• Published 18th Apr 2015
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If it had been this way - Blank_Paige

A what if story. If Celestia had found all the main 6 after they got their cutie mark and trained them together. All are human in this story.

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One step Forward

Ch. 4

Celestia sat in her room deep in thought. The sun had long since been set, and the moon was high in the sky. After the day’s events Celestia was aware that she should be fast asleep, she really was very tired, but her mind would not let her rest. Before her on her table laid the necklace that for almost a thousand years she had worn. The necklace itself was simple, 6 shards of crystals, of 6 various colors maked up the stone that sat upon the golden chain. It had served as a remember to what could be loss if one was not careful. In almost a thousand year the necklace had done nothing be sit there, but today it glowed, and that changed everything.

“Guard.” Celestia called out to the man she knew stood stoically on the other side of her door. “Get me Engle Eye and Finder.”

“Yes, ma.” The guard called out from the other side of the closed door and Celestia could hear the footsteps of the retreated guard running off to comply with her order. If this meant what Celestia thought it meant then young Twilight really was a very special mana-bond and what she did at the school today was only a small sample of what her powers one day would be able to do one day. The possibility of what this all meant dance before Celestia’s eyes. This could mean the answer to a lot of things that had been plague Celestia for a while now. Things that had haunted her dreams and waking hours alike.

Yes Twilight could be the answer, but Celestia knew she couldn’t do it alone. There would be others. Five other to be exact. They too would need to be found, they would need to be trained. Together they would be great, and with Celestia there to guide them, they would be able to raise above all the challenges they would now be destined to face. For a second Celestia allowed herself to feel guilty that she was about the rob these children of whatever future the had planned for themselves. If she could she would ignore this obvious sign. Let them form their own lives, fulfilled their own desired, but she didn’t have the luxury to do that. Her kingdom need these children, and she would not let her kingdom down. She did take some solace in the fact she was going to give these children the best possible chance to succeed.

“Your Majesty.” A knock came from the other side of the door, bring Celestia out of her musing. “Engle Eye and Finder, here as you requested.”

“Enter.” Celestia said as she made sure she reflected the confidence and determination that a ruler should. Two men enter into her room. One tall with a sandy head of hair, and determined green eyes. Next to him was a shorter man with dark as midnight black hair with stormy gray eyes. Both man dress in light cloth, in earth tone and walked with quick, quiet steps. It was odvision by the way the walk and how the scan the room as they entered that they had, had some guard training, but neither worn the armor of the royal guards. Both men where earth-bond and very good at what they did. Each man had their destiny mark right by their eyes. Finders mark was a skyglass, well Engle eyes mark was a bird soaring above a forest. They stopped just 10 feet before Celestia and both got down on one knee to bow.

“You sent for us, your Majesty?” The one with sandy hair said. He was Finder, his partner with the dark hair would be Eagle eye. Celestia had used them on several occasion. They were the best when it came to finding, people or items, and as to this date they had never failed her.

“Thank you both of coming on such short notices. I have a very important job for the two of you. There are 5 children I need for you to find.” Celestia told them then held up her necklace. For a brief moment the moonlight hit the necklace allowing it to shine and glitter. In that moment Celestia almost didn’t want to let it go. She know they would need the necklace, it was the only way of finding the right children, but still she had, had it for almost a thousand years, it was hard to let go of something when it had been with you for that long. She sigh when she realized that the true reason she didn’t want to let it go wasn’t that she had, had it for almost a thousand years, but that it was the last thing she had for the one she had lost. Determined now she plunged forward, a lot rested on this necklace, more then anyone could truly know. “This necklace will help you find them. It will glow when you are close to one of them.” Finder took the necklace from her, and handed it to his parenter before speaking.

“What is it we should do once we find these children?”

“Bring them and their guardians here. Unharmed.” Really Celestia knew that these two wouldn’t hurt these children, she said it more because it was expected then fear of them coming to harm. “Start with the sort of that Rainboom earlier, I have a feeling that it will lead you to one of the children.” With that both man rose, bowing the whole time as they left the room, necklace in hand.

Now came the hardest part, waiting. Lucky she had many thing to occupied her until the two return. There were rooms to set up, people to hire and one young mana-bound who would be at the castle soon wanting to learn. No to mention she had a kingdom to run. The nobles wouldn’t like the fact that she run out on them and never return. That made Celestia smile. Oh sure she would pay for it tomorrow, but maybe, just maybe some of those self absorb nobles would learn some patients. She wasn’t holding her breath on that one, but it was a nice thought.

Author's Note:

So okay this is a month late :(, but it was kind of hard to get out, then life happen as it does and will now it July. Hopefully next month goes better.