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If it had been this way - Blank_Paige

A what if story. If Celestia had found all the main 6 after they got their cutie mark and trained them together. All are human in this story.

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The First Day

Celestia was excited. The plan was moving forward. She had received a message from Finder explaining how they had located the young girl who had created the sonic rainboom. According to the letter the girl was also no more than 6, just like Twilight. The child and her father were on their way to Canterlot now, and would arrive in the next day or two. It was all very exciting. A child so young being able to put off a move that hasn't been seen in hundreds or thousands of years. Why she must be quite special. Just like a young girl of six being able to grow a dragon like Twilight did. There was no doubt in Celestia mind that Finder and Engle Eye had found the right child, and Celestia couldn't wait to meet her, but first she had another thing to take care of.

That thing of course was making sure Twilight Sparkle got settled and her parents were put at ease. The first part of that was easy. The young girl appeared in awe of everything she saw. Celestia had workers working none stop for a week to build the special wing of the castle for her plan. Everything the children would need was self contained in this repurposed wing. This included, but was not limited to bedrooms (six of them), a full sized bath, a kitchen with its own staff, a dining room, many many classroom, a library, and an outside enclosed area because sunlight was important. The reason why Celestia made this new wing instead of just using the ones the castle already had were many, but a main reason was the castle was huge, with many secrets, not all of them good, and Celestia was very aware of what a curious young mind could get into. By making a wing which had all the children would need she narrowed down the risk of them getting lost or hurt in the castle. As Twilight bounced and skipped around her new room in delight, Celestia turned her gazes onto Twilight’s parents. Night Light, her father, stood watching his daughter a small smile upon his face as he observed her antics. Twilight Velvet on the other hand worn a much more serious face. It was clear she was both worried and sad. Celestia came up next to the worried mother.

“You daughter is quite unique.” Celestia commented it the ways of starting a conversation. Twilight Velvet gazed at Celestia from the Corner of her eyes, but didn't turn to her.

“She is amazing. What you saw at the exam room was only the beginning of what my little Twilight can do.” Twilight Velvet stated in only the way a mother talking about their child could.

“I hope you realize I'm not taking over for you. You and Night Light will always be her parents, I will just be her teacher.” Celestia told the worried mother. Twilight Velvet needed that assurance. As amazing and talented her daughter was, she was still only six years old. Not many six year old went to live away from home, and it was killing Twilight Velvet to do it. The one thing that made her able to do it was that she knew it was the best thing for Twilight. Where Twilight Velvet was pretty decent at magic herself, she wasn't a teacher, and there wasn't a better teacher for her daughter then the princess. Now Twilight Velvet was like many of parents and only wanted the very best for her daughter, and here it was the very best, handed to her on a silver platter. So she smiled at the princess.

“Oh I am aware of that.” She stated calmly then walked over to where her daughter was calling her to come look at something.


~Many Hours later~

Twilight Velvet and Night Light were finally on their way home. Princess Celestia sighed to herself. In some ways that had been harder to deal with then a court full of nobles. Not that Celestia blamed them. The parents were trusting her with someone very dear to them. Celestia had promised to watch over her as those she was her own, but as parents they would still worry. It was a job of any good parents to worry, and from what she could tell Twilight Velvet and Night Light were excellent parents.

“Will you teach me how to raise the sun?” A small voice to Celestia’s side asked. It shockingly brought several thoughts to Celestia mind, the first of which was that she was alone with the small child for the first time in many, many years. It took longer than Celestia would have like to process Twilight question. By the time she had figure out what the girl had originally said she had already moved on to another question.

“Do you know all magic? Can you teach me all magic? How long did it take you to get good at magic? Why are there six bedroom?” The child continue asking questions without taking a breath, was that normal?

“Twilight!” Celestia interrupted before the young girl could start a new wave of question. Twilight stood quiet staring up at Celestia waiting. Celestia chose to answer her last question as it was the simplest. “ There are six bedroom because soon five more children will be joining you here to learn.”

“More mana-bound?” Twilight questioned, were there more like her she wondered.

“Maybe, or they maybe Sky-bound or earth-bound, we will have to see.” Celestia informed her.

“Why?” Such a simple question had such a complicated answer. Celestia consider how to answer, how much to let such a young child know.

“Because like you they are special, and together the six of you will do great things.” Celestia answered cryptically. Twilight thought on this for a minute or two then decided if Princess Celestia was saying then it must be true, so she nodded her head in detriment agreement. Celestia had to suppress a laugh at the adorable seriousness on Twilight’s face.

“Now Twilight there is one more thing I need to talk to you about before I must leave you for the night.” Celestia said as she summoned a box. The wooden box was simple but eloquent. Twilight stared first at the box, then back at Celestia. Celestia paused, she knew what Twilight reaction would be when she pulled the item from the box. She wished she could spare the young girl this, but certain thing were necessary especially until Twilight learned to control her magic. With a quieted sigh Celestia pulled from the wooden box a thin silver choker, with runes carved into it surface. Upon laying eyes on it Twilight’s face immediately showed fear. The young girl reactively took a couple of steps back.

“A...a suppression collar?” Twilight stumbled to ask, the hurt echoing in her voice.

“It is not what you are thinking.” Celestia tried to calm the child, it was a mistake to show it to her before explaining, she knew that now. Suppression collar were usually given to mana-bound criminals who couldn't be trusted to have magic anymore. The suppression collar made it so they weren't able to access their magic, this collar was different. “The collar isn't design to block your magic, just dampen it until I can teach you to control it all. The collar will make it so your magic surges won't destroy an entire room. It will be safer for you and for others to be around around. Also this latch right here means you can take it off at any time.” Celestia ended by demonstrating the latch. It popped open with ease.

Twilight thought, it would be nice to not destroy every toy she owned, and she didn't want to hurt anyone. Even though he father joked about really liking the taste of photosynthesis, it had scared Twilight a lot. What if they didn't turn back, what if they had been stuck as plants. Twilight didn't like to think about it. It would be safer, for the other kids and for the castle staff. Finally Twilight nodded uncertainly. Celestia lead down and fastened the choker around her neck as Twilight stood there eyes closed waiting. The first thing she noticed was a pressure in her head, not unpleasant just enough to reminder it was there. The next thing she noticed was on cold the silver felt against her skin. Twilight slowly reached up and touch the choker.

“It not forever, Twilight.” The Princess promised her, and for a second Twilight almost swore she saw a glimmer of guilt in the princess’s eyes, but then it was gone, leaving Twilight to wonder if it was ever there in the first place.


~Later that night~

Princess Celestia had left sometime ago, muttering something about paperwork and nobles, so now Twilight Sparkle sit alone in the rec room staring peevishly at a book she had gotten from the library. Well alone wasn't quite the right word. There was castle staff all about that she could go to, and Princess Celestia had informed Twilight that they knew to come get her if she was needed, but for all intensive purposes Twilight was alone. Now that she wore the suppression collar doing magic was harder. Pulling the book off the shelf had proven to be much more difficult the before, and now she sat looking at the cover. Twilight was aware should just use her hands to lifted up the book and turn the pages, but when one was use to doing thing one way it became hard to change that habit. Twilight was use to using her magic to read and now she was having difficulty doing that. Twilight scowled as she looked at the book, her fingers dancing lightly on the choker. She brushed passed the latch, it would be easy to open it. Princess Celestia did say she could take it off at any time. Twilight sat up.

“That right!” She said excitedly to herself. She wasn't breaking any rules by removing the choker, she was told she could. Twilight smiled proudly as she undid the latch the held the choker on to her neck. An amazing rush of power was the last thing Twilight remember before everything went dark.


“Will she be okay?” A worried voice pierced the darkness.

“Princess I assure you that she will be fine. It just magical exhaustion for the extrem out pour of power.” Another voice stated. Twilight crack open her eyes. A blinding light replaced the darkness, and soon that to receded to show she was in the infirmary. Twilight recognized it from the tour Princess Celestia had done earlier that day with her parents. The person talking with Princess Celestia was nurse Red Cross. A nice earth-bound who the princess had introduced her to when she had show Twilight the infirmary. Twilight remember that Nurse Red Cross soul mark was a Red Cross on the back of her left hand. The nurse had told her it symbolize her love of healing others.

“Princess?” Twilight question bringing the two adults in the room attention to her. Right away Nurse Red Cross went about checking Twilight’s vitals, as Princess came over to talk with her.

“Oh good Twilight you're awake. I am relieved.” Princess Celestia said with all sincerity.

“What happened?” Twilight asked confused.

“You removed the choker and your backed up magically energy overwhelmed you. I should have warned you that may happen, especially on high emotional days like today. I'm sorry Twilight, can you forgive me?” Princess Celestia expressed as she sat on the edge of the bed next to Twilight.

“It not your fault Princess I shouldn't have removed the choker. I just wanted to read a book like I did at home, sorry.” Twilight explain with big puppy dog eyes. The Princess laugh.

“Oh Twilight that is okay, I'm just happy you're okay. Now it's been a long day, why don't you try and sleep. Nurse Red Cross want to keep you in the infirmary overnight to monitor you.” Princess Celestia told her and then tunt Twilight back into to the infirmary bed. Twilight nodded and was soon back to sleep, she was still very exhausted.

Princess Celestia left the infirmary feeling very upset with herself. She had, had Twilight in her care for less than 24 hours and the young girl was already in the infirmary, it was not a good sign. On top of that the construction workers had informed the Princess it would take at least a week to fix the rec room. Princess Celestia realize she needed to do better, and she would starting with teaching Twilight how to control her magic surges. The Royal budget could only afford to fix entire structures a couple of time a quarter.

‘Yes’ Princess Celestia thought as she looked out a towards the moon. ‘I will do better for you.’

Author's Note:

okay so the next part came out sooner then I was expecting. This is not normal for me, but enjoy.

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So how many times a month will rec room be repaired in this story? I get the feeling that is will more often the Celestia would like!

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