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none that is holy

Babies who fail to stack corn will be sent to the local witch to be turned into moisturizer.


Twilight has a wholesome experience in Vietnam.

You will gain extra chromosomes when you read

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i read way too many of these

Okay. This is epic.

This is the quality stuff I expect from this site. You, sir or madam, are a true muse.

“Hmmm, this seems like just a nice wholesome adventure for Twilight, let’s see what it’s li-“

*sees cover art and tags*

"Oh. Oh no."

Quality. Praise be the Holy Name of Lord Francis of the Filth and the Guy who is Pink

Proceeds to excrete chocolate from mouth*

Truly, sir or madam, you see what others can not.

Everywhere I look I just see children screaming and crying for their mothers. Also it's sir

Sir.. And yes, I have been blessed

Welcome to the rice fields motherfucker!

This story is the peak of literary genius

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