• Published 18th Apr 2015
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If it had been this way - Blank_Paige

A what if story. If Celestia had found all the main 6 after they got their cutie mark and trained them together. All are human in this story.

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The Ruined Room

When the child first open her eyes was a moment that would stick with Celestia for years to come. Her face was an open book as it went from confusion, to fear, and finally excitement as it slowly started to figure out what had happened, and who had brought her back from the edge of destruction.

“P..p..princess Celestia?” The your girl stuttered out, a mixed of admiration and confusion echoed in her eyes. Celestia lower unto her knees to look at the girl, who was attempting to sit up, at her level.

“You seem to have me at a disadvantaged.” Celestia told the young girl. A calm smile on her face as she waited for her to understand. For only a moment the child looked confused and then it was almost like a lightbulb went off in her head. Celestia could literally see the child figure out that she was asking for her name.

“OH right!” The child said excitedly. “I am Twilight Sparkle.” She quickly stood up as she introduce herself to the ruler of all the lands. A carefree smile on her face that only a child, who had no true worries, could wear.

“Well Twilight.” Celestia stated trying her best to keep for laughing at the young child’s exuberant. “You are a very special child. That was quite some spell casting you just did there.” Twilight blushed at the praise that Celestia had given down onto her, and then looked guiltily around the room.

“I’m sorry.” She said her small head held down as though she could not hold it up for all the shame.

“Sorry for what child? Surges happen, you are a Mana bound, and as your magic grows it will surge from time to time until you learn how to control it. True most children surges aren’t as...grand, but no one can hold it against you. All you need is practice and a good teacher, and I think i know just the person who can help you get your magic under control.” Celestia told Twilight.

“Who?” Twilight said her eyes wide in expectedly.

“Me.” Celestia said and held back a laugh as Twilight almost fainted from her excitement. Her eyes so wide that it look as though they took up her whole face. Celestia could see the thousand of question running from through the girls head.

“But first we must be sure your parents agree.” She told Twilight, before the child got ahead of herself. “And I think there is some other new your parents will want to hear about also.”

“What that?” Twilight asked already vibrating in her spot unable to hold in her happiest much longer.

“It looks as if someone has received their destiny mark.” Celestia told her, pointing to the dark pink star surround by 5 little stars, that now sat on Twilight’s forehead. Twilight’s eyes crossed as the tried to look at her own forehead. Celestia magically produced a mirror and held it in for of the girl so she could see.

“OH, MY, GOSH!!!” Twilight yelled and immediately run over to the two adults that were just standing off to the side, if Celestia wasn’t mistaken they were just plants a few seconds ago.

Celestia stood back and watched the charming family moment unfold. Twilight bounded around her parents as she happily showed off her new mark. Both parent smiled wearily down at her. Happy for their daughter’s achievement, but worry about what had just happened, and what it would mean for their daughter. They shifted their eyes to Celestia, and immently realized just who she was.

“Princess!” The women, Twilight’s mother, said and she and her husband quickly bowed. Twilight stopped her little hopping dance and tilted her head as she watched her parents. Then she turned toward Celestia and attempted a bow of her own, unfortunately for her, she wasn’t quite as balanced as her parent were and end up tipping forward and would have fallen over if not for her father quick reflexes. Celestia smiled at the loving parents.

“You two have a very special daughter…” Celestia pause realizing that she didn’t know the two adult’s names.

“Oh I am Twilight Velvet and this is my husband Night Light.” The women answer promptly, and with poised that came with training as one of the upper houses. If Celestia were to guess she would assume that she was a part of a minor noble house. Enough to be taught the proper way of the count but not high enough to be one of though annoying Lords and Ladies waiting for her back in the throne room. “Not to be rude, your Majesty, but what is going to happen to Twilight?” The mother asked as she moved said child behind her as if to stop the princess from any unwanted acts again her baby.

“As i was saying before, Twilight is very special, her mana bond magic is some of the most powerful i have seen in many years, but with those power she will need to learn control. We don’t want this to happen again, do we?” Celestia said and did a swiping gesture of the ruined room. Once again Twilight lower her head, her eyes showing how sorry she truly was. Twilight Velvet eyes hard and and drew in a deep breath, as though she was about to argue with the Princess, but Celestia cut in before she could even start “That is why i have decided to take her on as my personal student.” Celestia said and held back a laugh as the 2 mana bond parents’ mouth hung open in surprise.

“See, see i told you.” Twilight said, quickly changing her emotion to one of guilt to one of happiest, as she continue her happy bounding dance, and it took everything Celestia had to keep her composer, lucky for her she had years of training in just that.

As she stood there, watching the family celebrate in the destroyed class room Celestia saw the professor that had be conducting the test start to get up. She know that there would be much explaining to do for everything that just happen, but for once she wasn’t annoyed by it. She was excited for a change to teach someone who had so much potential in them. As that thought crossed her mind the very special necklace that she had worn around her neck for the last thousand years started to softly glow. At that Celestia always composed face fell away into that of one of shock and amazement. Quickly she recovered before anyone could see. She turned her gaze back to young Twilight, realizing just how truly special this child was.

Author's Note:

So this one took me longer to write then the other two, but I think this is what I'm going for in posting, I'm hoping to post one part at least once a month, if i'm lucky twice but it shouldn't be more then that. Oh well til next time.