• Published 18th Apr 2015
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If it had been this way - Blank_Paige

A what if story. If Celestia had found all the main 6 after they got their cutie mark and trained them together. All are human in this story.

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The Front Gates

‘The castle is huge’, was the first thought that Twilight had as she stood outside the front of the palaces, waiting not so patiently for her parents to catch up with her. Two large massive gates blocked her from entering into the courtyard of the castle. It had been exactly one week since she had accidently destroyed the exam room. A part of her was still surprised that a heavier punishment wasn’t give to her for destroying an entire room. She understood that it was a magic surge that had caused her to do it, but she got in trouble at home for not picking her toy off the floor, and to quote her mother ‘destroying her room’ and she had done much worse then leave some toy laying around to that exam room.

Before her 2 guards were standing at attention. Staring straight ahead, giving no mind to the young child standing right in front of them. Twilight inspected them as only a child could. They appeared quite stoybookest standing there in their shining armor, swords hanging at their sides. Yes they appeared to be quite ready to storm an evil castle, defeat an evil wizard, and rescue whomever needed rescuing. Very impressive, Twilight decide. Not as impressive as Shinny was, of course, but not everyone could be the best big brother in the whole world.

As Twilight stood there, inspecting the guards, her parents finally came, huffing and puffing, up the hill that lead to the castle. Twilight's father, Night Light, was struggling to carry Twilight’s over stuffed suitcase. Next to him walked his beautiful wife, Twilight Velvet, a worried look upon her face.

“Twilight! What have I told you about running off?” Twilight Velvet said sternly when she spotted her daughter standing in front of the castle guards. Twilight turned to look at her approaching parents, one of which looked extremely unhappy.

“You told me not to ever do it.” Twilight states sweetly to her mother. “But I didn't run off. I scouted out ahead.” She explained simply and then smiled. There, problem taken care of. She explained logically and rationally to her mother that what she did wasn't ‘running off’.

Twilight Velvet groaned internally at her youngest child explanation. She would have to have a conversation with her eldest child about not teaching Twilight all the military stuff he was learning in basic training. Really Shining Armor should be aware of how much his younger sister looks up to him, and everyone knows how she sucks up information like a sponge.

“Twilight.” Twilight Velvet said in her most motherly tone. “ You didn't listen, first when I told you not to run ahead, and then when I yelled for you to come back. What do you have to say for yourself.

Twilight at least had the good sense to look guilty. Her wide puppy dog eyes stared watery up at her mother. “ I'm sorry.” Twilight said in her smallest most pathetic voice.

“Very well.” Twilight Velvet relented and then turned to look at the guards. Her husband joined her on the other side of their daughter. She hesitated, ahead of her was a future she wasn't sure she was ready for. For the last week or so Twilight had almost been bouncing off the walls. It was all Twilight Velvet could do to keep the young girl contained. Twilight had talked nonstop able Princess Celestia. How amazing she was at all things. It caused a small pain of jealousy in her heart. Twilight Velvet knew there was no way for her to measure up to a princess, but was it too much to ask for her own child to look at her like she could?

“Hum...honey?” Night Light’s voice broke through her musings. It appeared as though they had been standing there from some time. Both her daughter and husband started at her. Both their faces showed with concern.

“Right.” Twilight Velvet stated trying to cover up her lapsed. “Shall we go then?” Twilight nodded her head excitedly and run up to guards, her parents following quietly behind her.

“Honey are you sure you're fine with this?” Night Light whispered to his wife.

“No I'm not fine with any of it” Twilight Velvet whispered back, with tears in her eyes. “But we really don't have a choice right now.” And with that Twilight Velvet came up to the guards putting her arm around her daughter in a kind of half hug.

“We're here to see the Princess.” Twilight Velvet announced not letting any of her overwhelming sadness leek into her voice. For the first time since the small family arrived the guards standing at attention in front of the main castle gates looked at them.

“Name and purpose?” The guard to the right asked in a quick sharp voice.

“Hum right, huh ah we are here by order of the Queen.” Night Light replied stumbling over his words. “I am Night Light, and this is my wife Twilight Velvet, and our daughter Twilight Sparkle.” Both guards turned and looked at the young girl. It was clear by the look on their faces that they knew who Twilight was. Twilight Velvet was very aware that politically speaking the news of what her daughter had done the other week had more than likely made it all through Canterlot.

“Right, she has been expecting you. Please continue inside. A guard on the other side will take you to the Princess.” The same guard who spoke before informed them, as his companion used his magic to open the gate. Twilight stood in awe at the display of magic in front of her. She wonder if one day she would be able to open though huge gates with just her magic.

“Come along now Twilight.” Her mother stated, her parent already walking inside as Twilight was watching the mana-bound work. “We mustn't keep the Princess waiting.” Twilight needed no other prompting after that. She quickly run up to where her parents waited inside the massive gates.

Author's Note:

Okay so I know I said I would be posting once a month, but well life got in the way. So I'm making no promises now. Just know that I'm not done. I'm still writing this story. :)