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Solid story, only really complaint is the lack of paragraphs making it a wall of text. Outside of that very good.

PS: found a few error

Still the rainbow one tried. She tried to love the small cottage, as the one wo had loved it had. She tried to honor that memory of the one of had loved the small cottage, but memories, like time, fade away. The get blurry and distance, and it seems the more we tried to hold on to them the more the slip away, like sands in an hourglass.

*too many ofs

Those are the only errors I noticed.

Solid story

I think that somehow I got here while searching for the definition of bittersweet.

JK, a friend told me about your story, now I have to thank him for the recommendation, and you for this fine piece of work.

... a tiny... little... flower?

Few spelling errors speckled here and there but most are “wrong word” spelling errors so they won’t be picked up by word processors. Also seemed to drag on a bit, but I’m torn between saying it’s too long and understanding you were going with a theme.

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