• Published 18th Apr 2015
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If it had been this way - Blank_Paige

A what if story. If Celestia had found all the main 6 after they got their cutie mark and trained them together. All are human in this story.

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So it begins...

Author's Note:

So here is ch. 2, please do not get use to me posting so fast I just had a lot of time over the last week, normally it would no that way. Anyways enjoy :)

To be completely fair it wasn’t the whole school that had explode, but one tower of the school. After an extremely loud boom, followed by a rainbow that streaked across the sky, the tower where the entrance exam were being held, exploded with a blinding white light followed by a dragon tearing through it’s roof. While everyone in the Day Court stood, mouth hung open, as a fully grown dragon stood where the top of the tower should have been, Celestia had already sprung into action. Leaping off her throne, she teleported herself to the base of the tower, already she could feel the sheer amount of magic just pouring off the building. Whatever had happen inside had use more magic than Celestia had ever felt in the use of a single spell.

“You just had to asked for something more exciting to happen, didn’t you.” Celestia scoured herself under her breath. Guards came running up to her armed to the teeth, unsure of what to expect, or what would be asked of them. Celestia stopped them, holding up a single hand, her wings out as if to say ‘go no further’.

“Wait here, the magic is to strong for you just yet, I will go in and see what is causing all of this.” She said never once looking toward the Captain of the guard who she knew stood there now. Captain Ever Strong was wise and a good captain, but he was also an Earth bound, and the magic that the tower was giving off would overload even the strongest Mana bound let allow an earth bound. No for this one she had to go alone.

The second she enter into the magical field Celestia felt weighted down, as though someone had thrown a 100 tons of steel onto her back. Even with all her magic ability, and years of experience it still took Celestia an enormous amount of effort to make it to the top of the tower were the source of the problem was.

Finally after what seem like forever, or maybe that was a time effect cause by the magic, Celestia made it to the ruin doorway of the exam room. During her arduous journey she had plenty of time to wonder what had cause this out flow of magic. Was it attack on Equestria? So new high evil that she would have to deal with, alone. It wasn’t a pleasant thought. What she found beyond that ruin doorway was far beyond what she had ever imagined.

There in the middle of the ruin room, trapped in the center of a pulsing white ball of pure magical energy, was a young girl. A child who could be no older than 6 years of age. The energy around her pulsed like a heartbeat sending out magical energy that either changed or destroyed all that it touched, because of that, the once exam room was barely standing. From the broken egg shell around one of the large feet of the dragon Celestia could only assume that the dragon had very recently been hacked, right here in this room. This was extremely unusual, as age spell were some of the hardest magic, that only the most trained of the Mana bound had been able to use, yet somehow this small child had been able to pull it off. Granted that it was very obvious that she didn’t mean to do it, but that mere fact that she had the potential to do it was enough to give Celestia pause.

Slowly she made her way toward the child. Several lives all hung on the balance here. Their fates would all be determined by how Celestia handled the child. The closer she go to small girl the harder it became, the magic energy pushing back at her. Any person beside her would have already failed, of this Celestia was sure. By the time she made it to the child side she was out of breath, like she had just ran around the world...twice. Up close Celestia got a better look at the young one. Being this closed to her, the child’s youth really struck her. So young, yet so powerful. She could make out the child dark hair with a dark purple and a dark pink strike going through it. Her skin, a coffee cream color, was visibly pale, and her body twitched in pain every few second or so. The magic the child was casting was slowly and painfully killing her, Celestia knew she had to act fast or risk losing the child and all the life lines that were currently connect to her’s.

First Celestia center herself, pulling herself in to a single focused point, a calm and serene mind. Next she put a hand onto the child, not an easy task as the magic attempted to pull the flash off her very bones. Once she made physical contact with the child she force her own centered mind onto the child's. It was not easy to bring the child mind to a calm center, it was a swirl with emotions, the forefront of which was fear.

‘Calm my child, control your fear, do not let it control you.’ Celestia whispered into the child’s mind, and she could feel the immediate change. The fear slowly started to fade, being replaced by confusing and curiously. Already the child mind was reeling trying to figure out what had happen, what was going on, before she even truly regain control of herself, her mind was already organizing and reasoning out as well as it could with what little info it had.

Celestia found herself smiling down at the child as the magic slow abated, and everything converted back to it’s normal appearance, including a now baby dragon giggling on the floor where it’s giant foot once was. Celestia couldn’t help but feel excited, this child was perhaps the most powerful Mana bound to be born since Starswirl the bearded. All the possibility of what this child may one day do swam around her head. One thing was clear, she would need guidance, someone powerful to help her control her growing powers. Someone who could help steer her down the right path, and who better to do that then Celestia herself.

‘Yes’ Celestia thought to herself, as the young child began to open her eyes ‘This day had indeed become an exciting one, and something tell me this is just the start.’