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This is future Blank_Paige's problem.


This is a what if story.
What if Celestia had found each of the main 6 and had train them together to take on Nightmare Moon?
What would be different, what would be the same? This is my take on it.
Also the there all human, why? Because.

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Just one tiny suggestion: Separate the paragraphs more. I find that a story is easier to read if the paragraphs are only a few sentences long.

Nice chapter and looking forward to further chapters! Keep up the great work!

A few jarring mistakes:

- Learn some patience.
- source of that rainboom.
- had plagued Celestia.
- meant danced before

More grammatical errors exist but it's bed time.

Thank for the help, grammar is a week point of my :)

How is the next chapter coming along?

So I wonder how Twilight will react to her "new" classmates?

So how many times a month will rec room be repaired in this story? I get the feeling that is will more often the Celestia would like!

How is the next chapter progressing for you?

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