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Kronos Frostwind


When a brony dies from a fatal car accident he ends up in Equestria, as a pony no less. Who or what brought him here? Is it just him, or did others get sent along with him? Are the answers worth seeking out, or should he just enjoy his new life?

Atlas speaks in [bolded brackets] while Coeus speaks in <bolded less than greater than symbols> and I think in italycs

Cover art by Elaruki, thanks again Eli!

Chapters (4)
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As a bonus, here's a little snip it of the shit I put up with from my co-writer, Satin.

While walking down the road, the very image of beauty appeared, her sparkling white coat shimmered in the sunlight. There was a long silence as Satin and her made eye contact and stopped doing anything. The next scene is NSFW, but needless to say there was furious humping in the streets...

I'd like to point out that I'm not a Gary Stu, I just assume I'm one.
Also, that Kro-kro only lets me have like the bare minimum of fun.


Any more than that and there's a chapter about you humping Rarity in the streets... Furiously, might I add.

1347558 Just for that, I'll like this story.

Furious humping in the streets eh? are you sure it wasn't satin and kronos....

1364780 No idea what you're asking why to, but, because I can!

“I know that feeling!” Dash replied with a chuckle. “This one time, I was stuck in the hospital for almost a week. It was soooooo boring!”
“Oh yeah!? Well this one time, two pegasi helped break me and a buddy out of the hospital before we were discharged!” Satin one-upped.
“Oh yeah!? Well this one time, my friend an I broke two stallions out of the hospital before they got discharged!” Dash responded.

Gold :rainbowlaugh: !! This one looks fun to read, can't wait for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

I fucking giggled. DAMN MEEEEE!

...? :rainbowhuh:

This... I don't even... wait what? :rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh::applejackconfused:

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