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Me gusto tu historia de mierda, ¿entendiste? Mierda jaja

Good story so far. Youre a great writer. I hope this gets super filthy!

Just letting you know, it's going to be relatively tame. There'll be fapworthy stuff, but nothing crazy.

Darn. No smearing or eating?

aw. Cute first chapter, although I don't ship Pinkiedash anymore, I still have a soft spot for it :)
Just curious, will there be any pantypoop?

There will not be. The person I wrote this for did not want that to be part of the story. Glad you like it so far though.


indeed, that will not be happening.

I love how much emotion and story you are able to write into your fics. It makes them feel so much more meaningful and special. Lovin it.

Comment posted by Fabian Corcair deleted Dec 5th, 2018

Very glad you and others are enjoying it. I do feel that this is by far the story I've put the most emotional depth into concerning this particular kink, and I'm quite proud of what I've created. It'd be nice if there was a bigger audience that appreciated the depth of the story as much (or more than) the fetish fuel aspect, but I can't really control that.

This is really good! I have been a big fan of yours (and microscribbles for that matter) for quite a while now. I'm pretty invested in the story so far, and I'm excited to see how it continues!

Wonderful, happy to hear it. Stories like these are always a struggle to receive any recognition for, so I'm grateful for any genuine praise it can get.

BAHAha. The parents reaction is beautiful

This was a fun ride.. I'd personally prefer it being slightly dirtier though.. And my favorite is still your first Zootopia fic.. But this was equal parts naughty and adorable.. looking forward to hopefully getting more from you in future..

Comment posted by Sunny Starscout deleted Jan 14th, 2019

A wholesome scat fic? Well now I’ve seen everything!

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