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Sandy's just your run-of-the-mill, happy pony who came from Gaia to Earth in order to participate in the grandeur of human civilization- which, in his case, was as a low-ranking ecologist for the West Virginia Park Service with his rude partner Jason. His boring days are interrupted one afternoon, though, when they're called out to a golf course to help the owner handle, of all things, an odor complaint from a nearby unused tract of forestland...

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“She spent a few years in a cabin with a bunch of other ponies, just over there,” Patty explained, pointing into the wood. “Bunch of local Witnesses, broke up when everypony got stir-crazy.”

Who is "she"? This paragraph seems out of place.

You might want to add a little note that this is related to Pandemic. I didn't even realize until ETS was first mentioned.

That said, magic spreading through simple biology, huh? I hadn't even thought of how bacteria from a magical world would be just as magic as the rest of life, and would start spreading once it reached earth through the usual biological way.

Oops! It was originally, but I edited that out. Guess I missed one!

Didn't notice this get posted until now. Nice to see it pulled out of the anthology folder and used. I would have still liked to see a little more conflict. Perhaps a dispute with the golf course staff or something about use and ownership of the property vs the golf course wanting to destroy what is likely very important new biological materials that should be preserved and studied, and work towards some compromise. I love the concept, I'd just liked to have seen the story fleshed out some more.

I was getting that you didn't really want to write the Anthology any more, and it didn't really fit in with everything else anyway, so it just made sense.

Anthology had a problem for me; it is a collection of short stories. While I do short stories occasionally, they are more typically quick flashes of inspiration. Anything that I have to sit down and think about inevitably turns into something longer than a short story. It just makes me a bad match to the project, and the primary reason it continually hit a roadblock even when up to trying to tackle it. This one is an example of it, as I would have fleshed it out so much that it would have needed multiple chapters at least, if not a full book. Brevity isn't my strong suite (the majority of the time).

I like this one, very interesting

*Looks at pic*

Ah. The woods from "Tales from the Darkside". Interesting.


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