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Shortly after Trixie is shown up and laughed out of Ponyville, she decides she needs to find a way to prove her worth when she comes across a ritual to summon beings from another world. Will she come to regret opening the doors for humans to enter? Just what adventures will these humans encounter? Why am I asking you all these questions? Read the story to find out.

And we all know, that Trixie is... A Bad, Bad Girl.

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Hmmmm interesting... i shall read for shure :twilightsmile:
Below gets first post cuz he deserves it >:O

1581859 Hell, I cowrite the bloody story and you beat me to it!
Person above me gets first because he actually posted first!

Hmmm.... Trying to decide whether this is an unusually lighthearted trollfic, or just some sort of drug trip. I'm leaning toward the former.

“Cute doesn’t equal bangable.”

I had someone work this out before... I have you covered.

Oh please keep going, this is a riot and a half! :rainbowlaugh:

1583536 HA, Satin hath been proved wrong once more!

If anything that proves me more right...

I love you less when you do that though...

Why not both?!?!

Just for you, sure!

LOL Soz screw it you can have it ill delete it :P

1586048 Hell! You linked the version of gay bar where they censored the mention of war, if you're still on the account ya might wanna fix that.

Nice one, with enjoyable amount of randomness. Molestia was quite a nice touch, too.

Tbh, I'd be like Tim.
Because MagicanHorse is best pone.

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