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Violet Echoes

Tales from across Equestria!

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Oh good. You're uploading this here, too. :pinkiehappy:

A very great story, I'll be eagerly awaiting more

Wow was not expecting Fluttershy to be a nomad so what would that make Zecora

All will be shown in time :p

These versions of events seem to go by much faster than the canon ones.

Like, not just taking into account the whole "more realistic" thing, I mean in general.

Though that's not really me complaining, just making an observation.

Right now, the biggest question I have is what this version of Sunburst is like.

And one thing I'd love to see eventually (even if it's just posted as a one shot separate as a bonus) is this version of Starlight somehow meeting her canon counterpart.
Even better would be if they ended up encountering each other multiple times:
Pre-village, post-village pre-reformation, and post-reformation.

I don't know how that would fit with the whole "rewrite the episodes to fit this AU" thing, but I still want to see it

Early episodes was me more warming up but funny enough the reason for pacing differences is due to media.
Animation goes by slower than writing as I could literally write 30min of animation in half the length of one of these stories.
As for the canon x au crossover... you are the 4th person to want that. I don't see the appeal.

Yeah, that can happen sometimes.

As for the appeal of Canon x AU, the appeal mostly just comes from the idea that the two versions of the cast reacting to each other would result in some humorous interactions.

So, Starlight a doormat, Applejack is a borderline con-artist and I can't even describe what the others have become.

Have a like.

Interesting idea to combine Boast Busters and Dragonshy like this.

I know right?
When the episodes are not enough in TF mode I start to combine or get original.
And I will say, the later this series goes on the more of that will happen.
I even have fully original episodes planned.

I mean, I can already think of a few obvious ones that'll need major changes (if they even occur at all) for this universe.

so where is starlight's version of spike?

Twilight still has spike.
Will be explained eventually.

I keep going back to the parts about Dash to try to figure out how best to describe her behavior in this universe, and the best I can come up with is the randomness of canon!Pinkie combined with the laziness of her canon counterpart, with a bit of canon!Twi's love of books.

Yet I feel like even THAT isn't entirely accurate

I'm impressed that you managed to weave all 3 of the CMC episodes from season 1 into one like this.

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