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By all accounts, Andrew was your average human with a job and a family, living in Baltimore. His life will be changed forever when a mysterious portal in the park whisks him away to a bizarre world filled with magic and talking ponies. He will need the help of Twilight to learn the mystery of who he saw in the portal and how to get him home. Will the friendship of Twilight and her friends show him where he truly belongs?

Note: This takes place during season 3. The main character has never heard of MLP

Cover art by yvt-jp

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Good start, I look forward to seeing how things will progress.

Interesting, surely have caught my attention. Few obvious spelling errors and missed words, but nothing to really gripe about. For some reason im getting like Lone Ranger vibes from the beginning of him being in Equus despite it being hardly similar. Idk, weird. Just gives me a deja vu vibe

I'm glad the first chapter was able to grab your attention. Hopefully the other chapters will do the same. :twilightsmile: As for the spelling and missing words, they have been fixed. Thank you for pointing them out, I appreciate it.

Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it so far. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by TwilightLuna deleted Jul 10th, 2020

Actually, earth ponies do have magic, they can make crops grow faster and are the strongest in the physical department.

Nice chapter!! Keep it up!

Either ive lost my mind or either this Chapter was re-done or just re-uploaded. Promise I commented on his mental state the last time this was posted. Odd, might have been a few changes but i started skimming through dialogue when the first paragraph was identical to what i remembered

You're not losing your mind. I had chapter 2 re-uploaded which deleted all the old comments on it. Sorry for the confusion. :twilightblush:

And she a lot of them full of pictures of creatures from all over Equestria but nothing like this. She surmised that it must be a mammalian type creature

I think you missedthere something. Otherwise, it's sounds intressting enough.

great quick chapter!!

keep it up!

You're absolutely right. I don't know how I missed that. :twilightoops: Thanks for pointing it out! :twilightsmile:

The alabaster unicorn shook her head and turned back towards the human before responding. "Oh no, no no. I could ask you to do that."

Pretty sure you meant couldn't there, otherwise it's really good.

You’re absolutely right. I can’t believe I missed it. :twilightsheepish:

very nice story, well done, I'm looking forward to the sequel👍👌

oh nooo!!!! He is back in his world!!!

Wishing for him to get back somehow!

oh boy Princess Celestia is showing up

That was amazing, I really enjoyed reading it! Great job, my friend! :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by TwilightLuna deleted Jan 7th, 2021

Thank you, my friend! I couldn't have done it without your help! :twilightsmile:

This can't be good for anypony. :pinkiegasp:

Oh joy!
I hope Celestia let him come and go if she can, or a chapter with pranking!
That'll be fun!

Keep up the work!

I will be there shortly to explain everything.

I am sure that this words gave Twilight a massive panic attack. :pinkiehappy:

"Only unicorns, like me, can use magic. Pegasi have some magic which allows them to fly. But earth ponies don't have any magic." Twilight replied.

And this is where I stop reading, because that statement is one-hundred percent wrong there.


Earth Pony Magic: Earth ponies have increased strength, endurance, and toughness. They are capable of 'connecting' to the earth, and sensing things about it. All they need is skin contact with the earth, their bare hooves will do, and they can tell all sorts of things. They can 'know' where things are buried in the earth, where underground water reservoirs are, where plants and animals are, what state of health they are in, where others are in location to themselves. They can make plants grow faster, better, healthier. They are connected to the life, nature, and essence of the Earth in a way that no others ever are. As one earth pony put it when he set a bare hoof on the earth "I hug the Earth, and the Earth hugs me back.".

Pegasus Pony Magic: Pegasus ponies can use their wings to fly. They can walk on clouds. And build homes/towns/cities out of clouds. They can control the weather. They are 'connected' to the sky like earth ponies are connected to the earth. They can 'sense', and understand, air currents in a way no others ever can. They can make a storm move directions. They are the Lords, and Ladies, of the sky. And they can make the weather bend to their will.

Unicorn Pony Magic: unicorn ponies are capable of tapping into, and manipulating, the fifth fundamental force: the thaumic field. By doing this they can 'cast' all sorts of 'spells'. Such as telekinesis, self-teleportation, group-teleportation, changing one thing into another, increasing/reducing someone's or something's age, altering the gender of someone or something, causing giant star bear monsters to fall asleep, making mustaches appear on dragons, and many other amazing things. This makes unicorn ponies one of the most versatile of all existing species.

Thestral Pony Magic: Same as pegasus ponies, except they also have excellent night vision, as evidenced by their slit-pupiled eyes. They have better hearing, and echolocation abilities as well. They have cute, and sharp, retractable fangs too. They are at home during the night. They are really fast, strong, and agile. They are resistant to diseases, and poisons. They are highly resistant to hostile magic. They are the Kings, and Queens, of the sky.

If Equestrian pegasus ponies were World War II prop planes, then thestral ponies would be modern day stealth fighters.

Crystal Pony Magic: Crystal ponies have Crystal Energy in them. This Crystal Energy gives them amazing geomancer powers, in addition to their other powers. They can grow, control, and shape rock like earth ponies can control plants. They can 'grow' an entire city out of crystal if they want to. They look like they are made of sparkly crystal. They are not made of crystal though. They are flesh, and blood. They just look like crystal. Their eyes look like pretty faceted crystals.

They can turn this "Crystal Form" on, and off, at will.

You can tell a "crystalized" crystal pony's mood easily enough. When they are feeling down their hair is limp, and they look like all the color has been drained out of them. When they are feeling better their hair is bouncy, and they shine with crystal sparkliness. Some crystal ponies choose to leave this ability on all the time. Some don't use it at all. Some do, or don't, depending on their mood. It's all a matter of free choice there.


And that's not even getting all the other non-pony species on that planet that can wield magic. So Twilight Sparkle saying only unicorns can use magic is wrong. And don't forget the Alicorns as well.

I hope I have educated you better on how magic works on that planet now.

Congratulations on finishing the first part! And thank you for the shout out, I'm glad I was able to help you with this! :twilightsmile:

Beautiful story, can't wait for more!

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