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This story is a sequel to Just Like Old Times

By DeathWitch
Aka Necromancer

Twilight Velvet has always felt like her feelings for other people were unnatural; like she should be ashamed of being attracted to anyone besides her husband. But when her daughter starts interacting with something she calls “Equestrian Magic”, Twilight Velvet is surprised to find that for once, she doesn’t feel ashamed for falling in love.

Principal Celestia has never had time for love. For Celestia, her work at CHS and her relationship with her little sister have always been enough for her life to feel complete. But when seven students start having magical episodes, Celestia finds that there is more to life than just work and family.

Inspired by “Just Like Old Times” by Krickis, this romantic, non-monogamous ship takes place in Who We Become’s Everton, in the realm of Equestria Girls

This is a work in progress, haven't even commissioned a cover or made one in Photoshop yet
Twilight Velvet Cutie Mark by Greywander87, Sun Butt cutie mark by blackgryph0n

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Comments ( 5 )

Mostly it's just because this first scene is the only thing completely done to date. Everything else is not completely ready to read

A few too many exclamation marks where they are not needed, and an extra capitalisation in:

PArsing through every detail she could remember, she came up empty.

Other than that this is good. Especially liked the characterisation of Celestia; looking forward to learning more about Velvet.
How long do you plan on making it?

15k ish, just under a dozen scenes.

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