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Does anyone even care anymore?


Well, this is my second Fan Fic I've ever made. And I'm actually planning to continue this one so go easy on me.

After Luna and Celestia perform an experiment they've been practicing for months, the thing that comes out isn't at all what they think it will be.

Also, as I mention later in the fic, this Fic is based on perspectives, meaning that one time it could be a normal narration, and in the next chapter, the story told by one of the characters.

No cover because I don't have any money to pay for one.

If you don't want spoilers, don't check this box out: This is about a pony with ADHD before you get all triggered about me not knowing about the subject, I have ADHD and my brother has autism so...

Chapters (5)
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I'm enjoying this fic keep up the good work.

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