• Published 31st Dec 2019
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My Little Rarity: Alternate Is Magic - Twilight Star

What if Rarity was born in Canterlot instead of Ponyville? What if Celestia became Daybreaker instead of Luna becoming Nightmare Moon? What if instead of Rarity becoming a stylist, she becomes Luna's student?

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Happy birthday, Rarity!

Rarity woke up in a good mood today. Because today was your birthday. She was very excited to celebrate this day with her family and friends. Rarity got out of bed and walked down the stairs excitedly. She saw her father sitting on the couch reading the newspaper and her mother making breakfast.

Rarity went to Hondo Flanks. “Father, do you know what day it is?”

Hondo Flanks looked at Rarity. “A day like any other.”

Rarity didn’t expect this answer, but she keep smiling. “No, Father. Today is mine… ”

“Daughter, I’m busy reading the newspaper,” said Hondo Flanks.

Rarity’s ears lowered. She certainly didn’t expect that answer. She decided to go talk to Cookie Crumbles. Maybe your mother has remembered?

Arriving in the kitchen, she saw her mother eyeing the pan on the stove. “Mother, do you know what day it is?”

Cookie Crumbles looked at Rarity. “Yes. Rarity.”

Rarity smiled hopefully.

“... Like any other day,” finished Cookie Crumbles.

Rarity’s smile fell. “No, Mother. Today isn’t a normal day. Today is mine… ”

“Daughter, I’m busy making breakfast,” said Cookie Crumbles.

Rarity wanted to cry. But she managed to hold back the crying as she remembered her friends.

“Can I see my friends, Mother?” asked Rarity.

“Daughter, they must still be sleeping,” answered Cookie Crumbles. “You’ll eat first and then see your friends.”

“Okay…” Rarity came out of the kitchen and went to the table to sit down. She looked at the table sadly. Why? Why did your parents forget it was her birthday today?

Cookie Crumbles came out of the kitchen with three plates of food. What Rarity didn’t realize was that Cookie Crumbles looked sadly at Rarity.

“Breakfast is on the table!”

Rarity looked at her plate of food before she began to eat.

When Rarity finished eating, she headed for the door. “Mother, Father. I’ll see my friends.”

Cookie Crumbles came out of the kitchen while drying a dish with a cloth. “Ok, Daughter.”

Hondo Flanks stopped staring at the TV and looked at Rarity. “All right, Daughter.”

Rarity looked back at the door, opened it with her magic, and left the house. As Rarity left, she closed the door. She took a deep breath. Why did this have to happen just on her birthday? Why did your parents forget it was her birthday today? She felt like crying. But despite that, she still intended to see her friends. She just hoped that her friends hadn’t forgotten just like her parents.

Coco Pommel was in the park drawing a Happy Birthday card for Rarity. On the card was a drawing of Rarity next to a cake and it said, “Happy birthday, Rarity.”

“Coco Pommel! Coco Pommel!”

Coco Pommel looked ahead and saw Rarity running to her. Coco Pommel hid the card behind her.

“Hi, Rarity. How are you?” said Coco Pommel with a smile.

When Rarity approached Coco Pommel she said, “You know what day it is, right?”

Coco Pommel thought before shaking her head.

Rarity was on the verge of tears. “Today is mine…”

Coco Pommel went to Rarity. “Please, Rarity. Don’t Cry.”

“B-but it’s mine…”

“Don’t cry, Rarity. Please.”

“Today is my birth…”

“Why don’t we go for a walk in Canterlot, Rarity?” asked Coco Pommel. “I’m sure this will cheer you up a bit.”

Rarity looked down. “Better not ...” she ran off. Coco Pommel was surprised, she certainly didn’t expect that answer.

Cookie Crumbles and Hondo Flanks were organizing their daughter’s surprise party in the living room, they were almost done. Until, they heard footsteps. They feared it was Rarity. And it was really Rarity. For a moment they thought Rarity would see the decorated room, but she didn’t even notice and went straight to the bedroom. When Rarity arrived in the bedroom, she pushed her couch closer to her so she lay down and cried. Rarity brought her a jar of ice cream and began to eat. Downstairs, Cookie Crumbles and Hondo Flanks had already finished decorating the party.

“Now we just have to buy the cake and wait her friends come, honey,” said Hondo Flanks.

“Yes. I’m going out now to buy the cake,” said Cookie Crumbles, “and also let Rarity’s friends know the party is ready.”

“What about our daughter?” asked Hando Flanks. “Should I do something to cheer her up?”

“Yes. Stay with her and try to make her feel better.” Cookie Crumbles opened the door before leaving the house.

Hondo Flanks went upstairs to see how his daughter was doing. Arriving at the bedroom, her heart broke at the sight of her daughter crying on a couch while eating ice cream. He went to Rarity.

“Daughter, what happened?” asked Hondo Flanks.

Rarity looked at Hondo Flanks. “Father, nopony remembers my birthday.”

“But daughter, there’s nothing special about today.” Hondo Flanks hated to lie to his daughter, but he needed to make Rarity’s birthday party a surprise.

“Today is a special day indeed!” shouted Rarity through tears. “Today is my birthday!!”

Hondo Flanks didn’t know what to say. He wanted to talk about the surprise party, but if he did, it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore.

“Whether or not, why instead of moaning, don’t we play here in your room, daughter?” asked Hondo Flanks with a smile.

“I don’t feel like playing now, Father,” said Rarity.

“Come on, Daughter. Cheer up, ”Hondo Flanks caught Rarity with the hooves. “Let’s do something you like.”

Hondo Flanks looked around and saw some drawing sheets and also crayons and pencils. He pick it up.

“Let’s draw, daughter,” say Hondo Flanks.

“I’m not in the mood right now, Father,” said Rarity.

“Come on, daughter. This will cheer you up,” said Hondo Flanks. “Don’t you like to draw?”

“I like it, Father. But…” Rarity tried to say, but had been interrupted by her Father.

“I’m going to draw a soccer ball,” said Hondo Flanks. “And you? What are you going to draw?”

“Fahter, I don’t feel like doing it right now.”

“But daughter, I want to make you happy somehow,” said Hondo Flanks. “Come on, just try to do what you enjoy for a while. I’m sure you’ll be happier later.”

“But, Father…”

“Come on, Daughter. Try to cheer yourself up by doing something you enjoy.” Hondo Flanks began to draw.

Rarity wanted to talk more, but decided to give up when she saw her father already drawing. She looked down before taking a pencil and starting to draw. Rarity just hoped it would make her feel better.

After an hour, Hondo Flanks heard a knock. He rose from the floor.

“I’ll be right back, Daughter.” Rondo Flanks left the room. Rarity watched her father before drawing again.

When Hondo Flanks reached the door, he opened the door. The stallion hoped it was his wife, but it wasn’t.

“Hi, Mr Hondo Flanks. We came to Rarity’s surprise party,” said Coco Pommel with a smile. Beside her were Citrus Blush, North Point, and Cayenne. Coco Pommel and North Point held their gifts in their mouths while Citrus Blush Cayenne held with their magic.

“Come in, all of you. Just don’t talk so loud that Rarity doesn’t hear you,” whispered Hondo Flanks.

“Is everything organized for the party yet?”

“Just missing the cake. Go hide, all of you. When Rarity comes downstairs alone, we scream: Surprise!”

“We understand.”

Hondo Flanks climbed the stairs until he reached Rarity’s room. He realized that Rarity had stopped drawing and that the pencil was being held by her magic.

“Who was at the door, Father?” asked Rarity.

“No one, daughter. It was probably just foals who rang the bell and then ran off.”

Rarity believed his father’s words and drew again.

Meanwhile, down below, the four fillies were hiding in different places. Citrus Blush was hiding behind the couch, North Point and Coco Pommel hiding under the table, and Cayenne was using an invisibility spell. Until they heard the sound of the door opening, they saw Cookie Crumbles with a chocolate cake with a candle and placed it on the table, before climbing the stairs to see if Hondo Flanks was there, and he was. Hondo Flanks was drawing with Rarity.

“Honey,” whispered Cookie Crumbles. Hondo Flanks looked back and saw his wife. The mare signaled him to follow her.

Hondo Flanks looked at Rarity. “Daughter, I need to go. See you later.”

Rarity stopped drawing and looked at Hondo Flanks. “Where are you going, Father?”

“I’ll be in the living room watching TV.” Hondo Flanks ran off.

Rarity found it strange and stood up. “Father, why did you run?” she left the room and realized that the house was very dark. Then, she used her magic to illuminate.

“Father? Mother? Where are you two?” asked Rarity worriedly.

Suddenly the lights of the house came on.

“Surprise! Happy birthday, Rarity!” all, except Rarity shouted. Rarity’s friends wore birthday hats. North Point’s was dark blue with stars and moons. Cayenne’s had peppers. And Citrus Blush’s had flowers.

Rarity smiled. “A surprise party? For me? I thought you all had forgotten my birthday, darlings.”

Cayenne came to Rarity in a birthday hat with a blue diamond design. “And how would we forget, Rarity?”

“How can I repay all of you, dears?” asked Rarity.

“You don’t have to repay us, Rarity,” replied Cayenne.

Rarity was curious. “Who came up with the ideia of a surprise party for me?”

“It was from Citrus Blush, Rarity,” replied Coco Pommel.

Citrus Blush approached Rarity. Rarity was much more than surprised.

“Is that true?” asked Rarity. “You came up with the idea of ​​having a surprise party for me?”

“Yes, Rarity.” suddenly, Citrus Blush felt herself being hugged.

“Thank you. It was the best surprise I’ve ever had.” Rarity wept with joy.

“Would you like to open the presents now, Rarity?” asked Coco Pommel.

“Yes.” Rarity sat on the floor to open the gifts.

Coco Pommel gave the first gift. Rarity opened the present with her magic and was surprised when she saw what it was.

“A toy makeup case?” asked Rarity. “It was what I wanted most!”

Rarity embraced Coco Pommel. “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome, Rarity,” said Coco Pommel. She handed a card to Rarity. Rarity picked it up to read.

Happy birthday, Rarity. Signed Coco Pommel.

Rarity looked at Coco Pommel before hugging her again.

When Rarity and Coco Pommel came out of the hug, Citrus Blush gave her gift for Rarity. When Rarity opened, she let out a sigh of surprise.

“A jewelry box?” asked Rarity. “I loved it a lot! Thank you!”

“You’re welcome, Rarity. I always knew you liked jewelry,” said Citrus Blush.

Next was North Point. She handed it to Rarity. “You can open.”

When Rarity opened the gift, she felt her eyes sparkle like stars. “A lie stylist kit? I loved! Thank you dear. I promise I will play a lot with that.”

North Point smiled before taking a few steps back. The next was Cayenne.

“Here is your present, Rarity.” Cayenne delivered to the present.

When Rarity open, she was surprised. “New clothes? And yet of my size? I loved it!”

Cayenne smiled. Cayenne had chosen the clothes in which she thought that Rarity would like. She had chosen three outfits: The first was a dark pink dress, the second a blue dress with a coconut tree design, and the third a white dress with light blue diamonds.

“Who would want to eat cake?” Cookie Crumbles held with her magic a plate of cake and a kitchen knife.

“Me! Me!” shouted all the friends of Rarity in unison.

Rarity couldn’t feel nothing but happiness. She never imagined that her friends would have made a surprise birthday party for her. It made her feel happy.

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When will the story be updated

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