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much wow!

Much wow indeed!:yay:

Am Asian. Can confirm this is 100% accurate.

Surprisingly, relatable.

Every good grade I’ve ever earned was not seen as an achievement, but just average or complete failure.

This is an Asian joke isn’t it?

This is one of those weird stories I can't explain why I love so much.

Comment posted by cunyu deleted Nov 23rd, 2022

emotional damage=破防了 hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:rainbowlaugh:
I just saw his video a few days ago.What a coincidence.

Yes, as an Asian it is true. Both my mom and dad would get mad at me for getting a score of 5 and the highest is 6.

I was egged on by my mom throughout undergrad because I never made Dean's List while my cousin landed there a couple of times. :applejackconfused:

Her tune changed when I entered medical school because (in the Philippines at least), the culture of medical school is simply to survive. :applejackunsure: :ajsmug:

Kirin + Asian parenting = superb goodness.

Not to mention the gratuitous broken English that makes me feel so at home.

Was reading this sort of confused, wondering why the writing style and dialogue felt familiar.

Could have been worse... could have gotten D.:rainbowwild:

In all honesty though, this is one of the more... interesting stereotypes. Ive seen a lot of time folks getting in on the joke (like where I live and grew up at, I did not know a Hispanic kid here whose mom and dad didn't have either Speedy Gonzalez or a bobble head taco bell dog on their car dash) but this one where not only embraced but actually earns you weird looks when questioned.:rainbowderp:

Going to have to read this later. I can already see this totally wasn't inspired by Steven He. :trollestia:

Watched Steven He before this so I’d have the voices right. 11/10


Stephen He crossed with Pony... this can only mean one thing...


Your asian parents/relatives hate it when you can one up their suffering
them to me
"You show up late to school? How you be showing late to school? Far? You don't even have to go one mile! When I go to school i have to walk five miles while bombing by americans and show up early!"

me to them
Now: "How were you late getting to work? Leg hurt? I show up on time after getting shot in the back of the head. Oh, you were also tired because you work a lot? You only work 40 hours a week I work 70 hours every 3 days and still show up on time to formation."

Congrats, your featured!

Time to write the sequel

11431357 *Alondro walks in dressed as Colombo* Ya see, there was this one little thing that was botherin' me, ya claimed not to be Nax Tuka..

*You grumble angrily* That's 'Nux Taku'.

Oh oh, right... right... *scribbles in note pad* I misspelled that. Ya know, my wife is a terrific speller. Won the spelling bee in middle school 4 years in a row. But like I was saying, you claimed not to be this Taku person, but then in the middle of declaring yer innocence, ya burst out with... let me see, I wrote it down here... ahem.. "ZAWARUDO! YOU FOOLS! YOU UTTER BUFFOONS! 189 IQ!!" and then ya tried to bribe me with a hoodie from yer merch store. It was very sus. But I got just one more question...


*Alondrolombo* Huh. Well whaddaya know about that. This was much easier than usual. Most of the time I gotta do this for about an hour and a half.


11431625 You only get TWO wings when you ascend to alicorn? Why only two? Your auntie get SIX wings when she become horse god! Also three horns and doctorate in business! You failure!


I wonder if Kirin hikikomoris are a thing.

A cozy, non-tragic Welcome to the NHKesqe iyashikei story with somecreature coaxing a kirin out of their shell would be lovely.

Maybe with a stereotypical yenta nagging for grandkids.

Okay, I don't know why, but this story has spoken volumes to me.

Studying long hours for school exams and tests, remembering information and applying it to the questions asked, and finding out after all your hard work of laboring through the second semester and learning new terms and information, your final exam grade....a 76%.

Soul-crushing is what I call it. But a painful reminder that not only is a child's emotional and physical being at stake, but their psyche and performance side. I still have anxiety taking tests in my 5th year at college.

Overall, what a story to read. I absolutely love it! :yay:

“...okay…” His father’s logic transcended reality, he reminded himself.

You live in Equestria.
We don't do such things as "logic" here.

“So how you…you going to become alicorn princess now?”

"Best I can do is alicorn prince."
"Back when I was your age I was alicorn princess trice over already!"

Hello, I just posted a small review you can find here!

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