLP, and Undertale. Also, what is with them being from a "Post-Apocalyptic Future"??!! Is it like the Fallout Equestria Series Crossover? Or are they like Future Trunks or Silver the Hedgehog from both DBZ/DB GT/DB Super, and Sonic the Hedgehog Series?

Plus, are you a Fan of Screwball and Mothball that are from Daughter Of Discord by DisneyFanatic2364?

First, what do you mean by 'Alexa Hooves'? Do you mean Emerald Breeze? Second, every character can use SOUL Magic, including canon characters (the Twilights, Sunset, Starlight, etc.) Third, the SOUL Magic isn't tied to SOUL Traits, but rather each character individually. (Example: Despite the two RDs having the same SOUL due to them being counterparts, Pony RD has Spear Magic [Think Undyne], while Human RD has Lightning Magic [Think what little canon magic we've seen Alphys use, but powered up]) Traits only affect the STATS of characters (Example: Bravery generally increases P. ATK [Physical Damage], M. ATK [Magic Damage], and SPD [Speed], while Determination increases all STATS, but at a lower rate than the other, more specialized Traits.) Third, all canon SOUL Traits in Undertale, plus Fear, Despair, Hate, Hope, and Chaos exist in this world. Fourth, I will not explain too much about the post-apocalyptic future part, as that will be explained relatively soon, but I will give you a hint: Stables. Fifth, as a side note for my previous reply, I used Sombra as an example so much for a reason. Finally, yes, I am a fan of the Bride/Daughter of Discord Series, and Screwball and Mothball are from that Universe. The reason they're in this universe will also be explained in a few chapters.

Also, Emerald can use Dark Magic without much apparent corruption. However, she does occasionally disappear into the wilderness, and when she returns there are traces of Healing Magic on her, especially around her arms and legs. Do with that information what you will.

Speda Hooves is my OC, and her SOUL magic will be explained in later chapters, which My friend @EmeraldBreeze777 is working on more and more. I'll give a hint, She's like a certain child in a game

Alright, now that you edited it to say Speda, I have to correct you. If Speda uses Dark Magic, she actually has more of a chance of being corrupted by Dark Magic, so she doesn't use it that much. Emerald uses Dark Magic, not Speda. Speda has completely different powers from anyone else, which will be shown later on in the story.

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